Packaging & Labels for Korosilk



The goal was to translate the KoroSilk's brand script into package designs. The packaging had to be 100% recyclable and it needed to balance luxury with being approachable as a brand. The client requested that it feel like a gift or a present, created just for the shopper. Budget was limited, which meant we couldn't use actual ribbons or wrapping paper elements, so we created reusable assets which the client can use across all of their products while maintaining the feel of a one-off, special gift.

Creative Director

Packaging & Labels for Korosilk
Joseph C.
15+ Years
Digital Marketing, Website Design, Graphic Design & Illustration


Scope of Work
Research, Concepting/Ideation, Color and Package Combinations, Sudden Change - Client Changed the Box Style and Lowered Print Budget, Final Designs for Cylinder and Box Design, Product Inserts (CD Provided Copy).
Involved Creatives

Ivan G. | Wisconsin | Graphic designer

Lydia K. | North Carolina | Graphic Designer

Plan type
Plus Plan
Project Duration
4 Weeks