Why You Should Join Designity?

Flexibly Remote

We're fully remote! Choose where you want to work and how you want to work. Say goodbye to long commutes and fancy clothes!

Consistent Income

Work as a remote freelancer and never be worried about slow months ever again. Enjoy a stable and consistent income thanks to our unique model.

Limitless Opportunity

Work with high quality clients on various projects across many different business verticals. Choose your own projects from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses.

Seamless Collaboration

Creative directors and creatives have defined roles to ensure that they can each focus on what they do best.

Supportive Environment

Say goodbye to project proposals, invoices, contracts, and prospecting  your own clients.

Professional Growth

Expand your skillset and advance your career with a concrete action plan to take your career to the next level.

Your Growth plan with Designity

Aspiring Creative

Passionate about your chosen field and eager to learn and grow? Get real world experience and start developing your portfolio by collaborating with creative directors.

Emerging Creative

Gain recognition and success in your chosen creative field by collaborating on a variety of projects in different industries, under our creative director supervision.

Senior Creative

Develop a  track record of successful projects and a strong reputation within your specialty by taking on more high value clients.

Pro Creative

Ideal for candidates who have at least a decade of experience. Gain experience working with enterprise level clients and those who need a more specialized approach to their most pressing projects.

Creative Director

Expect to have a fulfilling career working remotely with a wide variety of clients as you manage and mentor creatives of all experience levels. 

Senior Director

Opportunity for leading, mentoring, and inspiring other creative directors to create innovative and effective designs and campaigns that meet the clients' goals and objectives.

Heads of Design

Plan and lead Creative Director weekly learning sessions, manage the performance review system, provide guidance in your category, and ensure quality standards.

Chief Design Officer

Responsible for overseeing the design strategy across all categories. Develop processes to create innovative and effective solutions that enhance Designity's brand and drive business growth.
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3D Character Artist

Graphic Designer

Project Manager / Creative Director

Web Design Project Manager / Creative Director

Digital Marketing Project Manager / Creative Director

Web Designer (Word Press / Shopify)

Digital Marketer


Chief Financial Officer

UI/UX Designer

Our mission is to disrupt the creative industry by transforming the way creatives and brands collaborate.

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Which role is the perfect fit for you?

As a
Creative Director
  • You thrive off of mentorship and providing guidance to others.
  • You’re a relationship builder and enjoy getting on camera.
  • You love taking ownership of the creative process and end result.
  • You’re comfortable with change and switching gears.
  • You’d rather perfect multiple areas of expertise than just one.
As a
  • You’re a newbie or a seasoned creative with a determination to succeed.
  • You prefer creating behind-the-scenes.
  • You love structure and direction as an aid to execute projects.
  • You’re passionate about your craft and performing your best.
  • You enjoy focusing on and perfecting one area of expertise.

Designity Core Values

Positively Transparent

Good or bad, we bluntly speak our minds. Our words and actions are our responsibility. We learn from negatives, not dwell on them.

Innovative Thinkers

Perfection is never the goal, progress is. Our flexibility allows us to explore better options. We constantly seek to implement new ideas.

Feedback Seekers

Seeking feedback helps improve our work. Especially when it's done in a positive and proactive way.

Proactive Doers

Our actions speak louder than words. Staying organized helps us accomplish goals. We strive to meet the deadlines we set.

Fearlessly Focused

Our calendars help optimize our workflow. We get sh*t done without giving in to distractions. Meetings are for focusing, not multitasking.

Unlock a Future of Limitless Possibilities

Recent Testimonials

Billy Coker
Creative Director
Applying at Designity was the most engaging and thoughtful experience I've ever had while applying for a job. I felt that I was able to let my skills and experience shine rather than letting them be buried in a pile of résumés.
Ruggero Vittorini
Creative Director
Designity’s step-by-step application process is breezy and seamless. It’s plain to see that it was crafted for Creatives, by Creatives.
Fei Zhao
Emerging Creative
The application process for Designity was very accessible because of the use of Typeform. Even though most of the process was done virtually, the creative challenge had provided an interactive and engaging experience.
Edgar Wang
Emerging Creative
Instead of writing a long cover letter to introduce myself, I prefer doing a survey which can help the company know me better.
George Mott
Pro Creative
In the marathon of endless applications, it was a joy to be able to list my skills and be heard, trusted, and tested. No more were the days of worrying if my résumé had just the right buzz words to pass through a computer algorithm to even be seen.
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