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How to Scale Your Marketing with a CaaS Platform

August 23, 2023
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In the business world, growth and success are the ultimate aspirations. And, as a marketing director, you’re in charge of that; the main driving force behind scaling up your brand’s reach, impact, and engagement with your customers.

If that wasn’t hard enough, you’re also probably dealing with a familiar set of challenges.

You’ve got a small, scrappy team doggedly trying to create a strong digital marketing presence, you’re revamping an outdated brand guide, and trying your best to shake some life into your website and social media pages.

The potential is there, it’s just …

Sitting out of reach?

It’s frustrating, we know. And with limited resources, not enough employees, tight budgets, and the need for skills that are way out of your wheelhouse, how will you ever get there?

The constant question is, “How can I scale up my marketing output without scaling up my costs?”

And the answer is CaaS: Creative as a Service.

What is CaaS (Creative as a Service)?

A series of floating captions filled with question marks. What is Creative as a Service (CaaS)?

CaaS (or Creative as a Service) is the solution your brand needs to overcome these obstacles standing between your brand and greatness.

CaaS is a service that provides creative marketing services, including graphic design, video editing and animation, branding, copywriting, logo design, packaging design and more, all on one platform and at your service for a fixed subscription pricing.

Using CaaS, you can unload all of your creating marketing projects to your CaaS provider, letting the experts handle what they do best and clearing your schedule for what you do best; scaling your business.

The Problems Faced by Businesses Today

As businesses grow, so does their need for marketing and advertising to keep up.

This growth, however, can sometimes become somewhat of a double-edged sword as your brand’s demand for additional promotional material overwhelms your existing creative team or your ability to source freelancers fast enough to keep up with all of the projects that are piling up in your to-do box.

It’s a creative bottleneck, a Catch-22 that many businesses know all too well.

What you really need is an in-house creative team to handle all of this work, but unfortunately, you haven’t yet grown enough to be able to afford the salaries, benefits, payroll taxes, equipment purchase, HR updates, and software licenses that come with adding all of those new hires to your team.

This is where CaaS comes in.

CaaS is the Solution

So, what if, instead of an in-house team, you had access to a huge pool of creative talent, folks who were experts in any medium your brand required, from graphic design to GIF animation to blog writing and package design?

That would eliminate the need to hire an in-house team or to source freelancers if a project calls for a skill that your team doesn’t have.

What if that CaaS team could completely take your marketing projects off of your shoulders?

What if it allowed you to push through that creative bottleneck by completely outsourcing those projects that are eating up your day, while still letting you stay up to speed with the process at every step.

It would be pretty great, wouldn’t it?

That’s what CaaS can do for your brand. And not only is it convenient, it’s also loads cheaper than hiring a creative team and much less time-consuming than spending hours and hours of your day sourcing your own freelancers, saving you both time and money.

How Do CaaS Platforms Work?

In most cases, you’ll sign up with a CaaS platform for a set subscription fee.

Once you’re in, all you need to do is get the team up to date with your preferences, branding guidelines, and then start submitting your projects. Based on what skills your project requires, the CaaS platform will source the appropriate creatives, fill them in with your requirements, and let them get to work.

Once your project is completed, your point of contact will send it to you for feedback. 

Revisions are made until you’re happy with the result! Then later, rinse and repeat for as many projects as you need to complete.

CaaS vs. Creative Agencies: What’s the Difference?

They might sound the same, but they aren’t really.

While these two services take care of the same creative needs for your brand, there are a few differences in their structure and what they can offer you, especially in regard to …


Most creative agencies charge retainer fees, where clients pay a fixed monthly amount for ongoing services and access to a pool of creative talent.

CaaS platforms are a bit more flexible in their pricing. Most use a monthly tiered subscription fees, with each tier offering increasing levels of scope and a larger creative team.

Some offer a per-project set up, or some kind of combination of both.


By far CaaS platforms are more flexible than their Creative Agency cousins.

They can provide immediate, on-demand services that let you choose specific projects, add-on to the scope of their projects as needed, adjust their creative needs, and adapt quickly to anything that comes up.

And because of the monthly subscription set-up, it’s quite easy to take a break and put your partnership on hold.

 Creative agencies are much more rigid in their approach. In addition to those retainer fees we mentioned, they often require brands to sign a contract to guarantee a longer-term commitment.

Your Guide to CaaS Implementation: Designity

A magnifying glass inspecting a list. Designity is your detailed guide to CaaS implementation.

If you’re looking for a CaaS platform to handle those marketing projects piling up on your desk, then Designity is your best bet.

Designity is a tech-enabled platform leading the way as a CaaS, helping you to scale your marketing without scaling your costs.

We are revolutionizing the creative design services industry, moving away from outdated and ineffective marketing design and methods and into a new era of visual storytelling that drives your engagement, ups your conversions, and helps your brand succeed.

Here are the ways Designity is leading the way:


Designity’s platform offers three tiered plans: Essentials, Plus, and Premium, with each offering a differing scope of services and number of Creatives on your team.

Pricing starts at a flat, monthly fee of only $3,150 a month, with no extra charges for extended timelines, revisions, or any other unexpected charges other companies might try to throw at you.


Designity lets you get back to doing your job, it’s as simple as that.

Leaving your projects to Designity takes away the headache of having to manage multiple freelancers and constantly trying to figure out a way to get the high-quality content creation that your brand needs.

You won’t ever have to worry if your team has the right skill set for the projects you need completed. The platform provides a huge range of creative services, including video editing, graphic design, YouTube and Google advertising, branding, copywriting, and anything else you could need to grow your business.

The platform has it all and since each plan gives you access to a Creative Director who acts as a project manager for your account, you can leave the burden to them and get back to your duties, giving feedback and approval when you need to and leaving the rest to your creative team.


In today's increasingly competitive market, a beautifully designed website, logo, or marketing collateral can make all the difference between a potential customer's first point of contact with your brand and with your competition. 

Your marketing collateral is important. It needs to excel, to stand out, to grab attention and keep it.

This is why the Designity platform is made up of the top 3% of US-based creative talent ready to take on your creative projects and complete them to the highest level of quality.


The Designity platform is perfect for your growing business.

With our three easy plans to choose from, it’s easy to make sure that you always have what you need.

Upgrade or downgrade your plan as you go, add Creatives to your plan as needed, and enjoy access to convenient add-ons like 1-day turnarounds, consultation calls with experts, and extra Creatives to keep your brand stocked with all of the assets it needs.

Scope of Services

The Designity platform offers you a huge scope of services that is growing every day. 

From graphic design to marketing audits, brochure design, label design, email campaigns, and trade show booths, our platform has everything you could ever need for your growing business.

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Ready to try something new?

If you’re ready to push past your creative bottleneck, to have instant access to all the creative talent your brand could ever need, and to have the freedom to get back to doing your job, then what are you waiting for?

Take a stroll through our website, our portfolio, and our services pages. And when you’re ready, let us know, because we’re ready to be the creative solution your brand has been waiting for.

Are you ready to push past your creative bottleneck?

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