Direct Creatives to Bring Your Ideas to Life

Leverage talent from our vetted network of US-based Creatives to execute your project ideas for clients and make the world a more beautiful place.


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Become the Leader You Aspire to Be

Empower Client Success and Mentor Creatives Every Day

Manage Projects

Bringing ideas to life is your job. Clients come with ideas and the goal is to create projects that’ll bring those ideas to life with timelines and workflow management.

Ensure Five-Star Quality

Your creative team is designed to execute five-star quality on the ideas you set forth. Mentorship and quick decision making are key elements to a seamless design process.

Connect with Clients

Remote collaboration requires video calls and staying in touch on a regular basis. Taking action on client needs and timely deliveries are essential to a positive relationship.

Join Our Exclusive Creative Community

The Designity Growth Plan

Go As Far As You Can Dream

Creative Director

Expect to have a fulfilling career working remotely with a wide variety of clients as you manage and mentor creatives of all experience levels. 

Senior Director

Opportunity for leading, mentoring, and inspiring other creative directors to create innovative and effective designs and campaigns that meet the clients' goals and objectives.

Heads of Design

Plan and lead Creative Director weekly learning sessions, manage the performance review system, provide guidance in your category, and ensure quality standards.

Chief Design Officer

Responsible for overseeing the design strategy across all categories. Develop processes to create innovative and effective solutions that enhance Designity's brand and drive business growth.

A Sustainable Way to Work Remotely

A Tech-Enabled Creative Platform Designed for the Future

Service Only The Best

Collaborate with Clients Who Value Your Work

Realistic financial and creative expectations set in advance. Free from client intervention, proposals, and budget negotiations. Stream of clients brought to you to allow you to focus on creativity.
Creative Director

Customize Your Creative Execution

Build Your Team From a Network of Vetted Creatives

Network of endless design and marketing areas of expertise. Each Creative is vetted through a strict series of talent screenings. Exclusively handpicked to work under your creative direction.

Your Talent is Priceless

Maximize Your Worth with Predictable Income

Never worry about client invoices or project contracts. Formularized income from prepaid secure monthly plans. Boost earnings with the ability to control client volume.

Get Ahead of the Crowd

Fuel Your Power with Access to Exclusive Resources

Advanced feedback, presentation, and collaborative tools with crafted procedures for an efficient multi-project workflow. Up-to-date resources to stay abreast of the latest trends.

Designity's Core Values

The Power Behind the Platform

Positively Transparent

Good or bad, we bluntly speak our minds. Our words and actions are our responsibility. We learn from negatives, not dwell on them.

Innovative Thinkers

Perfection is never the goal, progress is. Our flexibility allows us to explore better options. We constantly seek to implement new ideas.

Feedback Seekers

Seeking feedback helps improve our work. Especially when it's done in a positive and proactive way.

Proactive Doers

Our actions speak louder than words. Staying organized helps us accomplish goals. We strive to meet the deadlines we set.

Fearlessly Focused

Our calendars help optimize our workflow. We get sh*t done without giving in to distractions. Meetings are for focusing, not multitasking.

The Hiring Process

The Future of Onboarding Is Here

1. Interactive  Application

We don't read resumes! Because we believe in getting to know you in a more effective way, our method is a little bit different. We may  ask for a quick video to let you express yourself.

2. Q&A Group Video Call

A member of the Careers & Community team will schedule a 45 minute group video call so you can learn more about the Designity community.

3. Live Challenge Project

Because work product tells us more than words on a resume, we assign you a challenge project so you can show off your skills!

4. Technical Interview

Have a chance to meet with one or more of the leaders to chat about the role and opportunity and talk through your challenge project and portfolio.

5. Offer & Onboarding

Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3! Once you accept an offer, we celebrate! Then, we move you into our onboarding process to start your journey.


What does the Creative Director at Designity do for clients?

Creative Directors at Designity are the cornerstone of our success. Each client at Designity is matched with a dedicated Creative Director who possesses expertise in your industry.

Your Creative Director serves as your main point of contact, alleviating the need for you to reiterate your brand and goals to various creatives. They take charge of discussing your project objectives, crafting comprehensive project briefs, and outlining a detailed timeline that encompasses all necessary phases and deadlines. Above all, your designated Creative Director is responsible for handpicking the appropriate creative professional from our verified US-based network and overseeing them to ensure top-notch quality.

Consider your Creative Director as the conductor of a finely tuned orchestra, guiding every stage of the design process to deliver five-star results seamlessly. This approach lets you concentrate on more critical matters without any hassle.

Why should I work with Designity?

Working at Designity never gets boring! You have the opportunity to work with clients in multiple industries and a variety of projects. Thanks to our subscription model, we will bring high quality clients who are looking for ongoing collaboration with you. There is also no need to work on projects yourself; you get access to a verified US-based Creative community to collaborate and bring your ideas to life. We’ve also reduced the administrative work for you by giving members of our community access to the latest processes, guidelines, and trends in the creative industry.

What are the growth opportunities at Designity?

We know how important career progression and growth is to members of our creative community. With that in mind, we’ve built a very clear path with four levels (aspiring, temporary, verified, and super) where you can join at your experience level and follow the path all the way to Executive level Design roles. We are still a start-up but are scaling at a rapid pace, so we have tons of opportunities at Designity where you get to take control of your future and grow with great, consistent performance.

How is Designity different from other marketplaces?

Designity is a creative community, not your traditional design firm, marketplace, or staffing agency. We have a unique, collaborative model that allows Creative Directors to collaborate with verified Creatives with different skill sets to get projects done. While our community is fully remote, we limit the community exclusive to the US market for both clients and Creatives. By doing this, we are able to deliver a great experience for our Creative community.

What is the culture like at Designity?

Our community-first culture is part of the magic here at Designity. We have a casual, friendly, inclusive, agile environment - and we’re committed to keeping it that way. We have a commitment to be Positively Transparent. This doesn’t mean it’s all sunshine and rainbows, but it does mean that we say it like it is. We don’t hold back, and we work to make sure that the Creative Community is fully aware of all of the successes and challenges. We are also Feedback Seekers - we take your feedback very seriously and turn it into actionable items. We use surveys, 1-on-1 meetings, and an open-door policy to make sure every member of the community feels that they have a voice.

Does Designity require a specific process to complete projects?

We have managed processes in place from project brief creator to timeline creation tools, to project delivery system to make the collaboration easier for you. These have all been carefully crafted to make it easier for your team to get away from the administrative work and back to what they do best. And while we do have processes in place, we continually make revisions that make sense and improve quality and productivity. We believe in continuous improvement!

What are the perks and benefits that I get from Designity?

You’ll find a wide array of perks and benefits from being a member of the Designity Creative Community. Not only do you have the opportunity for a competitive stable income, but there are additional perks depending upon your level on the growth plan. We offer NFT certifications, sponsorship to in-person gatherings, VR glasses, Visa/Green Card sponsorship, equipment and software, annual stipends for remote work-stations, and for our highest levels we offer additional perks to go towards relocation and home-buying to your destination of choice within the US. All W2 employees also have access to medical and dental insurance along with unlimited PTO and 401k contribution matching.

What is the Designity Creative Community?

A collaborative community of Creatives! At Designity, we’re breaking the mold and building something very different from the traditional design agency. Designity is a carefully vetted community of individuals who are specialized and highly talented. We are very selective in our approach with an average of just 3% of applicants invited to join our Creative Community. We use the term Creative as an all-inclusive description for individuals from varied backgrounds who work on projects such as graphic design, web design, UX/UI, coding, copywriting, illustrating, video production, video animating, etc. If you enjoy working on a wide variety of marketing materials and projects, and Designity is a good fit - we welcome you to the community!

What are the general responsibilities of a Creative Director?

Creative Directors are responsible for managing each project from briefs to completion. This includes establishing and maintaining timelines, budgets, files, project briefs, and workflows. While Creative Directors do not complete any of the work themselves, they’re responsible for guiding Creatives to complete it and ensure five-star quality. This is done by mentoring and providing sufficient support and inspiration to execute the vision. Additionally, the most important responsibility of a Creative Director at Designity is maintaining relationships with clients. Creative Directors are the primary point of contact with clients and are responsible for listening, understanding, and communicating each step of the creative process to all involved. Lastly, you also get to build your own team from our US Based vetted community of Creatives, and they bring your ideas to life. When building their team, Creative Directors may select from our exclusive vetted network of Creatives at four career levels: Aspiring, Emerging, Senior, and Pro.

How do I become a Creative Director?

We don’t judge you based on your résumé and your portfolio. Designity has an efficiently streamlined process to hire and onboard new Creative Directors. In order to join the community, you’ll need to follow our interactive vetting process. This will guide you to share your skill sets and talent with us. If accepted, you’ll be invited to complete a quick challenge project, which will help us evaluate your expertise further. This entire process normally takes about 2–3 weeks due to careful screening. Once passed, we’ll prepare you in our onboarding series to start working with clients.

Who would be the ideal Creative Director?

The ideal candidate is a hybrid between a visual designer and project manager who has a passion for guiding others. As a Creative Director at Designity, you’ll need to be familiar with various types of design and marketing categories and their processes. This means you’ll need to be specialized in at least three areas of expertise so that we are able to match you with clients effectively. With that being said, comfortability in shifting gears is often necessary, and we also provide opportunities to learn new skills and techniques as you grow.

How do unlimited project requests and revisions work for Creative Directors?

Based on our agreement with clients, each understands they can only expect our Creative Directors to work on one project at a time within their plan. However, if clients want to work on multiple projects simultaneously, they have the option to purchase add-ons to add more Creatives to your team. You will be compensated for each additional Creative you manage if the number exceeds the capacity of the client’s plan. As for revisions, there’s no limit on the number of requests made by clients. Clients are entitled to this benefit as long as they’re active clients with Designity.

How much can I make as a Creative Director with Designity?

You get to determine your own compensation at Designity. It’s all based on your level in the Designity Creative Community, quality of work, availability, and the number of clients you’re able to take on. Creative Designers average between $85,000 – $95,000 per year when working full time with Designity, but you have the freedom to scale your work and can build your income to fit your lifestyle. All members of the Designity Creative Community have the flexibility to determine their own workload and can scale up and down in the way that works best for them.

What is the process of working with clients?

Once our sales team qualifies the clients, they sign up and go through our onboarding process to provide you with their company info, brand style, and project details. Based on that, our matchmaking team will assign the right Creative Director to the client based on your industry knowledge, time zone, expertise, availability, etc. After the matchmaking the client schedules their first kickoff calls to discuss the details and get started. After the kickoff call, you’ll put together a project brief and timeline and share the opportunity with our vetted Creative Community. You have the ability to select and assign the Creatives based on their expertise and your knowledge of their skills and productivity. You then begin working with the Creative(s) to complete projects according to your timeline. Upon completion, you’re responsible for presenting the work to the client and collecting their feedback.

What is our employment relationship?

All Creative Directors join Designity on a 1099 basis, however, there is the possibility to become a full-time W-2 employee after 45 days of successful collaboration. This is entirely based on each individual’s desire to be involved in the Designity Creative Community, performance, availability, and the length of time working with us. You get to build your own experience with the Designity Community. Creative Directors have the opportunity to work full-time, part-time, gig-basis, etc. You can scale up your work during certain times of the year, and scale back down when the need calls for it. Once you’re a member of Designity, the sky's the limit!

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