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Why Designity.

Our unique collaborative model gives you design agency quality, in-house employee experience, for a fraction of cost. Due to our huge pool of verified LOCAL designers who are specialized in different areas of design you get full support for all your needs, from explainer video to web/app design, and even social media campaign.

Our Mission.

The U.S job market is radically transforming to outsourcing/freelancing economy. 60 million folks are now freelancing which is a huge slice of the American workforce. Designity's mission is creating the required digital infrastructure for a reliable and collaborative outsourcing model that is mutually beneficial for freelancers and clients.

What we Do.

Upon getting a Designity account, one of our creative directors becomes your consultant and act as an extension to your business. The creative director is responsible to deeply understand your needs, assign your projects to qualified designers from our network, manage your projects for quality assurance, and give you result.

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Verified Local Designers
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Work with local & experienced creative directors to help you with quality control & project management.

  • Strategizing your marketing needs via daily video calls.
  • Assigning the qualified talent from our verified pool.
  • Managing your projects & supervising the talents.
  • Guaranteeing the highest quality and your deadline.
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    Review Creative Directors

    Thousands of vetted local talents in your hand, but one point of contact to create consistency.

  • Specialized in different areas of design and marketing.
  • Handpicked from top design universities & organizations.
  • Verified through multiple test projects beforehand.
  • Supervised by our creative directors for quality assurance.
  • Review Designers

    Access to our resources for the latest trends and the most efficient communication styles.

  • Online collaboration tools to work with designers and clients.
  • Crafted process to work on different projects efficiently.
  • Up to date resources to stay on top of the latest trends.
  • Advance feedback and presentation tools.
  • Working with Designity


    A dedicated creative director assigns the qualified talents, from our verified pool, to your project and manages them for quality assurance.


    10,012 verified U.S-Based talents who understand your market, and are specialized in a variety of design and marketing areas.

    High Quality

    Quality and on-time delivery is guaranteed thanks to our unique business model. Proud of 4.8-star rating on Google reviews.

    Fast Turnaround

    The most efficient creative process for your virtual design team to collaborate efficiently and deliver your projects quickly.

    Unlimited Capacity

    82+ design and marketing categories with one point of contact. Web/app design, explainer videos, social media campaigns, and more.


    Unlimited requests and revisions for a competitive price with no commitment. Try your virtual creative team risk-free for 30 days.

    Client Success Stories

    Case Study: Vyrent

    Over the last decade, subscription services have become the new norm. Netflix, Grammarly, Audible, and Spotify are just a few of what seems like millions of subscription services that we’ve all grown to love and depend on. But what about subscriptions for style? That’s exactly what Sajad Zahedi, AmirSaber Sharifi, and their colleagues must have been thinking when they came up with the idea for Vyrent, an online subscription marketplace for luxury watches. Their company motto, “Don’t own. Access instead.” says it all.

    Read The Case Study
    Designity Case Study
    Designity Case Study

    I cannot say enough about how awesome the team has been and how much I value their services! We've been thrilled with their work and the ease of the process.

    Testimonial Author Image

    Michelle Graska

    HCIM Healthcare

    Looking for creative content with potential of going viral? Use Designity! They blew me away with an incredible cartoon promo video that they made for my mobile app, Flock.

    Testimonial Author Image

    Isaac Bush

    Flock Tech

    Designity is creating the design workflow of the future. They make it really easy to build your design team at a pace and price that you're comfortable with.

    Testimonial Author Image

    Jason Katz

    Growth Marketing Advisors

    Designity is amazing! Everyone we are working with is attentive, creative, and detail-oriented. They really put their customers first and they treat you like they are your in-house design team.

    Testimonial Author Image

    Bobby Pappas

    LunaTech, Inc.

    We worked with Designity this past month and they were great to work with. We needed numerous templates for signage at our event and they came up with an amazing design that we were thrilled with!

    Testimonial Author Image

    Ana M


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    Creative Director of the Month

    Available from Dec, 14 2020

    Natalie N.

    New York - New York

    Experience: 14+ years

    Industry knowledge: Food & Beverage, Manufacturing, Packaging, R&D, Finance

    Top Skills: