2022 Life-Changing Design Trends

Work Along Creative Directors to Bring Ideas to Life

Leverage your talent in collaborating with creative directors to execute projects for clients.
Creative directors

Bring Ideas to Life

Skip all the pitching and planning. Creative directors provide you with all the inspiration you need so that you can focus on what you do best–creating.
perfect craft

Perfect Your Craft

Every client project is unique and creative directors are here to support every step of the design process. This allows you to perfect your craft by learning from the best.

Collaborate on Projects

Communicating with creative directors is easy. Fixed guidelines and procedures are set in place to provide you the tools you need to fuel your powerhouse and workflow.

Come as You Are and Direct Where You Go

Expand your worth

Grow Your Career

Expand your worth

  • Our exclusively inclusive network is open to all backgrounds
  • Enhance your portfolio by working with clients of all sizes
  • Level up your career by completing projects in excellence
grow your career
collaborate directly
Collaborate with purpose

Collaborate Directly

with Experienced Creative Directors

  • Guidance and support from longtime creative directors
  • Hands-free of creative director-to-client management
  • Focus on executing projects and exercising creativity
Your talent is priceless

Maximize Your Worth

with Predictable Income

  • Hands-free of client invoices and project contracts
  • Formularized income from prepaid secure monthly plans
  • Boost earnings with the ability to control client volume
maximize your worth
fuel your power
Get ahead of the crowd

Fuel Your Power with

Access to Exclusive Resources

  • Advanced feedback, presentation, and collaborative tools
  • Crafted procedures for an efficient multi-project workflow
  • Up-to-date resources to stay abreast of the latest trends

Become a Creative

Getting Started is Easy

apply to the future

Apply to the Future

Experience the future of work from the start by filling out our unique application. Opportunities to show up on video will give you the chance to speak on your passion.
get vetted into a Level

Get Vetted into a Level

Our network consists of three creative levels–emerging, senior, and pro. After sharing your talent with us, you’ll be added to one based on your experience.
onboard and collaborate

Onboard & Collaborate

Everything you’ll need to know about getting started with creative directors will be found in our onboarding. You’ll have everything you need to start collaborating with them.

Creative Testimonials

George Mott
Pro Creative
In the marathon of endless applications, it was a joy to be able to list my skills and be heard, trusted, and tested. No more were the days of worrying if my resume had just the right buzz words to pass through a computer algorithm to even be seen.
Kaige Zheng
Emerging Creative
I heard about Designity from a career fair at Pratt two years ago and immediately applied when I saw a job opening on LinkedIn. I enjoyed the conversation-oriented hiring process since it put me in a comfortable mental state as if we were negotiating for a job opportunity.
Fei Zhao
Emerging Creative
The application process for Designity was very accessible because of the use of Typeform. Even though most of the process was done virtually, the creative challenge had provided an interactive and engaging experience.
Edgar Wang
Emerging Creative
Instead of writing a long cover letter to introduce myself, I prefer doing a survey which can help the company know me better.


What role do creatives play at Designity?

Creatives are responsible for making it all happen here at Designity, delivering work that keeps our clients happy and proud. This role is designed to give you the flexibility to scale your talent without the worry over contracts, payments, and proposals. You’ll have the opportunity to collaborate with other creatives and learn new skills in and out of your industry. All work creatives complete are under the guidance and direction of a creative director, a longtime specialist across multiple industries and skills. This relationship is designed with a clearly defined space for you to flourish in what you do best.

How do I become a creative at Designity?

Designity has an efficiently streamlined process to hire and onboard new creatives. In order to get vetted into our network, you’ll need to follow our unique application process. This will guide you to sharing your skillsets and talent with us. If accepted, you’ll be invited to complete our challenge project, which will help us evaluate your expertise even further. This entire process normally takes about 2-3 weeks due to careful screening. Once passed, we’ll prepare you in our onboarding series to start working with creative directors.

Who would be the ideal Designer for Designity?

The ideal candidate is someone who is both passionate and specialized in one area of expertise. As a creative at Designity, you’ll need to be extensively familiar with your niche in order to match you with the right projects. With that being said, specialization and talent rule over years of experience or educational background. This allows us to give both emerging and professional creatives the same opportunities.

How does the vetting process work?

Our vetting process exists to ensure that you’re a part of a team built with integrity. This process begins with our application, where we filter through candidates based on their up-to-date portfolio and answers to a series of questions. This is used to first evaluate your creative skills and give you the chance to even elaborate on your portfolio and work history by answering questions on video. If chosen to proceed onto the next parts of the application, you’ll be invited to complete our creative challenge. This challenge is in the form of a sample project, giving us the chance to experience your skills firsthand. Once completed and reviewed by our team, you’ll be contacted to onboard to becoming a creative with Designity.

What are the general responsibilities of a creative?

Creatives are responsible for executing the visions of our creative directors to bring clients’ ideas to life. This collaboration involves components like project briefs and timelines to help guide you along the creative process. Your work will entirely be presented between you and creative directors, as they handle all the communication with clients. This allows you the space to focus on creating, implementing any feedback and perfecting your craft.

How much can I make as a creative with Designity?

Based on your availability and the number of clients you’re able to take on, you have the opportunity to make between $1,000 and $7,000 per month. Because of the ability to scale, you can easily calculate and build your income up to your standards.

What determines my compensation?

Rather than paying our creatives hourly or on a by-project basis, we pay a commission based on the monthly package value that our clients opt into. Each monthly subscription varies in value, ranging from $3,000 to $10,000 per month. Based on your client’s monthly package value, you’ll receive __ % of their total to collaborate on their projects.

What is the process of working with clients?

Before assigning creative directors clients, our account executives consult with them on the perfect monthly package based on their project needs. All clients who work with Desingity fill out an initial questionnaire that asks fundamental questions regarding their company, brand style, and project details. Once all expectations are set and the client is ready to begin, the client will now then have an opportunity to book a kickoff call with a compatible creative director.

After the kickoff call, they’ll put together an applicable project brief and timeline to complete the project. Opportunities to work on these projects will be posted to a designated Slack channel, where creatives can nominate themselves on each. Creative directors handpick qualified creatives to work with them in meeting the set timeline deadlines and expectations.

What is our employment relationship?

All creatives join Designity on a 1099 basis, however, there is the possibility to join part or full time in the future. This is entirely based on each individual’s performance, availability, and the length of time working with us.

How many clients can each creative work with?

Creatives are often working with multiple clients at once, depending on the scope of the project. Ultimately it is up to both the creative and the creative director to determine if there is enough capacity to take on new projects.