Animation for Flooret



Flooret needed an animated video, showing how their signature product can now be installed, not only on floors, but now vertically on walls. We used the visual language that has been established for the Flooret brand, but also incorporated some of their new palettes to show off their new products. Utilizing our storyboard process, with came up with an informative and educational story of how the product can be used in a new way that will allow the viewer to fully install the product on their walls.

Creative Director

Animation for Flooret
Matthew W.
New York
10+ Years
Graphic Design & Illustration, Content & Copywriting, Video Production


Scope of Work
Scriptwriting, Lo-fi Storyboarding, Hi-fi Storyboarding, Voice Recording & Music Selection, Initial Cut, Revisions, Final Version With Thumbnail
Involved Creatives

Sara L. | Houston, TX | Copywriting & Content Writing

Nicolas A. | Cumming, GA | Motion & 3D Design

Plan type
Premium Plan
Project Duration
6 Weeks