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The Marketing Collateral Your Brand Needs to Succeed

July 11, 2023
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Marketing (or business) collateral is a collection of media or materials used by a company to fuel its success.

You know, you’ve seen it all before.

It’s the business cards, the branded coffee mugs, the colorful and attention-grabbing flyers and brochures that win you partners and help to persuade members of your targeted audiences to enter your marketing funnel and start their customer journey with you.

Your marketing materials can be anything you brand that educates, engages, and wows.

But if you’re looking for the necessities, the more effective marketing collateral you absolutely need to succeed, then look no further.

This blog is taking you through the ESSENTIAL marketing collateral list, so you know what you need to put your brand on the map!

Essential Marketing Collateral

Your collateral can be pretty much anything these days from physical material to digital marketing assets for social media, so there are tons of different types of marketing collateral out there to choose from.

We find that the following entries, however, are the most effective of all.

1. Brand Guide

Elements of a brand guide, including images, spacing, and a color palette.

So, we know that brand guides may not technically be marketing collateral, but we listed them first anyway, because of how crucial they are for your success.

Because, unless you have a company-specific brand guide, it’s going to be difficult for you to have marketing collateral that really communicates your brand and makes your materials easy to associate with you.

If you don’t have one yet, just know that the things in a brand guide are your brand colors, typefaces and fonts, logo, custom illustrations and icons, your brand tone of voice, etc. 

Pretty important stuff!

So, if you don’t have an official brand guide just yet, stop reading and click on our branding services page, because we’d love to help you sort that out!

2. Website and Landing Page

It’s 2023, friend.

If you don’t have an online presence, then you’ve got to get one ASAP.

And aside from just making you keep up with the times, your website serves as the perfect place to provide information about your brand and the products or services that you offer, as well as give new and existing customers a place to contact you.

It’s also a great place to put blog posts, white papers, and case studies on specific topics to educate and entertain your visitors and give your brand a tone of voice and some personality.

And if you have a website, but not a landing page, then we recommend that you quickly remedy that!

An effective landing page with an irresistible call to action drives traffic to your website and is specifically designed to collect your customer contact information in order to generate leads, get more customers into your marketing funnel, and potentially convert them to sales down the line.

3. Business Cards

Ah, business cards.

The tried-and-true way to instantly grab a potential customer’s attention, showcase your value in seconds, and provide a customer or business partner a tangible reminder of your brand every time they open their wallet/purse/fanny pack.

They help you network, they help you make a great first impression, and they put all of your contact information on one easy-to-read card.

If your brand doesn’t have a well-designed business card, get you some now!

4. Trade Show Booth

A Designity branded trade show booth, an essential piece of marketing collateral.

If you’re a company that presents at trade shows or exhibitions, then it is mission-critical that you bring a memorable and eye-catching trade show booth.

A good trade show booth brings your brand much-needed visibility even amongst a sea of competitors, it attracts customers to increase brand awareness and lead generation, it helps you network with professionals in your industry, and it’s just a perfect, one-of-a-kind chance to really make an unforgettable impact with potential customers or business partners/investors.

Ready for a trade show booth that turns heads? Check out our trade show booth design services

5. Presentation/ Slide Deck Templates

We’ve all sat through boring slide shows before.

And there’s no reason for your brand to be a part of that snooze-fest. To really stand out to business partners, investors, and clients alike, you want a visually compelling slide deck template that keeps your viewers engaged and really gets your point across.

6. Swag

What better way to ensure passive marketing than to have branded swag that customers, investors, etc. are proud to sport no matter where they are?

From T-shirts to ball caps to coffee mugs, tote bags, and yard signs, you want your branded merchandise to not just be a fun novelty, but an extension of your brand.

If you want to turn your customers into willing brand ambassadors, start here!

7. Brochures and Booklets

A folded brochure, an essential piece of marketing collateral.

Your brand has a story to tell, and you should be telling it.

Create your winning narrative through brochures and booklets that showcase your products and services in a way that lets your brand message shine and keeps your audience reading and passing your word along.

Even if your brand already has brochures for your products and services, take a good hard look at them and see if they’re really, truly telling your story the way it needs to be told.

If not, click over to our brochure and booklet design services to make it right!

8. Flyers/Mailers

You might already have flyers and mailers for your brand, but if they end up on the floor or in a trash can, what good are they?

For flyers that stay in the right hands, they need to not only present your products and services in an appealing way but communicate your message and command attention.

Check out our flyer, postcard, and mailer design services for print materials that win you more potential customers and effectively spread awareness of your brand.

9. Stationery

Sure, it’s 2023 and most of our communication is through email or Slack, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t need branded stationery.

Having a letterhead for your written communication, like formal letters, business proposals, invoices, memos, and more gives your brand a professional and more polished look as well as injects your brand’s personality and values into your stationery for a memorable experience.

If your brand's stationery is ... ahem ... nothing to write home about, then now’s the time to change that.

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The Importance of Setting Yourself Apart

It’s a competitive world out there, friends.

If you want your brand to stay on top, you’ve got to set yourself apart from your competitors and make an impact on your clients and business partners.

By investing in high-quality and strategically designed marketing collateral, you can have all of the tools you need to communicate your value, boost your brand awareness, and make the most of your marketing efforts.

So, if it’s high-quality marketing collateral that you need, Designity has got you covered. Our Creative Directors are ready to hear your needs, learn about your brand and your values, and get the process started.

With the top 3% of US-based designers, copywriters, and web developers on your team, we’re ready to give you amazing, high-quality marketing collateral that leaves a lasting impression and puts your business a step ahead of your competitors.

Check out our marketing collateral services to find what you need.

How will you set your brand apart?

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