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The Best Video & Animation Resources for Creatives

April 7, 2022
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We’ve all seen boring videos–background music that doesn’t quite fit, stock footage that definitely looks stocky, or scripts that instantly make you yawn. The last thing you want to have is that all be in your video. 

Having technical and creative knowledge is just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to video creation. As a video or animation artist, having all of the right tools to help you execute your best production is essential. After all, cutting corners is often where video quality begins to lack.

There’s also nothing worse than having great ideas and not being able to execute them. Luckily for you, you no longer have to “make do” or store your ideas for that later time that never comes. With these helpful design resources, you can combat bad music, lousy footage, and boring scripts any day.

Creator Tools

Every video requires different tools, but nothing can beat powerful creator suites. The right software can make all the difference in the outcome, no matter your project. Here are some of the life-changing options that are bound to make your life easier. 


Creating professional animated videos doesn’t have to be a challenge. Without the need for animation skills, Vyond’s all-in-one studio does all of the hard work for you.


Specializing in doodle whiteboard animation, Doodly’s creator suite does it all. The best part? You don’t have to doodle a thing yourself.


There’s nothing like a drag and drop tool–we all love them for obvious reasons. Animaker is no different, delivering you an all-in-one video suite designed for easy storyboarding. 


Videos come in all shapes and sizes and Powtoon acknowledges this. Specializing in just about any style you’re looking for, this customized creator suite has your back.


It’s not just one single part of the video creation process we all wish could speed up. Luckily, Moovly exists to automate all of it.

Stock Video Resources

With how fast digital content is pumped out on a daily basis, it makes sense why videos aren’t always filmed from scratch anymore. But having access to high-quality stock footage isn’t always easy. These resources might be just what you had been hoping for.



With millions of royalty-free stock videos, animations, and After Effects templates to choose from, you might not need another resource.


Curated collections are fun to sift through, especially ones that are relevant to the zeitgeist. Videvo not only has free stock video clips, but also motion graphics.


There are many types of video quality, but HD and 4K have become the bare minimum. Videezy’s free library is filled with the highest quality of content.


Coverr isn’t called Coverr for no reason. Covering all styles of stock video and animation, their powerful library is stocked with most likely every asset you’re looking for.

Life of Vids

We all wish we could have an agency handcraft all of our visuals. For us creatives, it’s not that simple., however, Life of Vids is home to agency-quality stock video loops and clips. 

Editing Tools

Most videos aren’t finalized until their edited. For collaborating teams, this could mean struggling to find a tool that makes tying loose ends easier. With advanced editing resources designed for videos, these could become you and your team’s best friends.

Delivering feedback on videos is no easy task, but solves it all. With tools like timed comment/deliver functions, collaborating on video projects is a breeze.


Whether you’re crafting a short 30-second video or the next box office hit, Lightworks was made to edit any project. It also comes with a free version for those looking for simpler editing.

Music Resources

As mentioned early on, bad music is noticeable–sometimes even more noticeable than visuals. But what’s a video without sound? Whether instrumental or a well-known soundtrack, having access to the right tracks can save you from losing views.

Fugue Music

If you’re looking for music no one has used before, then Fugue Music might be your go-to. This royalty-free music platform was created for videos and is highly selective.

Premium Beat

It’s time to lose the outdated, low-quality music. Premium Beat’s curated library of exclusive and premium music offers loops and full tracks.

Music for Makers

Why pay for individual tracks when you can have them all? Music for Makers offers lifetime subscriptions with access to all of their royalty-free music.

Animation Resources


Not all video creators are equipped with the skills to craft custom animations–and that’s okay. That’s why resources like this exist to help expedite your production process. Who wouldn’t want pre-created animation files at their fingertips?

Lottie Files

Looking for animation help but also the ability to customize them? Lottie Files offers the ability to plug in animations via After Effects or simply embedded into your website.


When it comes to animation, it’s not a one-size-fits-all type of art. Biteable offers a simplified, custom animation suite suitable for all industries. 

Inspiration Resources

Videos are complex projects requiring even more complex ideas. But finding a source of inspiration to fuel your creativity doesn’t have to be a challenge. With so many outlets to explore video projects, you'll find all that you need right here.

Inspiration Grid

If you need reputable inspiration, you might want to give Inspiration Grid a chance. Specializing in high-end projects, this resource covers all things video and motion graphics.


As an alternative to Youtube, Vimeo is easily one of the greater sources of video inspiration. This endless library is a living directory of the best examples. 

Ads of the World

Need video inspiration specifically for ads? Ads of the World was created to share the world’s top-performing video ads in history. 

After hours of storyboarding and drafting ideas, you’d hope that the majority of the work is finished. Unfortunately for most video and animation artists, projects aren’t finished until final edits are made. But with the help of these powerful design resources, you can sit back and watch your production thrive effortlessly.

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