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How to Implement a Full Funnel Marketing Strategy

November 10, 2023
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Are you looking to supercharge your marketing efforts and drive the kind of results that are nothing but exceptional?

Then a full funnel approach is the name of the game!

Full funnel marketing is the key to not only capturing your audience’s attention but guiding them through every stage of the journey.

Whether you’re a seasoned marketer looking for new ideas or a newbie looking for a place to start, today’s blog has all you need!

Today, we’re giving you 37 of our brightest and best full funnel marketing ideas for your creative team to use to ignite fresh and exciting campaigns that captivate your potential audience, boost conversions, and help you grow your business!

Why is Implementing a Full Funnel Marketing Strategy So Important?

Implementing a full funnel strategy is key for brands who want to engage and retain their customers and stay one step ahead of the competition!

A full funnel approach is an approach that covers the entire marketing funnel, meaning that it allows you to deliver tailored content to your leads at every stage of the customer journey, from the moment they become aware of your brand to the point where they become enthusiastic and loyal brand advocates. By addressing the unique pain points of your prospects, you significantly increase the likelihood of turning those prospects into customers.

This tailored approach makes all the difference in how you nurture your prospects and guide them through your funnel, leading to more conversions, a better customer experience, and a higher chance of fostering a long-term relationship.

Brands who implement a full funnel approach can not only look forward to more loyal customers, but more revenue and an improved return on investment (ROI) for their marketing efforts!

37 Full Funnel Marketing Ideas for Your Team to Try

Blocks falling into a funnel.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Sold on the idea of trying out a full funnel marketing strategy, just not sure what kind of creative content or strategies you can use for your marketing channels to educate, inform, and inspire your customers? 

If it’s inspiration you need, then we’ve got you covered!

No matter what stage of the funnel your prospects are in, here are 37 tried-and-true full funnel marketing ideas for your team to put into action!

Top of the Funnel (ToFu): Awareness Stage

Remember, this stage of the funnel is all about educating your target audience on a problem they may not have even known they had! 

Your goal in the upper funnel is to educate prospects on their pain points and make them aware of the challenges they face so that you can swoop in and position your products and services as a trusted solution!

Here are some of our favorite ToFu ideas:

  • Create Eye-catching Infographics Visually appealing infographics are an excellent way to simplify complex information. Share them on social media and your website to capture your audience's attention and educate them about industry trends, your products or services, or anything else you’d like. Infographics are a powerful tool to condense data into easy-to-digest visuals that engage your audience and help them grasp key concepts.
  • Host Webinars on Industry Trends Informative webinars featuring experts in your field are a good way to engage curious potential customers. These live events allow your potential leads to interact, ask questions, and gain valuable insights into current trends. Webinars also create a sense of community and expertise, positioning your brand as a trusted source of knowledge in your niche.
  • Share Expert Roundup Blog Posts The cornerstone of content marketing! Blog posts featuring insights from thought leaders in your niche or explanations of strategies and concepts are another great way to gather leads into your funnel. Blogs not only educate your audience but position your brand as a trusted authority. Expert roundups (like this one) are a fantastic way to leverage the credibility of industry experts to provide valuable information to your audience.
  • Explainer Videos Videos are fun and engaging and great at grabbing attention. Take advantage of that and use video content to hook your prospects and break down complex concepts. Make sure to keep these videos concise and engaging and make them easy to share on social media and embed in your blogs. 
  • Run Social Media Contests Social media contests can rapidly increase brand visibility and engagement. Encourage participation, likes, shares, and follows by offering attractive prizes. Contests are an interactive and fun way to boost your brand's presence on social platforms and create excitement around the products or services you offer!

Middle of the Funnel (MoF): Consideration Stage

The middle of the funnel is where your prospects have started actively looking for a solution to the pain points and challenges they became aware of previously. 

Your content here should be educating your prospects about your products and why your brand is the best solution!

Here are some great MoFu content ideas to try:

  • Offer In-Depth Ebooks Ebooks are perfect for those prospects who are intrigued with what you have to offer and want to learn more on their own. An effective eBook dives deep into industry topics, providing the reader with valuable insights and practical solutions. They are also great for lead generation. Offer them on your website or landing page in exchange for contact information, helping you expand your audience and nurture them along the funnel at the same time.
  • Conduct Product Demos It's showtime! Live product demonstrations are a great way to bring your product to life for your prospects. You're not just telling your audience how your product can solve their problems, you're showing them in real time! By showing how your product works and addressing specific pain points during your demos, you can better engage your audience on a personal level. Demos are interactive, persuasive, and a catalyst for moving your leads closer to making that all-important decision.
  • Personalized Email Marketing Campaigns Personalized emails give your brand the power to speak to each lead individually, tailoring your message to their preferences and behaviors. Be sure to segment your email list to ensure that each piece of content resonates with the recipient in a more targeted and meaningful way. Whether it's product recommendations or captivating case studies, your leads must receive content that speaks directly to their needs, gently but persuasively guiding them further down the funnel.
  • Case Study Videos Stories have the magical ability to captivate and convince. And when combined with the dynamic power of video, these stories become even more effective, putting real faces to names and places! Case study videos showcase satisfied customers who have already taken the path that your prospect is considering and come out better on the other side. By sharing their triumphs and the transformative power of your offerings, these videos humanize your brand. They make testimonials relatable and engaging, proving that real people have benefited from your solutions. It's a powerful tool for building trust and pushing prospects toward that conversion button!
  • Interactive Quizzes Who doesn't love a good quiz? A good interactive quiz lets prospects assess their needs, giving you a chance to position your products and services as the best solution. The results of these quizzes also make it easier for you to recommend the perfect fit for each lead. It's a dynamic way to engage your audience, allowing them to actively participate in the decision-making process. 

Bottom of the Funnel (BoF): Decision Stage

One point, shooting off two arrows with a purple checkmark floating above.

It’s time to make a decision! 

This is the stage where your prospects have armed themselves with all of the information they require to go in and choose a solution that best solves their pain points. 

Help them see that you’re the one for them by offering content that highlights your value and makes your brand an irresistible choice.

Here are some great ways to do that:

  • Send Limited-time Offers — Nothing creates urgency like a limited-time offer! Provide those prospects who are teetering on the fence with time-limited discounts or promotions that they must act on quickly. By clearly stating when these offers expire, you encourage potential customers to get off the fence and make a purchase decision!
  • Offer Free Trials What better way to show your customers what you have to offer than by letting them try before they buy? Allow your prospects to use your product or service for a limited time at no cost. This hands-on experience helps them understand the value you offer, gives them an opportunity to test drive your product and its features, and makes it easier for them to commit to a purchase. 
  • Run Remarketing Campaigns — Got a lead who’s obviously interested but hasn’t yet committed? Re-engage those users who've previously shown interest in your offerings but haven't made a purchase. Display targeted ads to remind them of your brand. Whether they’re a frequent website visitor or they’ve left an abandoned cart, retargeting is a good way to stay on their radar and encourage them to come back.
  • Implement Customer Testimonials — Word of mouth is often the best kind of marketing you can get. Showcase detailed testimonials and reviews from satisfied customers on your website and product pages. These real-life success stories boost your brand's credibility and build trust with potential customers.
  • Live Chat Support: Once your lead is getting close to the finish line, they should know that you’re in their corner and dedicated to providing them the best experience possible. Offer real-time chat support on your website to address questions and concerns instantly. This improves the user experience and helps remove any barriers to conversion. 

Post-Conversion Stage (PoF): Retention and Advocacy

For a good marketer, the journey never ends with a conversion!


Keep your customers engaged with post-conversion content and strategies to encourage repeat purchases, brand advocacy, and user-generated content!

Here are some excellent ways to keep your customers satisfied:

  • Launch a Loyalty Program — Show your appreciation for repeat customers by introducing a loyalty program just for them! This program grants your loyal customers special benefits, exclusive discounts, or early access to your latest products. There’s no better way to show your appreciation and make your customers feel truly valued!
  • Ask for Online Reviews — Share the love with your satisfied customers and kindly request them to leave positive reviews on well-known platforms like Google or on social media. Good reviews not only boost your online reputation but also help build trust with potential customers. Positive word of mouth helps amplify your brand awareness and attract new leads!
  • Nurture with Drip Email Campaigns— Keep the value flowing to your customers with personalized drip email campaigns. These emails share valuable content, useful tips, and updates on your products. Keep your emails engaging, sort of like a friendly expert regularly dropping by to offer helpful advice.
  • Offer Exclusive Webinars —Treat your existing customers to exclusive webinars that dive deep into advanced topics. This not only showcases your commitment to their growth but also provides them with valuable insights, as well as positioning your brand as the friendly expert in the room.
  • Create a Referral Program — There’s nothing quite like good ol’ word-of-mouth recommendations.  Motivate your satisfied customers to refer their friends and colleagues. You can sweeten the deal by offering rewards or discounts for both sender and reciever for every successful referral. This helps spread awareness and build a community around your brand!

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We’ve Saved the Best Idea for Last …

If you’re ready to launch a full funnel campaign using any of the ideas we listed above, then we’re here for it!

But creating that engaging and targeted content that you’ll need to resonate with your prospects at every stage of their journey is a tall order. And for smaller brands that lack the skill set, resources, and manpower, such an order might feel completely out of reach.

But fear not. We’re here to tell you that it’s not out of your reach at all.

Designity is made up of the top 3% of US-based creatives, everyone from writers to graphic designers to video experts, web developers, and more. Any skill that you’d need to create the type of winning content you’ll need for your campaign, we’ve got it right here in our creative community!

And with an experienced Creative Direct at the helm of your project, sourcing and managing talent, building out timelines, and making sure that each and every one of your projects are completed to your satisfaction, your brand will soon have the killer content you need to bring your full funnel marketing strategies to life.

Partnering with Designity is far more cost-effective than hiring on an in-house team and a much more reliable solution than the freelance marketplace!

If you don't believe us, why not give our services a spin with a 2-week, no-obligation trial? If we’re not exactly the marketing partner that your brand is looking for, then you’re free to cancel anytime without owing us a dime.

You’ve got nothing to lose!

Check out our portfolio to see what we’ve been able to do for brands just like yours and, when you’re ready, book your demo call today.

We can’t wait to meet you.

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