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Types of Video Scriptwriting Service

Choosing the Video Scriptwriting Service for Your Company

Other Copy & Content Writing Services

Choosing the Copy & Content Writing Service for Your Company

Enhance your brand presence with top-notch services tailored to fit your multimedia needs. Embrace the power of User-Generated Content Video (UGC) to captivate viewers and boost engagement, or dive into Live Action Video for authentic, compelling narratives. Add flair to your message with vibrant Motion Graphic / Animation services, or choose Photo Montage / Screencast Video to showcase your product in a unique light. Benefit from professional Video Production, bolstered by advanced Video & Audio Editing. Don't miss out on Whiteboard Animation to deliver complex messages with clarity. Elevate your content with these specialized services for a resonating impact.

Motion Graphic & Video Services

Enhance your brand's online presence with User-Generated Content Video (UGC) that reflects authenticity and engages your audience. Through services such as a 60-min Strategy Session, Story Outlining, Scriptwriting & CTA Strategy, and Storyboard Creation, your brand can harness the genuine voice of customers. Elevate the production with Custom Illustrations Creation, Voiceover Recording, Background Music Sourcing, Video Editing, and add flair with Special Effects. The Post-Production process, including Animating Graphics, ensures a polished final product. UGC brings your brand to life, utilizing real experiences to increase engagement and build trust, vital for SEO efforts and conversion growth.

User-Generated Content Video Services

Elevate your visual content by integrating Live Action Video services specifically tailored to fit your brand's requirements. Engage in a 60-minute Strategy Session to synchronize your vision, followed by a journey through Story Outlining, Scriptwriting, and CTA Strategy to forge the ideal message. The process of Storyboard Creation, Custom Illustrations Creation, and Special Effects allows you to render the story with mesmerizing imagery. The addition of Voiceover Recording and Background Music Sourcing brings auditory richness, while the stages of Editing, be it Audio or Video, and Post-Production—including Animating Graphics—contribute to a sleek and refined final product. Embrace the opportunity for compelling visual storytelling today!

Live Action Video Services

Boost your business with Designity's Animation Video Production! Engage customers with a 60-min. Strategy Session, followed by precise Story Outlining, Scriptwriting & CTA Strategy to ensure your message hits the mark. From Storyboard Creation to Custom Illustrations Creation, Voiceover Recording, and Background Music Sourcing, every detail is carefully crafted. With Editing (Audio or Video), Post-Production (including Animating Graphics), and stunning Special Effects, your video becomes a powerful tool for communication. According to Tubular Insights, a website with video content has 50 times higher chances of ranking on the first page of search engines. Leverage animation video production with Designity to elevate your brand's online presence.

Animation Video Production Services

Communicating through video is the best way to convey your message. Improve your visuals with Designity's Photo Montage & Screencast Video services. From a 60-min Strategy Session to Story Outlining and Scriptwriting & CTA Strategy, every detail is meticulously crafted. The process includes Storyboard Creation, Custom Illustrations, Voiceover Recording, and Background Music Sourcing. The creativity continues with Editing, Post-Production, and Special Effects, all culminating in a masterpiece that delivers your message with compelling impact and artistry.

Photo Montage & Screencast Video Services

Unlock the power of engaging storytelling with Designity's Whiteboard Animation services. From a comprehensive 60-min Strategy Session to identify your core message, to meticulous Story Outlining, Scriptwriting & CTA Strategy, Designity covers all stages of whiteboard video creation. Custom Illustrations Creation and Voiceover Recording breathe life into your ideas, while Background Music Sourcing, Editing, Post-Production, and Special Effects enhance viewer engagement. Embrace this breakthrough method to convey your message, build your brand, and captivate your audience, all delivered with the precision and creativity only Designity can offer.

Whiteboard Animation Services

Explore the potential of your brand through comprehensive Video Production services at Designity. Captivate audiences with a 60-min Strategy Session, refining Story Outlining and Scriptwriting in harmony with a compelling CTA Strategy. Delve into artistic excellence with Storyboard Creation, Custom Illustrations, and Voiceover Recording. Enhance the mood with Background Music Sourcing and see your vision flourish through Editing, whether Audio or Video. The concluding touch of Post-Production and Special Effects delivers an enthralling product that resonates with your target audience. Your story, expertly narrated. Your brand, magnified.

Video Production Services

Special effects can be integrated to create a visually stunning and engaging piece that resonates with your audience. With Designity, you can enhance your multimedia projects with a comprehensive suite of services tailored for video & audio editing. Begin with a 60-min strategy session to frame your vision, then craft a compelling narrative through story outlining and scriptwriting. Implement a powerful call-to-action (CTA) strategy, and bring your story to life with storyboard creation and custom illustrations. Achieve top-notch production quality with professional voiceover recording, and select the perfect background music to set the mood. Editing, whether audio or video, is executed with precision, and post-production adds the finishing touches.

Video & Audio Editing Services

Experience the magic of 2D and 3D illustrations, merging the essence of stock visuals, engaging icons, and unique designs tailored for various formats. Discover seamless resizing options, ensuring your visuals maintain pristine quality across platforms. Dive into a world where simple interactions meet motion, creating an immersive experience for users. With these illustrations, communicate your message vividly and make every visual count. Ideal for websites, mobile apps, and digital campaigns. Collaborate with your designated Creative Director at Designity and let your visuals narrate your story.

2D / 3D Illustrations & Product Visualizations Services

About Video Scriptwriting

Designity simplifies the Video Scriptwriting process from creating and managing design requests for your team, providing a US-Based dedicated creative team, and a dedicated Creative Director who understands the nuances of your brand. This is all accomplished within a tech platform specifically constructed for collaborative creativity.
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Top Creatives for Video Scriptwriting

Consistent Creativity and Quality for Your Video Scriptwriting Projects


Vanessa C.

Creative Director
10+ Years
Industry Knowledge: Food & Beverage, Sports & Entertainment, Technology, Wellness / Fitness & more
Areas of Expertise: Graphic Design, Digital Advertising, Website Design

Collins B.

Creative Director
15+ years
Industry Knowledge: Non-Profit, Technology, Education, Government, Hospitality & more
Areas of Expertise: Website Design, Graphic Design, Digital Advertising

Brian P.

Creative Director
10+ Years
Industry Knowledge: Education, Fashion, Food & Beverage, Gaming, Non-Profit & more
Areas of Expertise: Video Production, Graphic Design & Illustration, Website Design

Pooyan A.

Creative Director
12+ Years
Industry Knowledge: Technology Services, eCommerce, Cybersecurity, Financial Services, Food, Health Services & more
Areas of Expertise: UX/UI, Branding & Logo Design, Website Design, Video Production, and Illustrations

Sitara D.

Creative Director
16+ Years
Industry Knowledge: Education, Fashion, Food & Beverage, Gaming, Government, Health Care & Medical, Hospitality, Manufacturing, News Agency, Non-Profit, Real Estate, Sports & Entertainment, Technology, Transportation, Wellness & Fitnes
Areas of Expertise: Graphic Design, Website Design, Mobile App Design

Design System For Your Video Scriptwriting

Creative Collaboration Inside a Fully Managed Design Process

Creative Director

Your Creative Director is your single point of contact, managing Creatives around-the-clock for quality Video Scriptwriting service.
Your Creative Director is your single point of contact, managing Creatives around-the-clock and ensuring consistent quality.

Top 3% of Creatives

No more time zone frustrations or language barriers thanks to a vetted, US-based creative team specializing in Video Scriptwriting.
No more time zone frustrations or language barrier thanks to a vetted US-Based creative services team.

Five-Star Quality

Designated Creative Directors control each aspect of the Video Scriptwriting process to ensure the deliverables are polished.
Each creative is vetted into our US-based network, specializing in a variety of design and marketing domains.

Fast Turnaround

The only tech-enabled creative platform that creates efficiency in Video Scriptwriting process to guarantee your deadlines.
The only tech-enabled platform that guarantees transparent timelines and efficient turnaround times.

One-Stop Shop

Unlimited project requests and revisions for User-Generated Content, Animation, Live Action, Video Production, and many more.
80+ design and marketing categories with unlimited project requests and revisions.

Flexible Pricing

Cost-effective monthly plans with no long-term commitment and 70% cheaper than hiring traditional Video Scriptwriting agencies.
Cost effective month-to-month plans with no long-term commitment.
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A Better Video Scriptwriting Platform

Affordable & High-Quality Design & Marketing Services

Logo graphic for Designity at the head of a table showing how we are different from Freelancers, In-House Design teams, and traditional creative agencies.


Creative Team

Top 3% US creatives

Creative Director

Yes! Quality-assured CD

Avg Monthly Cost

$3,500 for a dynamic team

Up to 4-Week Trial

Yes! No payment needed
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Creative Team

Unvetted offshore freelancers

Creative Director

No! You handle it all

Avg Monthly Cost

Cheaper for a reason

Up to 4-Week Trial

No trials offered!
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Creative Team

Limited-skill creatives

Creative Director

Maybe! If you can afford

Avg Monthly Cost

$7,000 per month

Up to 4-Week Trial

No trials offered!
A red X image, showing that in-house teams cannot operate with the flexibility and consistent quality that Designity offers.


Creative Team

Typically offshore outsourcing

Creative Director

Yes! Costly though

Avg Monthly Cost


Up to 4-Week Trial

No trials offered!
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Let's Chat About Your Video Scriptwriting Goals.

Book a demonstration call to see:

  • How Designity’s tech-enabled platform accelerates Video Scriptwriting projects at scale.
  • The differences between Designity’s model, in-house team hires, freelance marketplaces, and traditional design agencies.
  • If having a Creative Director as a single point of contact could decrease your admin load and provide higher quality.

Video Scriptwriting Tutorials

Fresh From the Designity Blog

Video Scriptwriting Best Practices and Tips

Your Creative Director is your single point of contact, managing Creatives around-the-clock and ensuring consistent quality.

No more time zone frustrations or language barrier thanks to a vetted US-Based creative services team.

Each creative is vetted into our US-based network, specializing in a variety of design and marketing domains.
A happy emoji, happy because Designity is the fun alternative to Superside.


Why should I use Designity for video script writing?

Video script writing is a specialized skill that requires a deep understanding of storytelling, audience engagement, and message delivery. Designity offers a unique solution by connecting you with experienced video scriptwriters who not only excel in crafting compelling narratives but also ensure that your scripts align seamlessly with your brand and marketing goals. The Designity platform prioritizes efficiency, quick turnarounds, and a diverse range of scriptwriting services, all available through a flexible monthly subscription. 

Whether you need scripts for marketing videos, tutorials, or any other video content, Designity provides top-quality, impactful scripts that engage your audience and convey your message effectively. Trust Designity for video scriptwriting that brings your vision to life and drives the success of your video projects.

What video script writing services are available on Designity’s platform?

Designity’s platform offers a variety of video script writing services to meet your video production needs. Experienced scriptwriters can create compelling scripts for a range of video formats, including promotional videos, explainer videos, product demonstrations, and more. Whether you need a script that conveys your brand's message, tells a captivating story, or educates your audience, Designity can deliver engaging and effective content. With Designity on your team, you can access professional scriptwriting services that help you create impactful and memorable videos that connect with your viewers.

For additional writing services, please explore other offerings under Copy & Content Writing, which include:

  • Content Editing & Proofreading: Fine-tune your words to perfection, ensuring every sentence shines like a polished gem.
  • SEO Content: Make your content search engine-friendly, so it stands out in the digital crowd and brings the right audience to your doorstep.
  • Content Guidelines: Create your content rulebook, so your brand voice stays consistent across all platforms, keeping the harmony intact.
  • Content Writing: Weave words like a literary wizard, crafting compelling stories that capture attention and leave a lasting impression.
  • Creative Content: Add a splash of creativity to your content cocktail, ensuring it sparkles with originality and captivates your audience.
  • Technical / Product / Services / Descriptions: Make the complex simple, describing technicalities and offerings in a way that’s easy to understand and engage with.
  • Sales Copy / Direct Response (Emails): Craft words that sell like hotcakes, turning browsers into buyers and emails into opportunities that can’t be ignored.
How much do writers charge to write a video script?

Freelance writers typically charge hourly rates ranging from $19 to $150, depending on factors such as their language proficiency and industry experience. Some agencies may present complex retainer agreements that commit you long term. Designity’s platform offers a refreshingly simple approach with flat monthly, quarterly, or annual pricing. No more unexpected charges for revisions, deadline extensions, or deposits! Discover our three straightforward plans, starting at $3,150 per month, to access exceptional Video Script Writing services tailored to your business.

How long does it take to write a video script?

The duration of a Video Script Writing project varies depending on the complexity of the content and the specific requirements of your video. Crafting a compelling video script involves careful consideration of visual storytelling, pacing, and messaging alignment. For shorter videos, such as promotional clips, explainer videos, or social media content, the process might take a few days to a week. Longer video projects, such as educational videos or narrative-driven content, could extend to a couple of weeks. Streamlined processes, guided by Creative Directors and Heads of Design, ensure that your video script not only effectively communicates your message but also enhances the visual impact of your video content.

What is the process for writing a marketing video script?

Creating an effective video script is crucial for engaging your audience and conveying your message persuasively. Here's a structured approach to video script writing:

1. Define Your Objective: Clearly outline the purpose of your video. Are you aiming to inform, entertain, persuade, or educate your audience?

2. Know Your Audience: Understand your target audience's preferences, needs, and pain points. Tailor your script to resonate with them.

3. Develop a Compelling Hook: Start with a compelling hook in the opening seconds to grab the viewer's attention. Pose a question, share an intriguing fact, or present a relatable scenario.

4. Outline the Structure: Divide your script into sections, including an introduction, body content, and a conclusion. Each section should flow logically from one to the next.

5. Craft Clear and Concise Messaging: Be concise and avoid jargon. Use simple language that's easy for your audience to understand.

6. Storytelling: Incorporate storytelling elements to make your script engaging and relatable. Narratives can help convey your message effectively.

7. Call to Action (CTA): Clearly state the action you want the viewer to take after watching the video. Use persuasive language in your CTA, such as "subscribe now" or "visit our website."

8. Visuals and Audio: Describe the visuals, graphics, animations, and background music or sound effects you intend to use in the video. These elements should complement the script.

9. Timing: Indicate the estimated duration of each section of the video. Ensure the script aligns with your intended video length.

10. Rehearse and Test: Before production, rehearse the script to ensure it flows smoothly. Consider recording a test version to assess the pacing and overall impact.

11. Edit and Proofread: Review the script for grammar, spelling, and clarity. Mistakes can distract from your message.

12. Feedback: Share the script with team members or stakeholders for feedback and revisions.

13. Visual Storyboard: Create a visual storyboard or shot list to plan the video's visual elements and sequence.

14. Finalize: Once the script is refined and approved, it's ready for production.

Designity's platform provides a collaborative environment for video script writing, enabling seamless communication between scriptwriters, video producers, and designers. Whether you're crafting scripts for promotional videos, educational content, or marketing campaigns, Designity empowers you to produce compelling video scripts that engage your audience and convey your message effectively. If you're wondering, "Is Designity a good source for this?" The answer is yes! Collaborate with your Creative Director on the Designity platform to create video scripts that drive your message home.

What are the 5 principles of effective video script writing?

Here are the five key principles for effective video script writing:

  1. Clarity: Ensure your script delivers a clear and concise message, avoiding jargon or ambiguity that could confuse viewers.
  2. Engaging Storytelling: Craft a compelling narrative that captures the audience's attention and keeps them engaged throughout the video.
  3. Visual and Emotional Appeal: Use descriptive language and emotional cues to create vivid mental images and connect with viewers on a personal level.
  4. Call-to-Action (CTA): Clearly instruct viewers on the desired action, whether it's visiting a website, subscribing, or making a purchase.
  5. Visual and Audio Elements: Consider how visual and audio components complement the script, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

About Video Script Writing: Video script writing is the process of creating a written blueprint for a video production. It includes the dialogue, narration, visual descriptions, and instructions for actors or presenters. A well-crafted script is essential for producing engaging and effective videos, whether for marketing, education, entertainment, or any other purpose. By following these principles, you can create video scripts that resonate with your audience and deliver your intended message effectively.

What are the best tools for writing video scripts?

Video scriptwriters frequently use dedicated scriptwriting software like Final Draft and Celtx for creating detailed video scripts. These tools offer features tailored to script formatting and structure. Collaborative platforms like Google Docs are also used for team-based video script development.

How can a well-written video script impact your marketing efforts?

Video script writing is a specialized form of content creation that focuses on crafting engaging narratives for video content. These scripts provide a structured framework for video production, ensuring that key messages are effectively communicated. Well-written video scripts capture viewers' attention, maintain their interest, and guide them toward the desired action, such as subscribing, sharing, or purchasing. By investing in compelling video script writing, you enhance the impact of your video content and create memorable experiences for your audience. The main purpose of video script writing is to facilitate effective video production, convey messages persuasively, and engage viewers, ultimately achieving your video’s intended goals.

How can I find affordable writer to create a marketing video script?

Commence your search on platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer, where scriptwriters offer their services. Explore writing forums or local job boards for suitable talents. Opt for a smarter solution with Designity. Your dedicated Creative Director will guide the process, ensuring engaging video scripts that captivate. Video script writing, simplified.

How do I find a local writer to create a marketing video script?

When seeking a local video script writer, start by checking local job boards, writing groups, or networking events in your vicinity. For a more efficient option, explore Designity. While not a conventional freelance marketplace, we provide a Creative Director who leads a team of experienced local scriptwriters. This way, you can connect with skilled professionals without the usual challenges of finding local talent.

What is the future of video script writing?

The future of video script writing is closely tied to the expansion of multimedia content consumption. AI can aid in generating script outlines, but the expertise of human scriptwriters is vital for crafting compelling narratives that engage, educate, and entertain. The fusion of visual storytelling techniques with human creativity will shape the direction of video script writing.

How is AI impacting or changing video script writing?

AI's role in video script writing involves generating script outlines and data-driven insights. Yet, human scriptwriters infuse stories, emotions, and creativity that resonate with audiences. The future of video script writing lies in leveraging AI's suggestions while maintaining human storytelling expertise, resulting in engaging and impactful visual narratives.

What services do script writers offer?

Video Script Writers can write scripts for everything from promotional videos to explainer videos to brand stories, and more. They are experts in creating compelling and impactful scripts that effectively convey your message through the power of video.