Motion Graphic & Video for Envase



Envase was looking to create a video that could explain their state of the art logistics software for the drayage industry. We did our research and wrote a script that covered all of the pain point’s of the industry, devised a storyboard to get an idea of how it could look, and after the greenlight was given, we put in motion an animated visual story that conveyed the potential of their technology.

Creative Director

Motion Graphic & Video for Envase
Simon F.
10+ Years
Website Design, Graphic Design & Illustration, Digital Marketing


Scope of Work
Research, Moodboarding, Scriptwriting, Storyboard, Voiceover Recording, Initial Iterations, Revisions, Final Video Export
Involved Creatives

Oscar P. | Orlando, FL | Motion & 3D Design

Katherine J. | Boston, MA | Copywriting

Plan type
Project Duration
1 Month