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Why Your Marketing Team Needs a CaaS Platform

March 19, 2024
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As we cruise along further into this digital age of ours, we find the marketing landscape is evolving at a speed that is often difficult to keep up.

Brands are constantly on the lookout for ways to stand out in a saturated market, amplify awareness, attract new customers, and stay up to date with all of the latest design and marketing trends. And, as a result, traditional marketing strategies are fast becoming obsolete, unable to keep up with the demand, forcing brands to look elsewhere for creative outsourcing solutions. 

But all is not lost, marketers! There’s a new kid in school. 

Creative as a Service (CaaS) platforms are rapidly emerging as a game-changing solution to solving the creative bottleneck and getting the professional and timely marketing collateral your brand needs to shine!

So, why do we think CaaS models are the future of marketing?

We’re glad you asked! Today’s blog is bringing you our thoughts on marketing strategies and why CaaS models are the way forward and a better and more budget-friendly way to get high-quality content that engages and converts!

What is a “Creative as a Service” Platform?

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Creative as a Service or CaaS platforms (also known as Design as a Service / DaaS), are a business model approach where marketing creative services like graphic design, video production, copywriting, web design, and other content creation assets are provided to clients through an online platform, either through a subscription or contract basis.

This model allows individuals and brands from all over to access (usually) remote marketing content creation services without having to hire an in-house team, go with a traditional marketing agency, or chase down freelancers for individual projects.

CaaS platforms usually employ a pool of vetted creative talent, managed by someone within the platform, who create and deliver high-quality, professional, and customized creative assets like digital ads, web design, brochures, blog posts, video, and anything else your marketing campaign needs.

Common Features of Creative as a Service Platforms

Not all CaaS platforms are exactly the same, but there are some key features you might expect to see.

Here are some of the most common:

  • Subscription-based Pricing — Clients pay for a regular subscription plan for ongoing access to creative services, which can be more predictable and easier to budget for than project-based billing.
  • Project Management Tools — Many CaaS platforms provide tools for project management, collaboration, and communication, making it easier to manage projects and maintain a high level of quality.
  • A Wide Range of Creative Services — Graphic design, branding, video editing, web development, you name it, CaaS platforms offer it. Because of their huge pool of talent, CaaS platforms can offer a wide range of creative services.
  • Quality and Consistency — With vetted professionals and standardized processes, CaaS platforms can ensure a consistent level of quality for all deliverables.
  • Remote Platform Accessibility —These platforms also operate remotely to allow for convenient collaboration across distances, giving clients easy access to a global talent pool directly from their office or home. This advantage has gained even more significance in the post-pandemic era, where remote work has become increasingly common.

Why CaaS Platforms Work So Well for Marketing

These features work extremely well for marketing needs, so much so that brands all over are outsourcing their creative marketing needs to CaaS platforms over in-house teams and traditional project-based marketing agencies.

As the popularity of remote work continues to surge in the aftermath of the 2020 pandemic, businesses have gotten a lot more comfortable with (and even reliant on!) remote and digital creative agencies, making it all the easier to make the switch to CaaS platforms.

Let’s explore the other reasons that CaaS platforms are the way forward for marketing.

1. On-Demand Access to Top Talent

One of the most common reasons for switching to CaaS platforms is their diverse range of creative skills.

No matter what expertise you’re looking for, whether it be graphic design, technical copywriting, ad design, or 3D animation, you’ll likely find that expert in a CaaS platform.

This is because the remote features allow CaaS platforms to employ top talent from around the world, ensuring that they can meet any creative need.

So, while companies with in-house creative teams might be limited by the skillset of their employees, marketers who seek out Creative as a Service platforms can guarantee access to the quality creative talent they need, when they need it.

2. Budget-Friendly Solutions

A large orange dollar sign, for budget-friendly solutions.

CaaS platforms are also a more attractive choice for their wallet-friendly pricing models that allow for more predictable and easier budgeting.

Rather than pay the salaries and benefits of an in-house team or the “per-project” model and expensive retainers of traditional marketing or design agencies, Creative as a Service platforms often offer subscription-based and flat monthly pricing.

Many CaaS platforms also have tiered plans as well, allowing you to choose a service plan that meets your needs and fits your budget. Whatever creative marketing your brand needs is taken care of for a flat fee, also allowing for unlimited revisions without extra costs.

This is a huge advantage, especially for startups or smaller businesses that have creative needs but not the budget or manpower to meet them.

3. Flexibility and Scalability

Creative as a Service platform’s subscription-based pricing also allows for much more flexibility.

Because your brand isn’t stuck in a contract or paying expensive yearly retainers, you’re free to cancel or pause your account as you wish, saving you money during times when your business doesn’t need as much marketing collateral.

And for the times when you do need to scale up your marketing efforts, such as opening a new location, launching a new product line, expanding your scope of services, or simply keeping up with your business growth, a CaaS platform’s flexibility and tiered plans allow you to do so with ease.

Simply jump to a higher plan or add on extra services to get the marketing collateral you need for busy times and then scale back whenever you'd like.

4. Fast Turnaround Times

Sometimes your brand needs marketing collateral last minute or on a tight turnaround to take advantage of an opportunity or meet a deadline.

CaaS platforms often have streamlined processes and a dedicated project manager and creative team on your account who are always ready to jump into action when you need them, without sacrificing quality for speed. So, instead of hiring more freelancers (or hassling the ones you have!), you can count on a Creative as a Service platform to have the bandwidth and the manpower needed to either give your account extra time or the extra talent needed to get the job done, even under pressure.

This means your brand can seize opportunities for growth while still maintaining a consistent level of professionalism and the eye-catching marketing collateral you need to grab attention.

5. Convenience

Many companies who previously relied on freelancers to get their marketing needs met can tell you how much time it takes to both source and manage them.

And if you’re relying on multiple freelancers, it takes even more time to explain your brand, your guidelines, and what it is you’re looking for from them. Even an in-house team will require quite a bit of effort to go through the hiring process to make sure that they fit into your company culture and have the skills that you need.

CaaS platforms streamline the process. 

Most CaaS services come with a designated project manager or creative director who is your single point of contact and who sources the perfect talent for your projects and manages your deadlines and the quality of your deliverables for you.

This streamlines not only your marketing efforts but your communication too, making it easier to keep your projects on track.

6. Reliability

Any company that has worked with a number of freelancers or busy traditional agencies knows what a crapshoot it is to meet your deadlines and keep the quality of your work consistent.

Freelancers could be juggling multiple clients, leading to delays or varying levels of quality in their finished work, and agencies can sometimes be too rigid in their processes to adapt on the fly to what your brand needs.

CaaS platforms, on the other hand, are far more reliable. Their creative teams are much larger than a traditional agency and are made up of vetted professionals who are accustomed to working together and getting things done.

This makes it far easier to bring extra talent onto your account whenever needed, reducing delays from availability issues or anything else that could stand in the way of your projects.

A CaaS platform’s consistent performance, project after project, gives you peace of mind and frees you up to focus on other areas …

7. The Ability to Focus on Your Job

… which brings us to our final point and one of the main selling features of Creative as a Service platforms.

Having a dedicated creative director and a team of consummate professionals working on your marketing projects, handling your timelines, and delivering high-quality work on a consistent basis is a huge load off of your mind.

Once you team up with a CaaS platform, you no longer have to go through a hiring process for every new project, hunt down and manage freelancers, or worry about whether or not you’ll be charged extra for revisions on creative work that didn’t stick to your original vision.

This frees you up for all of the other marketing projects on your plate, allowing you to dedicate your time, energy, and hustle towards things like strategic planning, business development, exploring new opportunities, and other activities to help your brand grow.

Other Benefits of CaaS Platforms

A purple winning ribbon and an arrow indicated upward growth, to highlight benefits of CaaS platforms.

Need more convincing?

Here is a list of additional benefits that come with partnering with a Creative as a Service platform for your marketing needs:

  • Collaboration Tools — No matter where everyone's located, CaaS platforms have tools that make sharing feedback and syncing up on projects a breeze, making collaboration as seamless as possible.
  • Data-Driven Insights — Some platforms include built-in analytics to help you get the insights you need to sharpen your strategies and make decisions backed by data.
  • Customizable Service Packages — Every marketing campaign is unique. That's why CaaS platforms make it easy to tailor services to fit exactly what your campaign needs, ensuring you're investing in what matters most to your strategy.
  • Staying Ahead of Trends — In marketing, staying ahead is key. Due to working with so many others, creatives within CaaS platforms are up to date on the latest trends, tools, and technologies, keeping your campaigns cutting-edge.
  • Enhanced Security Measures — Many platforms have strict security protocols to protect your information, giving you peace of mind regarding confidentiality and IP protection.
  • Streamlined Billing and Administration — Focus more on creativity and strategy, and less on paperwork. CaaS platforms simplify all administrative tasks, from invoicing to communication, making your life easier.

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Designity: The Only CaaS Platform You Need

If you’re looking for a reliable, cost-effective, and high-quality Creative as a Service platform, then we have good news.

You’ve found it.

Designity is a tech-enabled and future-proof CaaS platform, made up of the top 3% of US-based creative talent.

Each Designity account gives you a dedicated creative team led by an experienced and talented Creative Director, who is hand-picked for your brand and who will source the perfect talent for your marketing projects, manage your account, and ensure that each and every one of your deliverables is ready when you need it and of the highest quality.

And with our three, budget-friendly subscription-based pricing options, you can choose the plan that works best for you and scale up, down, or add on to your range of services whenever you like.

We invite you to take a peek at our portfolio and our case studies to see how Designity’s innovative CaaS model has proven to be the perfect marketing solution for brands just like yours.

Whenever you’re ready, click here to book your demo call to learn more about what Designity has to offer and get started on your two-week, no-obligation trial.

Is your brand ready to ride the wave of the future?

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