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Direct Creatives to BringYour Ideas to Life

Leverage talent from our network of creatives to execute your project ideas for clients.
Creatives directors
manage projects

Manage Projects End-to-End

Bringing ideas to life is your job. Clients come with ideas and the goal is to create projects that’ll bring those ideas into life with timelines and workflow management.
ensure five start

Ensure Five-Star Quality

Your creative team is designed to execute five-star quality on the ideas you set forth. Mentorship and quick decision making are key elements to a seamless design process.
connect with clients

Connect with Clients

Remote collaboration requires video calls and staying in touch on a regular basis. Taking action on client needs and timely deliveries are essential to a positive relationship.

Come as You Are and Direct Where You Go

Service Only The Best

Collaborate with Clients

Who Value Your Work

  • Realistic financial and creative expectations set in advance
  • Free of client intervention, proposals, and budget negotiations
  • Stream of clients brought to you to allow you to focus on creativity
collaborate with clients
build your team
Customize your creative execution

Build Your Team From

a Network of Vetted Talent

  • Network of endless design and marketing areas of expertise
  • Each vetted through a strict series of talent screenings
  • Exclusively handpicked to work under your creative direction
Your talent is priceless

Maximize Your Worth

with Predictable Income

  • Hands-free of client invoices and project contracts
  • Formularized income from prepaid secure monthly plans
  • Boost earnings with the ability to control client volume
maximize your worth
fuel your power
Get ahead of the crowd

Fuel Your Power with

Access to Exclusive Resources

  • Advanced feedback, presentation, and collaborative tools
  • Crafted procedures for an efficient multi-project workflow
  • Up-to-date resources to stay abreast of the latest trends

Become a Creative Director

Getting Started is Easy

apply to your future

Apply to the Future

Experience the future of work from the start by filling out our unique application. Opportunities to show up on video will give you the chance to speak on your passion.
showcase your qualifications

Showcase Your Qualifications

Our creative directors are just as talented as project managers as they are in their craft. You’ll show us your management style and how diverse your skillset is.
get onboarded

Get Onboarded

Everything you’ll need to know about getting started with clients will be found in our onboarding. You’ll have everything you need to build and maintain a positive relationship.

Creative Directors Testimonials

Ruggero Vittorini
Creative Director
“Designity’s step-by-step application process is breezy and seamless. It’s plain to see that it was crafted for creatives, by creatives.”
Billy Coker
Creative Director
Applying at Designity was the most engaging and thoughtful experience I've ever had while applying for a job. I felt that I was able to let my skills and experience shine rather than letting them be buried in a pile of resumes.


What role do creative directors play at Designity?

Creative directors are responsible for fostering positive relationships with our clients and acting as the creative backbone for all projects. You handle the ideation and planning of projects, but not their execution. The team that’ll bring their ideas to life is built by the creative directors themselves, handpicked from our exclusive vetted network of creatives from three levels: emerging, senior, and pro. This role allows you the clearly defined space to flourish in what you do best.

How do I become a creative director?

Designity has an efficiently streamlined process to hire and onboard new creative directors. In order to get vetted into our network, you’ll need to follow our unique application process. This will guide you to sharing your project management skills and talent with us. If accepted, you’ll be invited to complete our challenge project, which will help us evaluate your expertise even further. This entire process normally takes about 2-3 weeks due to careful screening. Once passed, we’ll prepare you in our onboarding series to start working with clients.

Who would be the ideal creative director?

The ideal candidate is a hybrid between a visual designer and project manager with a passion for guiding others. As a creative director at Designity, you’ll need to be familiar with various types of design and marketing categories and their processes. This means you’ll need to be specialized in at least three areas of expertise so that we are able to match you with clients effectively. With that being said, comfortability in shifting gears often is also a must.

How does the vetting process work?

Our vetting process exists to ensure that you’re a part of a team built with integrity. This process begins with our application, where we filter through candidates based on their up-to-date portfolio and answers to a series of questions. This is used to first evaluate your creative skills and give you the chance to even elaborate on your portfolio and work history by answering questions on video. If chosen to proceed onto the next parts of the application, you’ll be invited to complete our creative director challenge. This challenge is in the form of a sample project, giving us the chance to experience your skills firsthand. Once completed and reviewed by our team, you’ll be contacted to onboard to becoming a creative director with Designity.

How do unlimited project requests and revisions work for creative directors?

Based on our agreement with clients, each understands they can only expect our creative directors to work on one project at a time within their plan. However, if clients want to work on multiple projects simultaneously, they have the option to purchase add-ons to add more creatives to your team. You will be compensated for each additional creative you manage if the number exceeds the capacity of the client’s plan. As for revisions, there’s no limit on the number of requests made by clients. Clients are entitled to this benefit as long as they’re active clients with Designity.

What are the general responsibilities of a creative director?

Creative directors are responsible for managing each project from its briefs to its completion. This includes establishing and maintaining timelines, budgets, files, project briefs, and workflows. While creative directors do not complete any of the work themselves, they’re responsible for guiding creatives to complete it and ensure five-star quality. This is done by mentoring and providing sufficient support and inspiration to execute the vision. Lastly, the most important responsibility of a creative director at Designity is maintaining relationships with clients. Creative directors are the only individuals conversing with clients and are responsible for listening, understanding, and communicating each step of the creative process to all involved.

How much can I make as a creative director with Designity?

Based on your availability and the number of clients you’re able to take on, you have the opportunity to make between $2,000 and $10,000 per month. Because of the ability to scale, you can easily calculate and build your income up to your standards.

What determines my compensation?

Rather than paying our creative directors hourly or on a by-project basis, we pay a commission based on the monthly package value that our clients opt into. Each monthly subscription varies in value, ranging from $3,000 to $10,000 per month. Based on your client’s monthly package value, you’ll receive 30% of their total to manage emerging and senior creatives, and 25% to manage pro creatives.

What is the process of working with clients?

Before assigning you clients, our account executives consult with them on the perfect monthly package based on their project needs. All clients who work with Desingity fill out an initial questionnaire that asks fundamental questions regarding their company, brand style, and project details. Once all expectations are set and the client is ready to begin, we’ll assign you the most compatible clients based on your industry knowledge, time zone, expertise, availability, etc. The client will now then have an opportunity to book your first kickoff call together, which serves as both an introduction and consultation over the project at hand. After the kickoff call, you’ll put together an applicable project brief and timeline to assign to qualified creatives of your choosing. At this point, you’ll be working with the creative(s) to complete projects according to your timeline. Upon completion, you’re responsible for presenting the work to the client and collecting their feedback.

What is our employment relationship?

All creative directors join Designity on a 1099 basis, however, there is the possibility to join part or full time in the future. This is entirely based on each individual’s performance, availability, and the length of time working with us.

How many clients can each Creative Director manage?

On average, creative directors work with 5-7 clients at most but can work comfortably up to 8. We’ve found that 5-7 is the sweet spot to managing a positive relationship and completing projects effectively.

How does the level of the creatives I manage impact my responsibility as a creative director?

The creatives you will manage come from all different backgrounds and have various years of experience in their industry. Emerging creatives usually have 1-3 years of experience, requiring more guidance and instruction, resulting in a slightly higher commission rate. Senior creatives have 3-6 years of experience and pro creatives have over 6 years of experience, requiring much less project management control from your end.