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What a Pro Trade Show Booth Designer Can Do for Your Brand

December 1, 2022
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Conferences and trade shows require a whole lot of budget and planning. The ROI from a great conference is definitely worth the investment, though. The key to having a great event is due in large part to your trade show booth.

While marketing and careful planning play a big role in ensuring that you have meetings lined up when you get there, your trade show booth has the power to attract and retain your target audience long enough for you to strike up a conversation with them.

That’s a lot of pressure on your booth design. 

Instead of carrying the burden of designing an awesome booth, hire someone who knows what they are doing.

Here is why you absolutely need a trade show booth designer to help you create that visual appeal that gets results.

What do trade show booth designers do?

Trade show booth designers come in many different shapes and sizes but you’d be hard pressed to find one who specifically and solely specializes in booth design. Usually, these creatives are graphic designers who understand what it takes to create eye-catching designs that attract visitors. 

They are in charge of creating a custom trade show display that amplifies your brand’s messaging based on competitive analysis and industry knowledge. 

These designers mold your products or services into promotional items that are specifically designed to attract prospects to your booth. They are highly specialized in either B2B or B2C marketing strategies and are up to date with the latest trends. 

Beyond logos and table covers.

Pop up trade show booth display

A great trade show booth designer takes competitive insights, industry knowledge, and event information to create a fully customized exhibit booth that represents your brand in a modern and inviting way.

Instead of splashing your logo across a banner with stock imagery, they may incorporate clever pop-up displays, retractable banners, and backlit displays to help you stand out among neighboring competitors. 

They understand that your trade exhibit is as much the visual representation of your brand as your website or shop, so their design choices are very catered and specific to not only your audience, but also your brand values. 

The show floor is a crowded and cluttered space, but an incredible table top display and the right trade show flooring can make all the difference in the success of your event. 

Where to find trade show booth designers.

Searching for a trade show booth designer, specifically, may not yield the results that you are looking for. Instead, try searching for graphic designers or marketing designers who have both trade show experience and specialize in your industry.

Here are some great places to start.

In-house designers: Hiring an in-house designer specifically for trade show booth design is a good option for companies that attend a lot of different types of trade shows, year-round. The caveat here is that you will likely have to pay an in-house designer a salary and benefits. 

This may not be practical for companies that don’t need interchangeable trade show designs or maybe only attend one big trade show like HIMSS per year.

The freelance marketplace: Most marketers will try their hand in the freelance marketplace first. If you have a lot of time before the conference, and the bandwidth to plan timelines, manage, and train your freelancer in your services, then this may be a good option for you. 

For companies that need a more hands-on approach for their trade show, sourcing and vetting the right freelance designer may prove to be a frustrating task. 

Before investing time and money in the freelance marketplace, be clear about what you want and plan to spend budget on the right designer (you really do get what you pay for in the freelance marketplace).

Creative agencies: If you are an enterprise brand with a whole lot of budget, a creative agency may be a good fit for you. Creative agencies are the Rodeo Drive of the design world, but be prepared to shell out quite a lot on high retainers. 

Design services: The right design service can easily combine the best of all worlds to deliver quality designs at a reasonable price. Look for one that provides creative direction, project management, and an interchangeable team of creatives. 

Designing an amazing trade show booth takes a village and you’d be surprised at just how many creative specialties may be involved. 

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Beyond the banner stands.

Determining how to design your trade show booth is no easy task and can be both intensive and overwhelming. When you consider that your trade show design is about more than just the booth and bleeds into the aftermath, hiring a designer is almost a no-brainer. 

Because your booth designers are also graphic designers, they can elevate your business collateral to beyond the trade show exhibit walls. Here are just a few examples of how they can ensure that you stay memorable for your prospects and booth visitors:

  • Clever brochures that match the booth aesthetic and language

  • Designing a genius email marketing campaign based on your booth visitors

  • Designing cool gifts like stress balls, pens, and event totes, tumblers, etc.

Your trade show designer is the key to standing out in a very competitive and saturated event landscape, and they can take a lot of the load off your shoulders as far as ensuring that your event generates ROI. 

Elevate your trade show experience and give your prospects something to remember. Sometimes it really does come down to magnifying your brand’s visual identity. 

Have you ever utilized a trade show designer?

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