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Design is very important to us. Having that lack all of a sudden made it quite significant. Besides having a fresh outside look from different people, the trial was a big factor to start working with Designity. It gave me and the team more confidence.
Mai Shi
Mai Shi
Marketing Director
Kung Fu Tea
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Shash Cates
Shash Cates
Vice President, Marketing
After working with Designity for almost 5 months, the Designity team has helped us to accelerate the development of our visual brand story. As a VP of Marketing having a creative director who understands our brand and is a trusted partner in strategy and execution is invaluable.
John Brown
John Brown
Director of Customer Lifecycle
Bonafide Health
Love Designity and their organization! Very happy with their process and quality. Before Designity I've tried many solutions from 99Designs to Upwork and most of the time I had to chase my designers and deal with a lot of back and forth to get the job done. Nice to see Designity has resolved these issues.
Lauren Boeing
Lauren Boeing
Design Manager
I've been working with Designity for two months now and for me as Design Manager the biggest value of Designity is the quality of the work. The most exciting part about this collaboration is to work together with our one point of contact and that we are able to get not just execution but also guidance and consultation.
Vince Grove
Vince Grove
VP of Marketing
The quality of their work helped us earn a top spot in a prestigious review by the world's leading tech analyst firm. We have turned to Designity for multiple projects over several years.
Lauren Meran
Lauren Meran
Curriculum Associates
Graphic Designer & Photographer
We have been working with Designity for more than a year and for me, the biggest value of Designity is the collaboration part. Feedback is being heard and implemented and the team takes initiative in finding ways to make the process more efficient.

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How is Designity’s model different from others?

Designity’s model offers the reliability you can trust and the five-star quality you need, all at the flexible price you want. It’s the only model that matches you with a compatible creative director to collaborate with a team of specialized creatives. Each creative is vetted into our exclusive US-based network and managed by your designated creative director, ensuring your projects are in good hands. You can see how we compare to traditional agencies, freelance marketplaces, and in-house teams with our comparison chart.

What does the Creative Director at Designity do for clients?

Creative Directors at Designity are the cornerstone of our success. Each client at Designity is matched with a dedicated Creative Director who possesses expertise in your industry.

Your Creative Director serves as your main point of contact, alleviating the need for you to reiterate your brand and goals to various creatives. They take charge of discussing your project objectives, crafting comprehensive project briefs, and outlining a detailed timeline that encompasses all necessary phases and deadlines. Above all, your designated Creative Director is responsible for handpicking the appropriate creative professional from our verified US-based network and overseeing them to ensure top-notch quality.

Consider your Creative Director as the conductor of a finely tuned orchestra, guiding every stage of the design process to deliver five-star results seamlessly. This approach lets you concentrate on more critical matters without any hassle.

What types of design and marketing projects can you do?

Our extensive network of US-based creatives has the capacity to cover 80+ creative projects such as website design and development, video production, digital marketing campaigns, branding, etc. Don’t forget you always have one point of contact, your designated creative director, who collaborates with a team of creatives specialized in these various areas. You can explore our full capacity at

What if I need help with copywriting, back-end development, or SEO?

No problem! All of these specialized areas are a part of our offerings and the general design process. We have many copywriters, back-end and front-end developers, and marketing pros who are knowledgeable in the areas you need. Your creative director will assign creatives with various skillsets in accordance to your needs–all while being your main point of contact.

Do you sign non-disclosure agreements (NDA)?

Yes, your privacy is important to us. We can provide you with our own standard NDA or feel free to bring your own.

Where are your creatives and creative directors located?

Our network expands across the US, covering all time zones. We stand by offering strictly national collaboration in order to deliver you a virtual creative team that’s not just compatible with your design and marketing needs, but your pin on the map too.

How does the 2-week trial period work?

The 2-week trial period is designed to give you a taste of Designity at no cost whatsoever. You will not be charged unless you’d like to continue working with Designity after the two weeks are over. If you decide Designity isn’t a good fit for you within 14 days, we’ll give you a full refund.

How much will it cost to complete my project?

Like timelines, different projects come with different price tags. That’s why we offer monthly plans to take advantage of unlimited project requests and revisions every month for the same price. You can learn more about our monthly plans on our pricing page.

How many projects can I do at a time?

As many as you want! Our model is designed to be flexible in adding additional creatives to your plan and working on multiple projects at a time. The number of projects you can work on simultaneously without add-ons entirely depends on the scope of work and how many creatives are included in your plan.

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