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The 3 Steps to a Good Marketing Script

August 4, 2023
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Whether you’re a writer or a video editor, if you’ve got some animation or video production projects coming down the pipeline, you probably already know the importance of starting with a solid marketing video script.

Having a ready-to-go script saves a client time, provides direction to the animation and production team, and overall makes the process much easier than it would be if you were told to wing it or just asked to go into it with a basic outline. 

Even if your project is just animation and accompanying text, having a good script is key to getting your client’s message across, appealing to their target audience, and making an effective final product.

If you’re ready to try your hand at scriptwriting and up your value to your client by providing their videos with much-needed direction, then this blog is going to take you through the 3 steps to follow to write an effective marketing video script.

Step 1: Before the Writing …

Before the scriptwriting can even begin, you’ll have to sit and figure out a few crucial details first to make sure the final result is set up for maximum success.

Know Your Goals

Two targets with a dart in each bullseye. Be sure you know what you're aiming for before you start writing your marketing script.

Knowing what your goals are before you start makes things so much easier. Have a talk with your client and ask them the following:

  1. Who is their target audience? Where are they watching from?
  2. What are the pain points that this video is meant to address?
  3. What solution is their audience looking for in their product or service?
  4. What is the purpose of this video? Is it brand awareness? To drive traffic to their landing page?
  5. Why is their audience watching?
  6. What is this video meant to accomplish?
  7. What type of video are they looking for? An education video to explain a particular service? A product demo? A live video for streaming? An introduction to their brand?

Once you know that, you’ll know how to refine your messaging to better address their clients and those clients’ pain points.

Know Your Format

Ask your client what style of video they are planning to make. 

Are there different characters? Will there be actors? A slideshow with voice-over? An animated frog? Is it a video version of a blog post? Where is it going to live? On social media? YouTube? Their website? Another video platform?

You also need to know how long it’s going to be, so you know how long to make the script. Videos for social media do best when they are short and sweet. 

So, is your video going to be 30 seconds? 60? 90? A longer video that can easily be cut to different lengths to accommodate different socials?

Figure out what you’re working with and then it’s finally time to start the writing process.

Know the Brand

Once you have all of that, you now need to know who your client’s brand is, because you definitely want this video (and all digital marketing collateral they put out!) to not just be engaging and eye-catching, but to also feel like an extension of their brand and not just another video on social media, YouTube, or wherever it is you’re posting it.

If they have a brand guide, it would be a good idea to have a look at their tone and copy guide so that you can get a feel for the brand personality and tone of voice.

(If they don’t, it would be pretty cool if you could refer them here so they can get that taken care of.)

After you’ve got a feel for the brand’s personality, have your client describe what style of video they’re looking for. Something slick and professional? Down-to-earth and personable? Something dazzling meant to grab attention and keep it?

Whatever it is, iron out what your client is looking for, and then …

Step 2. Build the Framework

Purple cubes in a stack. A good marketing script begins with a solid framework.

Now that you’ve got your video script template set up, you’re ready to start writing out an outline! No matter what kind of video your client wants, set up your script in a way that includes the following:

  • A Hook: With everything else on social media, the opening of your video has got to command attention, otherwise your viewer is going to get bored and click away. Start with a question, a bold statement, something that immediately grabs attention.

  • A Problem: Here’s where those pain points come in. What pain point is your client’s product or service meant to address?

  • A Solution: How does your client’s brand effectively solve these pain points? Why is their method better than others out there? What makes them special and why should their customers choose them over their competitors?

  • A Call to Action: What do they want their customers to do right after watching? Click a link? Visit their website? Whatever it is, make it clear and super easy to action on.

Step 3. Put it All Together

Now that you’ve got a solid foundation to work with, it’s time to expand on it.

Here’s where you can really roll up your sleeves and let the creativity flow! 

So, what does your client want their audience to know? What sets them apart? How can you hit your hook, problem, and solution in an engaging and entertaining way that resonates with your target audience and makes them want to keep watching?

Consider the format of the script when you start writing out any narration. Are you writing for multiple actors? The animated frog? Is this a text-based video? Set up your script to support whatever subjects are included in it.

And be sure to read your script out loud as you go. 

Sometimes we lose focus of how our dialogue or direction is going when we’re reading words that are written down. Hearing it out loud is a better way to make sure that all of your words are flowing smoothly and naturally and that there isn’t anything that could be unintentionally causing any confusion.

If it helps the message to have something said a certain way or to draw attention to certain information, before sure to leave clear notes in your script for the video editing or animation team!

After The Writing …

A hand turning in a slip of paper. Once you turn in your script, hand it off to the video production team and get ready to watch it come to life!

Once you're done writing the script, it’s time to send it in to your client or hand it over to their video creation team.

Congratulations! You’ve written an effective and engaging marketing script that not only showcased your client in the best possible light but set up the animation and production team (or whoever else creates your video) for success!

If possible, keep track of your video as it goes through the production process so that you can catch the final result.

Keep track of any changes that may have been made to help you with your next one!

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