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The Ins and Outs of Branding in Digital Marketing Design

January 4, 2023
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Way back then (not that long ago), effective marketing was accomplished through billboards, TV commercials, business cards, and print ads. Those were the days when consumers could easily be siloed into neat little boxes and competing for your audience’s attention wasn’t the race that it is today.

Enter the digital age. 

Fast forward to 2023, and most if not all of your target market spends the majority of their down time scrolling online instead of on cable TV. There is no longer one specific channel for reaching your audience about your product or service. This is exactly why having a strong digital marketing presence is vital. 

The hard part of digital marketing design is getting your branding just right. The goal is to make your brand memorable enough to stick with consumers long enough to make an impression and get to that call to action.

In this blog, we’re going to dive into the ins and outs of branding in digital marketing design, and give you tips for effective branding in a digital space.

What is digital marketing design?

In order to understand what digital marketing design is, we have to understand digital marketing and why it’s so important. 

Your brand’s digital footprint is arguably more important than your print ads or TV commercials. Nowadays, consumers live on their devices. From Shazaaming that song on the radio to Googling that cool shop they got an ad for on Instagram, or simply scrolling TikTok to pass the time while they wait to board a flight. 

When the vast majority of your target market lives so much of their lives online, this is where you need to be as a brand. Enter digital marketing. Here are some examples of what digital marketing is:

  • Your online presence
  • Social media ads and posts
  • Influencer marketing campaigns
  • Google ads
  • Search engine optimization
  • Content marketing

How does this fit with digital marketing design?

On the surface, digital marketing design sounds like a pretty basic concept. Of course you need great design for that Google display ad or that infographic, but great digital marketing design is about a lot more than just good design. 

Your branding in a digital world is just as vitally important. 

What is branding?

Imagine walking through a mall. All of the storefronts look different. From Lululemon’s clean red and whites and their simple logo, to Bath and Body Works blue and white plaid. Even their typefaces (fonts) are distinctly different.

If you saw a branding sample without the logos on them, you would be able to tell off the bat that they are distinctly different companies and that they are expressing different messages to their consumers. 

This is branding. Put simply, this is the visual representation of your brand. Here are a few things that fall under the branding umbrella:

  • Typeface
  • Logo design 
  • Color Palette
  • Tone of voice

What happens when you combine branding with digital marketing?

The relationship between branding and digital marketing design.

Digital branding takes your marketing efforts and accelerates them. It’s no longer just about data to get your ad on the right social media channel and at the right time, it’s about creating brand awareness by amplifying your visual identity in a digital space. 

Your ad may say all of the right things, but those words are useless without the right branding design. Your brand identity has been fine tuned to attract your target audience, and this needs to be embraced, especially on digital channels where audiences are so blended.

Introducing impactful branding strategies to your digital marketing efforts can be the difference between a network of sales, and an ad that people glance at and scroll past. 

Our digital marketing design Do’s and Don’ts.

DO play with your branding based on channel: We can’t stress this enough. Launching an ad campaign that looks exactly the same, on every channel is a surefire way to bore your consumers. Change it up based on the channel but stick with your brand guidelines. 

DON’T ignore the data: As marketers, so much of our jobs relies on actionable data. This is especially true for your digital marketing efforts. Using data to help you understand what channel is best for reaching your target audience and at what time will inform your digital branding strategy for a specific campaign.

And make it more effective in the end.

DO work with professional graphic designers: Would you go to a lawyer for a root canal? No matter how much schooling they have under their belt, all of that case law won’t help them determine how much anesthetic to administer, or how to work the drill.

Most marketers are not designers. A professional graphic designer understands the intricacies of typefaces, strategic formatting, and the most impactful imagery to catch your audience’s attention no matter the channel.

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Digital branding: the key to your digital marketing success.

Digital branding and digital marketing design really should be the heart of your digital marketing campaigns. The content matters, of course, but capturing their eyes at first glance should be top priority. 

Remember, your digital branding efforts are what makes consumers want to read the content in the ad and direct them to the call to action.

Consider the role of branding in your own digital marketing efforts. Are you ready to level up your digital marketing efficacy in 2023?

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