Branding Guidelines for Flooret



Flooret needed a website refresh, to optimize their flow and CTA placements. After some research, we found the need to clean up their site map, rearrange the information hierarchy for each page, as well an overall aesthetic makeover. We implemented more of their beautiful color palette while retaining that minimalistic, Scandinavian design style.

Creative Director

Branding Guidelines for Flooret
Ruggero V.
15+ Years
Graphic Design, Packaging Design, Video Production


Scope of Work
Brand Attributes, Brand Mission & Vision, Target Audience/ Design Target, Brand Personas, Semiotic Study (Study of Industry Standards/Competitor Use of Colors, Patterns...), Brand Tone and Voice, Brand Tagline, Colors, Icons Selection / Creation, UI Elements, Shapes & Patterns, Brand Book Creation (Brand Examples Mockups, etc.), Written Content Guide
Involved Creatives

Bronia B. | Massachusetts | Graphic Designer

Plan type
Plus Plan
Project Duration
2 Weeks