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Add-Ons. For When More is Better.

Designity’s platform allows for quick scaling to meet demand. Whatever plan level you’re currently using, you can add on any of the following options to quickly increase output, have a live working session with a niche expert, and much more.
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Designity's big box of add ons.

Limits Are a Thing of the Past

Infinite Scale, Effortless Implementation, and Always-On Solutions

An extra emerging Creative.

Extra Emerging

$1,250 per month

Add an additional Emerging Creative to your team who’ll bring fresh ideas to the table.

An extra senior Creative.

Extra Senior

$2,250 per month

Make your team even larger and get more done faster by adding an additional Senior Creative.

An extra Pro Creative.

Extra Pro

$3,250 per month

Get more complex projects done
by adding a top-tier Pro Creative to your team.

A yield sign for urgent care add on.

Urgent Care For

$395 per day

For creative emergencies! We’ve got you covered for a 24-hour or less turnaround for simple revisions.

A social media caption for social media management add on.

Social Media

$495 per month

Let us handle your social calendar! We’ll post up to five pieces of content per week on two of your preferred channels.

A shining star for expert/creative consultant add on.

Expert / Creative

$150 per session

Consult with a specialist for 45 minutes to get advice outside of design, like tech or marketing matters for example.

A video chat screen for live working session add on.

Live Working

$395 per session

Meet with your Creative Director and a Creative for a 90-minute live workshop session.

A collection of color palettes for extended creative day add on.

Creative Day

Essentials: $250 per day
Plus plan: $450 per day
Premium plan: $700 per day

Add creative fuel to your projects by extending your plan on a daily basis.

Two chairs for extra seas for meetings add on.

Extra Seats for

$295 per seat per month

Invite more of your team to our weekly meetings by adding an extra seat for each attendee.

Two video chat screens for join an internal meeting add on.

Join an
Internal Meeting

$195 per month.

Get your dedicated Creative Director's presence in one of your internal meetings.

A laptop on a desk for custom project management add on.

Custom Project

$295 per month.

Integrate your own project management software  to consolidate everything within your existing PM.

Want to Customize your Plan?

Chat with your Creative Director during your next call, or take the leap now and purchase the add-ons you need to customize your plan.


What are Designity’s add-ons and what limits apply to add-ons?

Add-ons are designed to help you expand your projects as much as needed. Our normal plans are created to maximize team efficiency and ROI, but there are times when an extra burst or specialty service is needed. This is why add-ons exist. There are no limits to the number of add-ons you can use to customize your plan.

How do I purchase and remove add-ons?

Adding some extra oomph to your plan is a breeze! Simply log in to your client dashboard at Designity and you can purchase or remove add-ons under "My Account" and Add-ons tab.

Can Designity work on multiple brands at once?

Absolutely! We’re here to scale creative output for all of your brands. There is no additional cost for working on multiple brands. Your Creative Director will extend your project timelines to accommodate any additional brands, to allow for industry and brand research.

Are add-ons billed on a recurring monthly basis, or are they a one-time charge?

Some add-ons such as “Social Media Management” are billed monthly, while others such as “Expert / Creative Consultation” are billed as a one-time fee to cover one day. You can modify add-ons at any time by visiting your Designity dashboard.

What is included in the Social Media Management add-on, and how much does it cost?

Our Social Media Management add-on is gives you your own social media maestro! For $495 per month, a skilled member of our creative team will take charge of posting up to five pieces of content per week on up to two of your preferred social channels. Please note that this does not include social media comment moderation.

What is the Extended Creative Day add-on, and how does it work?

This add-on allows you to extend work on your projects by an additional day (or more) instead of canceling your plan. So if you realize you need a few more days or even a whole week to polish your masterpiece, we've got you covered! The pricing depends on your plan: Essentials is $250 per day, Plus is $450 per day, and Premium is $700 per day. Don't rush your creative process—let it shine with the Extended Creative Day add-on!

What is the Urgent Care add-on and how does it work?

This add-on gives you access to 24-hour turnaround for one project. For $395 per day, we'll go into superhero mode and ensure you get a 24-hour (or faster, if necessary) turnaround time on your project.

What is the Live Working Session and how does it work?

This is a one-time, 90-minute live editing workshop session where you get to work directly with both your Creative Director and a Creative on your account!

What is the Expert / Creative Consultation add-on and how does it work?

An expert on a specific matter or an existing Creative on the account will join a call under your Creative Director’s supervision to provide additional consultation or to get first-hand information from the client.

How does it work? Based on your plan, you will be granted vouchers to apply to consultation sessions. The Essentials plan grants you two vouchers every 90 days; the Plus plan gives you three vouchers every 90 days; the Premium plan gives you four vouchers every 90 days. You redeem vouchers through your dashboard at

What is the Extra Seats add-on?

The Extra Seats add-on lets you add additional points-of-contact from your business to your Designity account, meaning more team members from your side can actively participate in weekly calls, request projects, and provide feedback. Each additional seat is billed at $295 per month.

What are the extra Emerging, Senior, and Pro Creative add-ons and how do they work?

Add an additional Creative to your team without upgrading your plan level. This is billed monthly and can be modified at any time. This is often a cheaper alternative if you don’t need to upgrade just yet, and it’s also how you can scale beyond the confines of the top-tier Premium Plan. Clients looking for enterprise-level services can sign up for the Premium Plan and use this add-on to scale the creative team as much as necessary.

Extra Emerging Creative ($1,250 per month)
*This can be applied to Essentials, Plus, and Premium plans, and will not change the scope of services included in your plan.

Extra Senior Creative ($2,250 per month)
*This can only be applied to Plus and Premium plans, and will not change the scope of services included in your plan.

Extra Pro Creative ($3,250 per month)
*This can only be applied to Premium plans, and will not change the scope of services included in your plan.

What is the Join an Internal Meeting add-on?

All Designity plans come with weekly video calls, primarily intended for brainstorming ideas and project discussions. If you require your dedicated Creative Director's presence in one of your internal meetings (such as team meetings, board discussions, client calls, etc.), you have the option to purchase our "Join an Internal Meeting" add-on. This add-on is priced at $195 per meeting and covers a duration of up to 60 minutes.

What is the Custom Project Management add-on?

Designity has developed its own project management system tailored to our collaborative model. Our system makes it incredibly easy to track your project's timeline, project phases, all associated tasks, and the creative individuals involved in your projects in real-time.

That being said, we understand that you might prefer to consolidate everything within your existing project management tool. To address this, we offer “Custom Project Management” add-on option priced at $295 per month. This compensates our team for the additional project management work and allows you to seamlessly integrate and use your preferred project management tool alongside ours.