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How to Use VR to Level Up Your Next Marketing Campaign

November 14, 2022
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Everyday, it seems like there’s a cool new technology hitting the market. Yet another thing for marketers to dig into and see if it would be beneficial for their marketing campaigns. From augmented and virtual reality to the possibilities of AI and digital influencers. 

As marketers, it’s our job to tinker with newer technologies and determine whether or not they are worth exploring and investing into, especially if they give us a competitive edge over the competition.

Virtual reality isn’t just for video games, gamers, and crypto enthusiasts anymore. Now, there’s a whole world of consumers exploring VR technology and enjoying experiences that they can’t get in the real world. 

In this blog, we’re going to explore the benefits of virtual reality marketing and some examples of how you can use it in your next marketing campaign.

What is VR Marketing?

Virtual reality is a technology that immerses users into a virtual world. VR marketing is a marketing strategy that utilizes VR experiences to engage a target audience. Some users are able to access these environments on their desktop (Spatial), while others prefer to explore using their VR headsets. 

Remember lockdown and what a lonely year 2020 was for so many people? This isolation and need to explore beyond the confines of our own four walls was the catalyst for businesses and consumers to explore mixed reality. 

Companies use it for meetings, conferences, and to engage prospective customers. Consumers use it for a multitude of reasons like socializing, gaming, exercising, and meditation. 

Why it works

VR goggles. Virtual reality marketing examples.

Companies that embrace new ways of engaging their customers almost always get a leg up on the competition. Even if you aren’t a VR expert, the trial and error is absolutely worth it. 

The simple truth is that consumer’s attention spans are short, and what used to engage them before the digital revolution just isn’t working anymore. 

Virtual and augmented reality provide a whole new way to target your audience, a whole new level of brand awareness and engagement. Anything is possible when you can build a whole virtual environment, world, or universe.

The key is to look beyond the ads.

Ideas for VR Marketing

Forget everything you know about digital marketing. Throw your ads and quirky posts out the window. You won’t get very far with those in a virtual environment. 

No one wants to be interrupted by an ad while exploring a virtual world or a VR game. Instead, embrace your wonderful out of the box thinking and explore your wildest ideas. 

Anything is possible in virtual reality, no idea is too far fetched in a place where almost anything is possible. 

Here are some ideas for your next marketing campaign to get you started.

Virtual reality conferences

Whether you are a B2B company or a B2C company, there’s a whole lot that you can do with a cool virtual reality conference. 

Apps like Spatial allow you to build an awesome conference space where attendees can network, listen to speakers, and get to know each other in a virtual environment. There’s no need for suits, perfume, or comfortable shoes. All you need is a VR headset or laptop.

We hosted a cool VR conference in Spatial back in August. To learn more about what we were able to accomplish in a VR environment, check out this blog

Create an NFT gallery

Virtual reality NFT gallery.

There’s nothing quite like a brand launching an NFT collection. Consumers love the new and interesting and NFTs are no exception. Brands that go beyond a simple NFT drop and instead create a virtual gallery to showcase the NFTs, open themselves to a whole new level of engagement. 

Invite influencers in your space, charge a small entrance fee to make the event feel exclusive, allow attendees to bid on their favorite pieces, or sell out the collection before it drops. 

While you may be thinking that this sounds like an expensive endeavor, it doesn’t have to be. The only people that you will need are an NFT graphic designer to design your NFTs, a designer who is familiar with apps like Spatial, and someone who understands the world of NFTs and cryptocurrency.

We’ve explored the topic of NFTs for brands in depth. Check out what other brands are doing with NFTs here.

The coolest product launch experience

Think of all of the consumers who sit by, mouse at the ready, to shop for sneakers they haven’t even seen yet. Imagine all of those fans who await their favorite artist’s album, staying awake past midnight. Imagine those consumers who wait in line at the apple store just to see what that new iPhone is capable of, even if they aren’t going to buy it.

Now, imagine creating an event where consumers can see your collection in virtual reality or listen to that album with a group of friends and strangers. A product launch event in virtual reality lets consumers interact with your brand and product before ever seeing the real thing. 

Host this event before the official launch for pre-orders and you’ll have a sold out collection in no time. 

This is especially helpful for the healthcare industry to use as part of the HIMSS 2023 experience. Trust us, you’ll stand out if you give prospects a taste of your product in VR.

Brands that are doing it right

Audi: Holoride, an immersive concept by auto brand, Audi, is a virtual reality game that is meant to be used as a passenger in a moving vehicle. It is a self-proclaimed always in motion virtual space where riders can enjoy interactive content. 

Goodbye, boring car rides!

Coca-Cola: In July, Coca-Cola celebrated its first year in the metaverse. From factory tours to NFT launches, no brand does the metaverse quite as well as Coca-Cola does. 

Adidas: According to Adidas, the “Into the Metaverse” NFT was created in collaboration with Bored Ape Yacht Club, gmoney and PUNKS Comic. The NFT guarantees users access to exclusive physical products, at no additional cost, throughout 2022. 

Lowe’s: Lowe’s is known for a lot of things, but perhaps their most innovative campaign to date is their Holoroom. The concept is to immerse users into their home improvement project, taking design assistance to an entirely new level. 

This type of virtual reality uses augmented reality (AR) and VR technology to help viewers test drive products and services before buying them. 

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Embrace the future.

Virtual reality systems allow marketers to take campaigns and consumer engagement to new heights. Whether you want to dip your toes into the VR system with a cool conference, or dive in with an interactive product launch, virtual reality opens marketers up to possibilities previously unheard of.

Get ahead of your competitors, wow your audience, and embrace the future with an unforgettable virtual reality experience.

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