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Do You Need an NFT Graphic Designer?

August 22, 2022
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There has been a lot of buzz about NFTs for business for a while now. Brands have been jumping on the NFT train, and for good reason. Especially considering the unique NFT collection drops from brands like Taco Bell and Coca-Cola that put them back in the spotlight and made them feel accessible to newer generations. 

If you are a forward-thinking company that wants to dip into the NFT art pool, there are a couple of things that you need to know. This is why this week, we’re focusing on all things NFTs, from designing to the environment; we’re covering it all.

To kick off NFT week, we’re going to get into why brands should seriously consider hiring an NFT design team before creating their next collection. 

But first…

What is an NFT?

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are digital assets that are created using blockchain technology. One of the more appealing things about them is that they are literally one of a kind, hence the word non-fungible. 

Unlike cryptocurrency which is fungible, NFTs cannot be replicated or used as coin.

As unique as your fingerprints, unreplicable, and the most progressive thing to hit the fine art market. The difference between NFTs and traditional fine art is that NFTs are accessible to everyone because almost anything can be an NFT. 

NFTs come in many shapes and sizes. From GIFs and digital paintings to video and kid’s scribbles. From music to entire VR retail spaces. The list goes on.

While people used to roll their eyes at the ones who bought them in the early days, the market is expected to grow to $147 billion by 2026. That’s almost more than the fine art market.

Why NFTs are important for brands

The importance of NFTs for brands boils down to two primary components:

  1. Relevancy in saturated markets
  2. Make and stay in the news

Notice how neither of those points touches on financial gain. This is because NFTs for business isn’t about the financial gain for the business. Most large brands that drop NFTs typically donate the proceeds to their respective charities. 

The primary purpose of the NFT drop is to keep their name in the media cycle and to stand out in their markets. 

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s dive into whether or not brands need to hire a graphic designer or a design team before ideating an NFT drop.

It isn’t just your audience.

The thing about NFTs is that they have no ‘target audience’. Once you drop your collection, the people who buy it may be big fans of your business, or they may be people who just think that your NFT collection is worth investing in.

This can make designing unique NFTs feel baseless, ungrounded, and very confusing. Here is your number one reason for hiring a designer or design team that specializes in designing NFTs. They can help you design for the NFT market instead of just your target market. Make sense?

Here’s an example: Let’s say that you are a luxury fashion brand. You are dropping an NFT art collection to help fund fashion design scholarships for underprivileged grads. Your brand’s target market is women over forty-five who can afford luxury prices. These people aren’t all that likely to purchase NFTs, making the NFT collection harder than ever to solidify.

Enter your NFT design team: these folks straddle the marketing and NFT world, walking a delicate tightrope between the two. This means that they have insight into what would be the most likely to sell, what your competitors are doing in the space, and how to design for the NFT market while staying true to your brand. 

In the end, the NFT design team helps you craft a brilliant NFT art campaign featuring the original sketches of your best-selling designs. They also help your team craft a great marketing campaign that touches all channels, making you all at once memorable and accessible to the newer generation of luxury consumers. 

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Keeping the vision on track.

With something as new as NFTs, knowing which direction to take the NFT drop can be daunting. The internal collaboration and ideation process may feel like it isn’t going anywhere simply because so many teams may be involved. 

This is where having a great graphic design team would be especially helpful. They could take all of those ideas and help you narrow them down to the one best aligned with your company’s mission, the NFT market, and what your customer base would respond best to.

Because the design team isn’t a part of your internal network, they have a bird’s eye view of the ideation process. Their job is to take your vision and create mood boards, drafts, and deliverables that marry all of your team’s best ideas in a few great designs.

So, do you need an NFT graphic designer?

Would you sail on a ship without a captain?

A knowledgeable graphic design team is like having an expert captain steering your NFT ship. They can take all of your best ideas and transform them into a memorable NFT collection that resonates with both your target audience and the NFT market. 

Ready to start your brand’s NFT journey? Designity is your virtual, on-demand creative team. We can help you take your big ideas and create an NFT collection worth investing in. Sign up for your risk-free two-week trial today!

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