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Add-Ons. For When More is Better.

Designity’s platform allows for quick scaling to meet demand. Whatever plan level you’re currently using, you can add on any of the following options to quickly increase output, have a live working session with a niche expert, and much more.
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Limits Are a Thing of the Past

Infinite Scale, Effortless Implementation, and Always-On Solutions

Extra Emerging

$1,250 per month

Add an additional Emerging Creative to your team who’ll bring fresh ideas to the table.

Extra Senior

$2,250 per month

Make your team even larger and get more done faster by adding an additional Senior Creative.

Extra Pro

$3,250 per month

Get more complex projects done
by adding a top-tier Pro Creative to your team.

Urgent Care

$395 per day

For creative emergencies! We’ve got you covered for a 24-hour or less turnaround for simple revisions.

Social Media

$495 per month

Let us handle your social calendar! We’ll post up to five pieces of content per week on two of your preferred channels.


$150 per session

Consult with a specialist for 60 minutes to get advice outside of design, like tech or marketing matters for example.

Live Working

$395 per session

Meet with your Creative Director and a Creative for a 90-minute live workshop session.

Creative Day

Essentials: $250 per day
Plus plan: $450 per day
Premium plan: $700 per day

Add creative fuel to your projects by extending your plan on a daily basis.

Extra Seats

$295 per seat per month

Invite more of your team to our weekly meetings by adding an extra seat for each attendee.

More of a Good Thing

Chat with your Creative Director during your next call,
or take the leap now and add on an add-on.