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What a Brand Design Agency Can Do for Your Brand

September 6, 2022
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So, your company decided to rebrand, and the load is on your shoulders to make the bulk of it happen. This is one of the best and worst parts of being a marketer: the sourcing and vetting of designers, copywriters, and creative directors to get to that final result.

A new generation of consumers is hitting the market, so at least you’re not alone in the efforts to rebrand. Companies are gunning for a fresh perspective, and being memorable and relevant is top of mind. 

You’ve got the strategy outlined, a full timeline of goals for each individual task, and now you’re ready to launch the first phase. The only problem is that your bandwidth is stretched pretty thin as it is, and diving into the freelance market or job boards is nothing short of overwhelming. 

Sounds like you need a helping hand. 

Here is why you need a brand design agency.

What is branding design?

Branding design is the key brand elements that make up the visual identity of your business. Everything from your logo to the typography that you use on your brand assets can all be considered a form of branding design. 

For example, Disney has a very memorable brand design. The minute you see that white castle and the looping ‘D’, you know it’s Disney. The same thing goes for Apple and Google. Although both brands have rebranded several times over the years, they are still uniquely identifiable and always relevant to their target audience. 

For more information on branding design strategies and why you need one, check out our previous article, Why You Need a Graphic Design Style Guide

Branding completed for PCRV.

What is a brand design agency?

Brand design agencies do a lot of different things, and they can literally make your company rebrand feel effortless if you choose the right one. 

In a nutshell, these agencies take your marketing strategy, brand strategy, and creative goals and support you by giving creative direction for your brand design. 

Whether you need help with digital marketing, web development for that new site, and business cards for that trade show at the end of the year, choosing a brand design agency can help you stick to those timelines and lessen the load. 

You never have to surf the job boards or sit at your desk staring into space because you suffer from a bad case of creative block.  

The right brand agency can help you hit the bullseye with your target audience.

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How to pick the right brand design agency

If you Google ‘brand design agency’ the ads alone take up most of the first page. There are so many options to choose from, so many different price points, and so many different approaches. You just have to identify which one would work best for your brand and your goals. 

Let’s look at some of the most common places that offer branding design:

Creative agencies: Most companies that are looking to rebrand typically go the creative agency route first. Their long list of A-list clients, impressive portfolio reel, and glittering websites attract companies wanting to put their best foot forward. 

The problem with creative agencies for branding and rebranding is that they don’t specialize in this. The price tag is pretty steep, especially considering that this isn’t exactly their wheelhouse.

In-house teams: After finalizing the re-branding timelines, companies will identify which roles need to be filled and for how long. This is when they hit the job boards. There are typically two routes that businesses take: hiring in-house creative teams or hiring freelancers. 

While in-house teams and freelancers are great options for single ongoing projects, there is a very limited scope of services that you get for the investment. For example, the yearly salary for a San Francisco-based graphic designer is $75-$80,000 per year. You would be paying this plus benefits to only have one of your bases covered. 

If this wasn’t for a rebrand, it may be worth it. Because branding design requires a lot of different specialties, this may not be the best bang for your buck.  

Design firms: Whether you are in charge of a small business branding project or a Fortune 500 rebrand, there is a design firm out there that can help you reach your end goal. 

Design companies take the time to understand your brand and identify where you should amplify your message, visual identity, and overall brand strategy. Most design firms specialize in branding, which means that they’ll already have the creative pool that you need to accomplish your branding goals. 

It’s called brand design for a reason

Hiring a branding agency shouldn’t feel like a daunting task. Luckily you don’t need to search past this point. Designity is your on-demand virtual creative team. We can take your web design, logo colors, marketing campaigns, and social media strategy to the next level. 

When you work with us, you get a designated creative director with 15+ years of industry experience. They help you strategize, set timelines, and find the right creatives from our US-based creative pool based on your goals, and they manage them throughout the creative process. 

The best part is that your assigned creatives are interchangeable. Let’s say that we’re working on refreshing your website for the rebrand, your creative director would assign a web developer and a graphic designer for the first phase, then swap the developer for the copywriter in the next phase. 

Never worry about how you’re going to cover your rebranding bases again. Designity has you covered! Want to take us out for a test drive? Sign up for your two-week trial today!

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