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The Benefits of Professional Marketing Designers

October 17, 2022
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When you read the word ‘marketer,’ what immediately comes to mind?

You likely think of content marketers, digital marketers, and maybe copywriters. 

We’ll bet that marketing designers didn’t even cross your mind.

Considering the goal of marketing efforts and how important it is to master visual communication, the marketing designer’s role in campaigns is mission-critical. They can improve both your user and customer experience and attract your target audience via cleverly designed marketing materials. 

They are the visual wizards of your brand identity. So why are they often overlooked? 

This blog will explore what marketing designers do, how they can help you communicate ideas, and why you absolutely need to hire one. 

What do marketing designers do?

Marketing designers are graphic designers who only focus on designing for marketing purposes. Graphic designers create a visual representation of your brand by using marketing data like target audiences, consumer personas, and more.

They are often in charge of the visual elements of your website design, social media campaigns, product packaging, and achieve artistic or decorative effects for your brand. 

More often than not, marketing designers have a bachelor's degree in graphic design with a focus on marketing. They are well-seasoned in specialized graphic design practices and are well-versed in the latest design software. 

Why you need a marketing designer

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Designers take your marketing campaigns and visually personalize them to hook your target audience at first glance.

Think of the latest ads that you saw on your social media accounts. Picture the ones that caught your attention for more than half a second. Before you read the copy, you likely stopped because of the design. 

Bonus points if that ad was marketing something that you were already shopping for. The difference between graphic designers and marketing designers is that graphic designers do not specialize in marketing. 

They create the perfect design guidelines

As a company, you may have an idea of your ideal image. Your preferred color palette, the tone of your ads, and the typography on every bit of marketing collateral. The question is, do you have a team who is capable of executing this vision perfectly with your audience in mind?

Marketing designers not only execute your vision but also set it in stone so that future designers know exactly what to do and how to take action based on the preferred channel. 

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Keeping your design consistent

When you first interact with a brand, you probably notice its design first. Marketing designers understand that they have less than a second to hook your audience; whatever they design needs to be relevant enough to get them to focus on your marketing long enough to register that they, in fact, want to learn more.

Your marketing design is the first attraction in your marketing festival, and if it’s good enough, your audience will stay long enough to try the popcorn. 

That brand-defining red ‘N’ when you turn on Netflix, the logo that you would recognize anywhere. The robust orange in the Audible logo. How about the signature white wave separating the red and blue in the Pepsi logo? 

All of this is marketing design. 

Graphic designers work to create the visual representation of your brand, but marketing designers are the niche experts that you need to take your vision to the finish line.

Where to find a marketing designer

Whether you’re an enterprise brand or a small to midsize business, you need a marketing designer. Ask yourself what your business needs are as far as design is concerned and narrow it down. Do you need them to take care of small, one-off projects like resizing your logo or large, strategic projects like creating a brand guide?

If you are a mid to large-sized business, you may need to hire a team or look into a graphic design service. 

Here are some common options for finding your ideal marketing designer.

Freelance: When it comes to designer jobs, this is one of the most popular avenues that both businesses and creatives take. On the business side, not having to pay a salary or benefits, and being able to cut ties without the messiness of having to lay someone off, may sound like a dream come true. There are some small red flags to be aware of, however.

Freelancers are truly hit or miss. If you’re fortunate, you may land a designer who truly understands their craft and takes timelines seriously. On the other hand, you may end up with a freelancer who has a beautiful portfolio but is unreliable with deadlines, or may not have the bandwidth to support all of the projects on the table.

In-house designers: In-house designers are a great option, especially if you want someone who only works with your brand. They are reliable and an asset to your team. When it comes to in-house designers, brands may find themselves more limited in what they can accomplish.

Another thing to consider is that if your relationship doesn’t work out, you will have to go through the process of firing them. Unless you have a great art director who provides guidance to your in-house designers, feedback can be difficult to implement. 

The best marketing designers.

This is where we come in. Designity takes care of the vetting process from start to finish. No, we aren’t a staffing agency. We’re a fully remote design company with a highly vetted US-based pool of marketing designers who are ready to take on your most pressing projects. From web designers to the best copywriters in the game, we’ve got all of your bases covered.

Want to know the best part? You don’t even have to manage your interchangeable creative team. We assign you a creative director who has 15+ years of experience and they act as your right hand throughout the entire creative process. 

Your creative director plugs in the right creatives for your projects, no matter how big or small. 

And manages them so that you don’t have to. 

Ready to get started? Sign up for your risk-free, two-week trial today!

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