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Designity vs. In-House Creative Teams

April 6, 2022
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Do you ever wonder what your company could look like next year? Or even 2030? With global uncertainty and the rise of advanced technology, it’s hard to envision what the future will be.

No matter where it takes us, the need for creativity will only grow across all industries–another reason why virtual creative outsourcing is becoming so popular. There are endless resources when it comes to outsourcing projects, but what if there was a reliable, autonomous method? Well, there is.

Designity’s model can replace both in-house teams entirely or act as an extension of an existing team. Regardless of your needs, there are major benefits behind the in-house vs. outsourcing debate. The best perk is that scaling just got a whole lot easier.

How do they compare?

Team Size

The size and capacity of your creative team entirely depends on a number of factors, the first being how many people you hire. When building in-house teams, the capacity your company is allowed to reach is really up to you.

Executing a department’s worth of work requires more than one set of hands. If you have plans to scale, you’ll need a team with the bandwidth to inspire and handle the growth. Luckily, Designity’s monthly plans start with a team of 2 at minimum, including a creative director.

Total Costs

Most of the time, hiring new in-house creatives or any employee is exhausting–for budgets that is. It’s likely to cost you $6-$7k per month for an experienced designer, let alone a $3k intern. And while most think compensation takes it all, that’s actually not the case.

According to the S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, salaries account for just 70% of an employee’s wage package. The other 30% includes other costs like benefits, taxes, office space, equipment, training, and more.

It can be discouraging to attempt to scale your company when there are so many costs associated with design and marketing. This is exactly why Designity’s plans start at $2,995 per month–allowing you the space and budget you need to flourish beyond your projects.

Creative Directors

At the heart of our core at Designity, creative directors aren’t a role every company has the luxury of experiencing. These longtime professionals come with a hefty price tag for a reason, averaging above a $100k annual cost.

But while they’re not the cheapest asset to bring on in-house, leveraging their knowledge and expertise is easy with Designity. Every virtual team is managed by a creative director for quality assurance, seamless communication, and creative mentorship.

Not only does this ensure that the work you receive keeps getting better and better, but you also have less worries. With a single point of contact to hand it all, costs will be the least of your concerns–even as more projects come in.

Hiring Process 

When recruiting tasks are lifted off of your shoulders, scaling gets a whole lot easier. This is where another perk of having a dedicated creative director comes into play.

When outsourcing with Designity, your needs are fulfilled within just 1-2 days, matching your projects with the compatible talent based on a number of factors: location, skillset, industry, and more. Better yet, the same applies for when your creative director is matched with you.

On the flip side, growing an internal team relies heavily on your time and effort–putting all that recruiting work into your hands. This could mean weeks of interviews and searching for the right candidates for your team. 


Trial Period

Many companies don’t factor in trial periods for a good reason–they’re highly illegal with in-house teams. While there are such things such as probationary periods, you can’t just call it quits and not pay up when things don’t work out.

More importantly, you never really know if a candidate is a fit or not until you actually work with them. With Designity, however, you have the ability to take advantage of a 2-week trial with no upfront payment. So if after 2 weeks you’re not satisfied, you can simply walk away worry-free.

Creative Skills

When you don't have a clue where your creative projects could go, full-stack skills sure come in handy. It’s nearly impossible to find unlimited design skills in employees, especially with how niche creative skill sets have gotten over the years.

On the other hand, you also can’t just not pay your copywriter one day because you now need design work. The ability to switch your needs on and off isn’t applicable when it comes to in-house creative teams.

With interchangeable creatives and the ability to add on as many as you’d like, every area of expertise is covered with Designity’s model. Whether it’s copywriting you need today or graphic design tomorrow, you can be confident in knowing your needs are taken care of.

Guaranteed Timelines

Unless you handle all of your creative projects yourself, you most likely will need a project manager for this one. While this certainly traces back to high costs, that’s not all. When your content is increased and ready to scale to new heights, who will be there to catch you?

Ensuring every client has their projects on-time is Designty’s job–thanks to our project timelines. Having someone to make sure all deadlines are met and everyone’s on track is key to a successful output. And when it comes to getting content up and running, this is necessary.

Requests & Revisions

While you certainly can get an in-house team to continuously revise and start new work, there’s no guarantee they won’t walk out of the office tomorrow with frustration. Dealing with this worry, however, isn’t as necessary anymore.

Designity makes getting things right simple with its ability to cover an unlimited capacity for project requests and revisions. This means that if you happen to not favor that shade of purple or the entire project at all, your creative team won’t leave you waiting for a new version.

In-house teams may have ruled for years, but remote work is taking a turn towards serious innovation. With unlimited design services and a creative director-led team, you really can’t go wrong. It’s no wonder so many are able to scale, all while saving a ton of money and headaches. 

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