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Leverage your talent and grow as a Creative while collaborating with creative directors to execute projects for clients.

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Creativity Never Looked So Good

Discover Your New Crew and Set New Trends

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Bring Ideas to Life

Skip all the pitching and planning. Creative directors provide you with all the inspiration you need so that you can focus on what you do best–creating.
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Perfect Your Craft

Every client project is unique and creative directors are here to support every step of the design process. This allows you to perfect your craft by learning from the best.
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Collaborate on Projects

Communicating with creative directors is easy. Fixed guidelines and procedures are set in place to provide you the tools you need to fuel your powerhouse and workflow.
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Join Our Exclusive Creative Community

The Designity Growth Plan

Go As Far As You Can Dream
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Aspiring Creative

Passionate about your chosen field and eager to learn and grow? Get real world experience and start developing your portfolio by collaborating with creative directors.
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Emerging Creative

Gain recognition and success in your chosen creative field by collaborating on a variety of projects in different industries, under our creative director supervision.
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Senior Creative

Develop a  track record of successful projects and a strong reputation within your specialty by taking on more high value clients.
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Pro Creative

Ideal for candidates who have at least a decade of experience. Gain experience working with enterprise level clients and those who need a more specialized approach to their most pressing projects.
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Creative Director

Expect to have a fulfilling career working remotely with a wide variety of clients as you manage and mentor creatives of all experience levels. 
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Senior Director

Opportunity for leading, mentoring, and inspiring other creative directors to create innovative and effective designs and campaigns that meet the clients' goals and objectives.
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Heads of Design

Plan and lead Creative Director weekly learning sessions, manage the performance review system, provide guidance in your category, and ensure quality standards.
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Chief Design Officer

Responsible for overseeing the design strategy across all categories. Develop processes to create innovative and effective solutions that enhance Designity's brand and drive business growth.

A Better Way to Work & Grow

The Creative Platform Designed for Creatives

Expand your worth

Grow Your Career Expand your worth

Our exclusively inclusive network is open to all backgrounds. Enhance your portfolio by working with clients of all sizes and level up your career by completing projects in excellence.
Creative Director

Collaborate with purpose

Collaborate Directly with Experienced Creative Directors

Guidance and support from longtime creative directors. Hands-free of creative director-to-client management so you can focus on executing projects and exercising creativity.

Your Talent is Priceless

Maximize Your Worth with Predictable Income

Hands-free of client invoices and project contracts with formularized income from prepaid secure monthly plans. Boost earnings with the ability to control client volume.

Get Ahead of the Crowd

Fuel Your Power with Access to Exclusive Resources

Advanced feedback, presentation, and collaborative tools with crafted procedures for an efficient multi-project workflow. Up-to-date resources to stay abreast of the latest trends.

Designity's Core Values

The Power Behind the Platform

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Transparent & Honest

Trust is gained through transparency and honesty. We reject ego and welcome all feedback, whether positive or negative. We make decisions based on facts rather than emotions.
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Positive & Respectful Attitude

A positive attitude enables us to do everything better. Sometimes, we can't change the wind direction, but we can adjust our sails to reach our destination. We empower each other, rather than restrict.
A yellow hand holding a black puzzle piece, for quality and excellence, a Designity core value.

Quality & Excellence

We are a community committed to excellence, where quality means doing it right even when no one is looking. So, we don’t just complete tasks—we ensure they meet the highest standards and we double-check our work.
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Responsible & Reliable

Actions speak louder than words. We take full responsibility for problems and provide solutions proactively. We openly discuss our failures, learn from them, and refrain from blaming others.
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Fast & Focused

We operate with a sense of urgency and set deadlines wisely. "Clean your home in three days or three hours—the time you allot is the time it takes." We use our calendar to optimize our workflow and accomplish tasks without distractions

Creative Success Stories

Building a Better Community

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Friends and families always ask me what I actually do for Graphic and Product Design, so I answered, "Just take a look at the beautiful things that are around you everyday, from the billboard that you drove by yesterday to the apps that you are using right now." That's what I do for a living and it's what I love to do. I get to witness my designs come to life and have a direct impact on people's lives. But it's not just about the final outcome; the process of design is equally rewarding, where I get to collaborate with talented fellow designers, developers, marketers, and clients.

This mockup showcases graphic and branding work completed for Flooret.

The Hiring Process

The Future of Onboarding Has Arrived
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1. Interactive  Application

We don't read resumes! Because we believe in getting to know you in a more effective way, our method is a little bit different. We may  ask for a quick video to let you express yourself.
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2. Q&A Group Video Call

A member of the Careers & Community team will schedule a 45 minute group video call so you can learn more about the Designity community.
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3. Live Challenge Project

Because work product tells us more than words on a resume, we assign you a challenge project so you can show off your skills!
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4. Technical Interview

Have a chance to meet with one or more of the leaders to chat about the role and opportunity and talk through your challenge project and portfolio.
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5. Offer & Onboarding

Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3! Once you accept an offer, we celebrate! Then, we move you into our onboarding process to start your journey.

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What does the Creative Director at Designity do for clients?

Each client at Designity is matched with a dedicated Creative Director who possesses expertise in your industry.

Your Creative Director serves as your main point of contact, alleviating the need for you to reiterate your brand and goals to individual creatives. They take charge of discussing your project objectives, crafting comprehensive project briefs, and outlining a detailed timeline that encompasses all necessary phases and deadlines. Above all, your designated Creative Director is responsible for handpicking the appropriate creative professional from our vetted US-based creative pool and overseeing them to ensure high quality results.

Consider your Creative Director as the conductor of a finely tuned orchestra, guiding every stage of the design process to deliver five-star results. This way you can focus on what matters to you, and seamlessly complete your projects.

Why should I join Designity?

At Designity, you have the opportunity to work either full time or as a freelancer. Thanks to our subscription model, you’ll have a stable income and steady stream of different projects. With clients in multiple industries, there is always a wide variety of projects. We promise, you will never be bored; your work and tasks are always exciting and challenging. You also have support of the entire Designity Creative Community. Our team of Creative Directors provide project support, mentorship, and direction so you’re not out on your own chasing clients, writing proposals, wrangling payments, and scrambling for deadlines. The Designity platform promotes a community where you can share ideas, challenges, and victories. We’ve also reduced the administrative work for you by giving members of our community access to the latest processes, guidelines, and trends in the Creative industry.

How could I grow my career at Designity?

At Designity, we’re set up with opportunities for creatives at every experience and skill level. We know how important career progression and growth is to members of our Creative Community. With that in mind, we’ve built a very clear path with 4 levels (aspiring, emerging, senior, and pro) where you can join at your experience level and follow the path all the way to your desired outcome. Members of our Creative Community get to decide the pace at which they progress, and growth is based on metrics - quality of work, ability to keep to timelines, deliverables, etc. You have the opportunity to shape your own experience here at Designity and work either in a full-time capacity, or as a freelancer with temporary gigs. You progress by taking on more projects and can scale your workload up and down based on your personal needs.

How is Designity different from other marketplaces?

Designity is an exclusive community of US-based creatives, not your traditional design firm, marketplace, or staffing agency. We have a unique, collaborative model that takes the headache out of freelancing - all while providing a stable income. At Designity, you have a steady flow of work without having to put together pitches, write proposals, chase down payments, etc. You will work with a Creative Director who handles client communications and timelines, and will act as your mentor, providing guidance as you work through projects. Also, our community is fully remote and limited exclusively to the US market for both clients and the Creatives. By doing this, we are able to deliver a great experience for our Creative Community.

What is the culture like at Designity?

Community culture is part of the magic at Designity. We have a casual, friendly, inclusive, agile environment - and we’re committed to keeping it that way. We have a commitment to be Positively Transparent. This doesn’t mean it’s all sunshine and rainbows, but it does mean that we say it like it is. We don’t hold back, and we work to make sure that our Creative Community is fully aware of every success and challenge that we face. We are also Feedback Seekers - and we take that feedback very seriously and turn it into actionable items. We use surveys, 1-on-1 meetings, and an open-door policy to make sure that every member of the community feels they have a voice.

How do you complete projects at Designity?

Our Creatives work with the Creative Director to brainstorm and develop the projects requested by our clients. Once assigned to a project, the Creative Director will share the project specs like deadlines, timelines, vision, etc. Then, you’ll work with them to map out the milestones and deliverables along the way. We have a great tech stack that allows asynchronous work and remote collaboration, so once you understand the scope of the project, you get to jump in and get started.

What are the perks and benefits that I get from Designity?

You’ll find a wide array of perks and benefits from being a member of the Designity Creative Community. Not only do you have the opportunity to earn a competitive stable income, but there are additional perks depending on your level on the growth plan. We offer NFT certifications, sponsorship to in-person gatherings, VR glasses, Visa/Green Card sponsorship, equipment and software, annual stipends for remote work-stations, and for our highest levels we offer additional perks to go towards relocation and home-buying to your destination of choice within the US. All W2 employees also have access to medical and dental insurance along with unlimited PTO and 401k contribution matching.

What role do Creatives play at Designity?

Creatives are responsible for making it all happen here at Designity, delivering work that keeps our clients happy and proud. This role is designed to give you the flexibility to scale your talent without the worry over contracts, payments, and proposals. You’ll have the opportunity to collaborate with other Creatives to broaden your skill set. Under the guidance and direction of seasoned specialists across multiple industries and skillsets (Creative Directors), your work is completed, reviewed, and evaluated to ensure it meets the client needs. This relationship is designed with a clearly defined space for you to flourish in what you do best.

How do I become a Creative at Designity?

Designity has an efficient, streamlined hiring and onboarding process for new Creatives. In order to join the community, you’ll need to follow our unique vetting and application process. This will guide you to share your skill sets and talent with us. If accepted, you’ll be invited to complete our challenge project, which will help us evaluate your expertise further. This entire process normally takes about 2-3 weeks due to careful screening. Once passed, we’ll prepare you in our onboarding series to start working with Creative Directors.

Who would be the ideal Creative for Designity?

The ideal candidate is someone located in the US who is both passionate and specialized in one area of expertise. As a Creative at Designity, you’ll need to be extensively familiar with your niche in order to match you with the right projects. With that being said, we consider specialization and talent over years of experience or educational background. This allows us to give both emerging and professional Creatives the same opportunities.

What are the general responsibilities of a Creative?

Creatives are responsible for executing the visions of our Creative Directors to bring clients’ ideas to life. The Creative Directors handle all the client communications which means you get to execute on projects, implement feedback, create new concepts, ideate on unique projects, and more. The Creative Directors are there to help guide you along the way - allowing you the space to focus on creating, implementing feedback, and perfecting your craft.

How much can I make as a Creative with Designity?

Compensation is based on your position level, availability, and the number of clients you’re able to take on. Because you get to decide your involvement in the Designity Creative Community, you have the ability to scale.This means that you can build your income by doing what you enjoy while Designity and the Creative Directors handle all of the details.

What determines my compensation?

Your level and creative experience in the field as well as your participation. Compensation is based on your level in the Designity Creative Community. The model is built on metrics, so quality and quantity of work is rewarded with step-progressions and a future growth plan. The more great work you do, the more you earn - while also progressing in your career path.

What is the process of working with clients?

At Designity, the Creative Directors work directly with clients so the Creatives can avoid the headache of kick-off calls, timeline check-ins, revision updates, etc. Designity and the Creative Directors handle everything from consulting with clients to determining the perfect monthly package. We also handle all of the details like onboarding, project scope, setting timelines, and more. As a Creative, you get to work exclusively with the Creative Directors and other members of the Creative Community so you can focus on the projects and perfect your craft.

What is our employment relationship?

All Creatives join Designity on a 1099 basis, however, there is the possibility to join on a part or full time basis in the future. This is entirely based on how involved a creative wants to be in the Designity Creative Community, their performance, availability, and the length of time working with us. You get to build your own experience with Designity. Creatives have the opportunity to work full-time, part-time, on a gig-basis, etc. You can scale up your work during certain times of the year, and scale back down when the need calls for it. Once you’re a member of Designity, the sky's the limit!

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