Breaking the Limits of In-House Creative Teams

Say goodbye to expensive hires, supervision, low quality designs, lack of skills, HR headaches, and outdated licenses. Say hello to the collaborative platform powered by the top 3% of US-based Creatives and expert Creative Directors.

The Collaborative Design Platform That Grows With You

Consistent Quality, Reliable Strategy, and Cost-Effective Pricing

Creative Director

Add a strategist, project manager, and quality assurance expert to your team! Every client is matched with a compatible Creative Director who manages the team and all aspects of every project.

Top 3% of Creatives

No more drama from your in house graphic designer, no more hit-or-miss quality, no more skillset limits. Designity’s platform is powered by the top 3% of US-based Creatives.

Five-Star Quality

Every in-house team eventually has issues maintaining quality and creativity. With Designity, every Creative is thoroughly vetted into our US-based network and mentored by Creative Directors.

Fast Turnaround

Worried about your in-house team goofing off instead of working? With Designity you get guaranteed deadlines and efficient turnaround times. You also get realtime access to transparent timelines.

One-Stop Shop

In-house teams are limited to the skills of the employees, but Designity’s platform offers more than 100 design & marketing capabilities. Plus unlimited requests and revisions! No more wondering if you need to hire an in house web developer!

Flexible Pricing

For the cost of one full-time employee, you get unlimited creativity. Cost effective plans include monthly, quarterly, or annual payment options with no long-term commitment and a two-week trial!
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Comparing Designity to In-House Creative Teams

Lower cost, higher quality, easier collaboration, faster turnaround times.

Logo graphic for Designity at the head of a table showing how we are different from Freelancers, In-House Design teams, and traditional creative agencies.
Pricing & Plans
Plan prices range from $3,150 – $8,495 per month, depending on whether you select monthly, quarterly, or annual pricing.
Massive costs for hiring and training new employees, plus benefits, hardware purchases and maintenance, and software licensing.
Creative Direction & Project Management
A designated Creative Director with 10+ years of experience in creative strategy, project management, team leadership, and quality assurance.
It’s all up to you! You are your own project manager and Creative Director, unless you hire an internal CD. In which case, see the Pricing note above.
Skill Limitations
More than 100 design and marketing categories covered thanks to the vetted community of Creatives. Includes graphic design, digital marketing, copywriting, website, video production and more.
Narrow skillset, usually with great depth in one area. Team capabilities are limited, defined by the skills of the leadership and their ability to train.
Guaranteed Deadlines
Yes! Plus transparent timelines to show all the steps and phases the go into your projects.
Non-existent, especially with long-term employees. Over time in-house teams get entrenched, bristling at deadlines and outside input.
Quality Control
24/7 Quality Assurance provided by your designated Creative Director. Designity’s tech-enabled design platform empowers transparency and effective communication.
It’s all up to you! You’re the quality control department, unless you hire another employee. In which case, well, you get the idea.
Creative Team
Your Creative Director collaborates with qualified Creatives based on your projects. Enjoy access to a pool of interchangeable US-based Creatives to fulfill any need.
It all depends on how good your hiring process is. If you’re confident in your onboarding process, you might get a great team. If you have gaps in the process, you’ll pay for it down the road.
On an ongoing basis, your Creative Director will conduct weekly status calls, monthly check-ins, and 90-day formal reports. This way you always know your ROI.
New hires are great at collaboration. The longer they’re on the team, the more ownership they’ll take until they feel entitled to take your job.
Trial Period?
Yes. Two-week trial available for monthly plans, three-week trial available for quarterly plans, and a four-week trial is available for annual plans.
No trial available! Get ready to pay for training time, equipment, benefits, and payroll tax.

Supporting the New Generation of Creatives.

Designity is more than a collaborative creative platform. Every client plan includes an emerging Creative with fresh ideas who will be mentored by your Creative Director to gain real-world experience.
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A Two-Week Trial to Demonstrate the System

No Up-Front Payment Required

A happy smiling emoji, happy because Designity offers a two-week trial to see how we work!

Get Assigned to Your Dedicated Creative Director.

With an in house creative team, you have to choose between being the creative lead, project manager, and quality assurance expert, or hiring those additional roles. With Designity, you’ll be matched with a designated Creative Director from day one who takes care of everything and acts as your single point of contact. Enjoy the fresh influx of strategy, project management, and reliable quality of a Creative Director-led team.
Creative Director

Collaborate With Your Cross Functional Team.

Say goodbye to internal team politics, fickle designers, and skill limitations! From your first kick-off call with Designity, your Creative Director will brainstorm with you, create a comprehensive project brief, and assemble your team from our vetted US-based community of Creatives. Whether it’s design, coding, copywriting, marketing assets & strategy, or more than 100 categories, Designity’s collaborative platform has you covered.

Follow the Managed Process to Complete Your Project.

Break free from the limited offerings of an in-house team of designers, developers, video editors, and copywriters. Discover a world of collaboration and transparent project management with Designity’s fully managed process. You’ll always know timelines and who’s collaborating on projects with recurring weekly video calls, unlimited emails, and messages. These are the collaborative blueprints designed for your success!
savings annually compared to in-house hires
less time spent on project management
design and marketing capabilities available


What is the main difference between the essentials, plus, and premium plans?

The higher plan, the larger the team and the more experienced the creatives are–which means you can expect faster turnaround times with higher plans. In addition to that, some design and marketing categories, such as video production or website design, are not included in the essentials plan.

How is Designity’s model different from others?

Designity’s model offers the reliability you can trust and the five-star quality you need, all at the flexible price you want. It’s the only model that matches you with a compatible creative director to collaborate with a team of specialized creatives. Each creative is vetted into our exclusive US-based network and managed by your designated creative director, ensuring your projects are in good hands. You can see how we compare to traditional agencies, freelance marketplaces, and in-house teams with our comparison chart.

What does having a creative director mean for my project?

Our integration of longtime experienced creative directors is what gives your projects more fuel and direction. Creative directors are your single point of contact–your go-to when discussing your company or project needs. They’ll be who you meet with every week to discuss your projects’ progress, changes, and future plans to execute with the team of creatives they manage. Think of your creative director as the conductor of a perfectly curated orchestra, leading each step of the design process to create the five-star work we’re proud of.

How long will it take to complete my project?

Depending on the type of project and the scope of work, it may take anywhere from 1-10 days to finish your project. Before starting any project, your creative director drafts a detailed timeline to communicate the required process and final deadline. The deadline provided by the creative director is 100% guaranteed. But because we don’t want to leave you without an exact answer, there are two ways you can calculate your project’s duration now. Start the 2-week trial to speak directly with a creative director or use our calculator for an estimated turnaround time.

How do the monthly plans work?

It’s simply just month-to-month, with no long-term commitments. Our monthly plans are designed to flex with your project flow. You have the ability to opt-in for one month and choose if you’d like to pause or cancel the next one at any time. And if your creative department could use extra fuel, you can upgrade or add more hands to your projects by taking advantage of our creative add-ons. This is part of what sets Designity’s model apart: the flexibility to upgrade, downgrade, and pause your plan at any time based on your budget and your needs. Along with your choice between monthly, quarterly, or annual billing, you’re always in control.

Can I really cancel my monthly plan at any time?

Yes, you can always cancel your monthly plan at any time with a 7-day notice before the renewal date. Cancellations can be done through your dashboard. No matter the reason, you can be confident in knowing that you can opt out at any time.

What can I get done during my 2-week trial period?

Right after the kickoff call with your creative director, you’ll get a detailed timeline that shows what will be done during the next few days, weeks, or months. Depending on the scope of work, you can get a couple of projects or part of a larger project completed. Keep in mind that all work completed within the trial period may not be used unless you decide to move forward with your plan.

What types of design and marketing projects can you do?

Our extensive network of US-based creatives has the capacity to cover 80+ creative projects such as website design and development, video production, digital marketing campaigns, branding, etc. Don’t forget you always have one point of contact, your designated creative director, who collaborates with a team of creatives specialized in these various areas. You can explore our full capacity at

What’s needed from me to get started?

You first need to choose the right plan for your needs to get started. Upon signing up for your 2-week trial, you’ll receive an onboarding questionnaire to fill us in on your needs and help us match you with the right creative director. Once you fill this out, you’ll get to book a kickoff call with your dedicated creative director to get started on working with Designity.

Do I really get unlimited project requests & revisions with my monthly plan?

That’s right! Request as many projects and revisions until all of your visions have been brought to life. Your creative director will help in drafting a timeline for the duration of each project with specific deliverables. 


Note that teams work on projects in a linear fashion so we can deliver the five-star quality we’re known for. Your plan allows you to work on as many projects as you have creatives to cover it. For example, the plus plan includes two creatives with the capacity to work on two projects simultaneously. If you need to complete more projects than you have creatives, you’ll need to purchase add-ons or upgrade.

What if I need help with copywriting, back-end development, or SEO?

No problem! All of these specialized areas are a part of our offerings and the general design process. We have many copywriters, back-end and front-end developers, and marketing pros who are knowledgeable in the areas you need. Your creative director will assign creatives with various skillsets in accordance to your needs–all while being your main point of contact.

Who owns the copyrights to all of the work I receive?

You! Every idea and project we create for you is yours, including every file we share–free of charge. You can always access source files through your dashboard with full copyright ownership.  


Note that this only applies if you continue to work with us after your trial has ended. If you decide to cancel your plan before or at the end of your trial period, you are not permitted to use any unfinished or finished work created by Designity.

Do you sign non-disclosure agreements (NDA)?

Yes, your privacy is important to us. We can provide you with our own standard NDA or feel free to bring your own.

Where are your creatives and creative directors located?

Our network expands across the US, covering all time zones. We stand by offering strictly national collaboration in order to deliver you a virtual creative team that’s not just compatible with your design and marketing needs, but your pin on the map too.

How does the 2-week trial period work?

The 2-week trial period is designed to give you a taste of Designity at no cost whatsoever. You will not be charged unless you’d like to continue working with Designity after the two weeks are over. If you decide Designity isn’t a good fit for you within 14 days, we’ll give you a full refund.

How much will it cost to complete my project?

Like timelines, different projects come with different price tags. That’s why we offer monthly plans to take advantage of unlimited project requests and revisions every month for the same price. You can learn more about our monthly plans on our pricing page.

How many projects can I do at a time?

As many as you want! Our model is designed to be flexible in adding additional creatives to your plan and working on multiple projects at a time. The number of projects you can work on simultaneously without add-ons entirely depends on the scope of work and how many creatives are included in your plan.

Which payment options do you offer?

We offer three different ways to pay for your plan: ACH, Crypto (ETH or BTC) , and credit card. ACH and crypto do not have any fees. For credit card payments, 3% additional fees will be applied.

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