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Make the Most of Your Professional Proofreading Services

August 2, 2023
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Most marketers out there know the value of getting written content like blogs, technical guides, and documents proofed before sending them out to clients, investors, or the public.

No one likes to have mistakes in their written material, after all. It’s not a good look.

So, definitely get your wordiest collateral proofed and edited before using it. But if you are only using your proofreading services to fix your spelling and grammatical errors, then you are missing out on a whole lot that a good proofreading and editing service can be doing for your brand.

Like what? 

We’re glad you asked because this blog is going to take you through all of the secret menu items that your brand can be getting so that you can make the most of your professional proofreading services.

Do I Need a Professional Proofreader?

The fact is that no one is perfect (not even us, as surprising as that may seem) and people do make mistakes that range from the innocent and barely noticeable to the uproariously hilarious.

And yes, as we mentioned above, you absolutely should be getting all of your written content, whether it’s client-facing or internal, reviewed before you put it out there. And not just for spelling and grammar, but for clarity, correctness, and flow.


Error-free and high-quality content that reads well maximizes the effectiveness of whatever it is that you’re putting out into the world and keeps you looking sharp and professional. Which is very important for your image, because if we’re to learn anything from Ashlee Simpson on SNL, people tend to remember your huge embarrassing mistakes.

So, yes, proofing your content is an absolute must and you definitely should continue doing that. But here are the other ways your brand can benefit from professional proofreading services.

Consistency in Marketing Communications

A dart in the middle of a bullseye. Proofreader services can ensure consistency in marketing communications.

Teamwork makes the dream work, baby, but no one should be able to tell that 11 different people wrote and edited that training guide you’re handing out to your new hires next month.

A good proofreader can take the jumbled thoughts of all of those writers and other editors and smooth them out into one cohesive document that flows smoothly and reads in the same tone of voice from beginning to end.

Fact-Checking Your Publications

It’s always a good idea to have someone check and recheck your math, facts, and data to avoid an embarrassing moment later on.

Quality editing and proofreading services, especially ones with editors that have plenty of experience in your industry, can help you with this, checking your facts and making sure they’re correct and consistent throughout.

Cut Through the Complex

We see this a lot in many of the more head-scratching industries like technology, finance, and healthcare. 

It took quite a bit of experience and learning to become the pro in the industry that you are and while you may perfectly understand technical jargon as well as you do your native English or any other language, that potential customer sitting across from your desk probably does not.

Good proofreaders and editors are able to take complicated subjects and explain them in layman’s terms, keeping all of your information intact and making it more accessible to the average Joes that buy your products or invest in your company.

Whether it's a technical guide, a training manual, or even a previously edited document, your editor can cut through the complex and make the complicated easy.

Keeping Your Copy and MarComm on Brand

A giant magnet, attracting documents, megaphones, and more. A good proofreading service keeps all of your copy and marcomm cohesive and on brand.

Let’s say you’ve got all of this great marketing material to work with; ads, blogs, brochures, the works. 

The only issue is that you’ve now just written a brand guide and now your existing material doesn’t match your desired tone of voice or personality. Or perhaps you’ve just merged with another company and now you’ve got two separate voices that need to be combined into one for unity and consistency’s sake.

Not a problem for a good proofreading and editing service. A good proofreader will be able to smooth things out with ease, effortlessly combining multiple voices into one distinctive one to fit your brand.

And if you don’t have a brand guide …

Finding Your Brand’s Tone of Voice

If your brand is a startup or perhaps skipped this step altogether, then a brand guide is a good place to start to find your company’s look, personality, and tone of voice.

Many proofreaders are also talented copywriters who are capable of creating a distinct tone of voice and personality for your brand to ensure that all of your written collateral is consistent across all mediums. 

That consistency goes a long way toward establishing your brand and helps your audience know what to expect from you.

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Proofraeders, Untie!

If you find yourself in need of professional proofreading services (or your existing services can’t give you all of the extras we described above) then why not give Designity a try?

Designity is made up of the top 3% of US-based creative talent, including talented and knowledgeable copywriters and content writers who are also experienced proofreaders and editors that can not only seek and destroy any typos or grammar gaffes in your content, but make sure it’s on brand, easy-to-digest, and consistent throughout.

Check out our content & copywriting services page to get yourself the written content you need, plus our editing & proofreading services to make sure any other written content you have is flawless before you put it out there.

Are you making the most of your proofreading and editing services?

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