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What are the Best Creative Agencies in NYC?

October 18, 2023
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How Do I Choose the Best Creative Agency in NYC?

If you’re in New York City and you’re in need of some creative marketing collateral, then you’re going to need a creative agency to help you get it done.

But how should you go about choosing the right creative agency for you? An agency specializing in the type of collateral you need and one that aligns with your brand.

It can be overwhelming, we understand, but we’re here to help you narrow down your options!

Today’s blog is a rundown of the top creative agencies in NYC, ranked by how long they’ve been around! Have a look at what they can offer so you can decide which of these companies is the best for your content marketing needs!

1. Designity

Designity's logo.

Founded: 2015

Founded in NYC, Designity is a 100% fully remote creative platform that offers businesses of all sizes a chance to get their creative marketing completed at a fraction of the cost of traditional design agencies.

Designity boasts a huge scope of services including graphic design, social media and digital ads, copy and content writing, motion graphics and video, web design and development, marketing audit and strategy, and so much more. 

Whatever your brand needs, Designity’s got your back! And with designated Creative Directors managing your projects and your timeline, getting assets for your next campaign is hassle-free and easier than you thought!

Pricing: With three straightforward monthly plans starting at $3,495, Designity clients can look forward to flat monthly fees and unlimited project requests with no extra charges for revisions or anything else.

“After working with Designity for almost 5 months, the Designity team has helped us to accelerate the development of our visual brand story. As a VP of Marketing, having a Creative Director who understands our brand and is a trusted partner in strategy and execution is invaluable.”

2. Flightpath

Founded: 1994

One of the most established agencies on this list, Flightpath’s expertise is in digital marketing services to help clients enhance their online presence and better engage with their target audiences.

In addition to digital marketing strategy, Flightpath also offers UX web design, social media & content marketing, SEO, display advertising, social media campaigns,  and other digital solutions for B2B marketing companies and nonprofits alike.

Pricing: Everyone’s needs are different. Contact Flightpath to discuss your scope of services and see your custom pricing.

“They focused on understanding our business and product early on, which saved us time when they did the wireframes.”

3. The Gate New York

Founded: 1995

The Gate New York (usually referred to as simply, The Gate NY) is a full-service advertising and marketing agency that offers businesses of any size and industry a wide range of creative content creation, marketing, and communication services.

The Gate can help you with branding, marketing strategy, media planning, CRM (customer relationship management, digital marketing, and social media services. They have plenty of experience in creating integrated campaigns and providing the eye-catching assets like website content, digital production, print production, and social content you’ll need to make them successful and help your business grow.

Pricing: Since your scope of services might vary, it’s best to contact The Gate directly and tell them what you’re looking for to get a personalized quote.

4. Hudson Fusion

Founded: 1996

There is no one-size-fits-all marketing template and Hudson Fusion knows this very well. 

That’s why they work closely with their clients to help develop strategies that can make a meaningful impact for their company and the goals they’re set on.

Hudson Fusion has experts on staff to help you with graphic design, copywriting, media, and everything else you’ll need to create the great content you’ll need for a great content marketing strategy using the latest tools available. 

Pricing: Monthly retainers average between $8000–10,000. Reach out to Hudson Fusion with the scope of services you need to get more precise pricing for your next project.

“We have a trusting bond and partnership with Hudson Fusion and we could not have picked a better agency.”

5. ExpandTheRoom

Founded: 1997

ExpandTheRoom is a digital agency that aims to boost the user experience of your customers through effective websites and digital products.

Through their purpose-driven design process, they take on the challenge of UX research, strategy projects, website and digital product design, data migrations, branding and design systems, and SEO strategies to help your brand see success.

So, if you’re a brand that is looking for anything from large-scale website overhauls to product design and development, ETR might be just who you’re looking for.

Pricing: Per their website, engagement starts at $25,000 / year and scales up to match your unique requirements. To get a quote, reach out to them and let them know what you’re looking for!

“Having worked on both the agency and client sides over the years, I know how important alignment is. If it’s good work you’re after, you need to trust the other side and be on the same page in terms of process. When we did our agency search, ETR immediately felt right and proved to be the perfect match for our working style and focus on quality.”

6. Dentsu Creative

Founded: 1998

Dentsu Creative (previously 360i) is a digital agency and a part of Dentsu International, a global advertising and marketing conglomerate. 

Their goal is to make your brand a success through integrated communication and marketing services that cater to all of your brand’s needs.

Dentsu Creative can help boost your reputation through public and media relations, branding, social media and digital management, digital marketing, SEO optimization, web and mobile app design and development, and event management.

Pricing: Because your scope of services might vary, Dentsu Creative encourages you to reach out and tell them what you need. They’ll quote you for your services upfront so there are never any surprises.

“Our company recently used 360i for social media and mobile marketing. It was quick, seamless, and very efficient to use. I found it to be both user-friendly and useful.”

7. Starfish

Founded: 2002

Starfish is an independent, full-service branding agency and creative communications services firm that aim to reimagine and activate your brand with innovative and creative omnichannel capabilities.

They can help audit your strategies, analyze, align, and then implement your physical and digital strategies to create a more intuitive and meaningful brand interaction with your clients.

If you’re in need of branding development, marketing strategy, web design, and digital marketing strategy with the creative content you’ll need to make it work, then Starfish might be the choice for you.

Pricing: Starfish has an average hourly rate of $150–199/ hr or $75,000 for a full-scale project. To get a personalized quote for services, contact them directly and fill them in on what you’re looking for.

“They provided the talents of a large agency at the scale, budget, and attention of a smaller one.”

8. thelabNYC

Logo for thelab, an NYC creative agency.

Founded: 2002

This New York agency offers a wide range of creative and digital marketing services all designed to help your brand achieve your marketing and communication goals.

They offer branded content, social strategy and integrated campaigns, and content creation like video productions, and 2D/3D animation. In addition to that, thelab also offers full-stack engineering and mobile app development to create great brand experiences and help your company grow.

Pricing: Because their scope of services is so large, it’s hard to pinpoint a price without contacting them directly and explaining what you need. Feel free to reach out!

“I am extremely satisfied with all the help they rendered me every step of the way. They have a good understanding of all the processes and are always receptive to my needs.”


Founded: 2003

BBMG’s specialty is building regenerative brands that are not only financially successful but relevant to the new generation and able to keep up with the fast-paced world we live in.

A self-proclaimed branding and social impact consultancy, customers go to BBMG for brand strategy, content strategy, copy and art direction, creative marketing content, growth strategies, and more.

If you’re a brand looking to stay aware, additive, and alive, BBMG has services to help you do it.

Pricing: Expect your minimum project price to be around the 100k mark. But since prices do vary with the scope of services you’re looking for, it’s best to contact them directly, explain your goals, and let them quote you from there.

“Not only did the BBMG process help us define our target consumer and create a breakthrough brand, we also just really enjoyed working with them.”

10. Ready Set Rocket

Founded: 2009

Ready Set Rocket is another digital marketing agency that focuses on driving brand innovation through technology and creative design.

A self-proclaimed consultancy, they aim to help their clients navigate technology and changing consumer behaviors. They offer brand strategy services, digital strategies, as well as creative services and content creation, such as video production and social media content.

Pricing: Pricing for services can vary widely depending on the scope of the project and the specific services you need. Reach out to Ready Set Rocket with your needs and they’ll be more than happy to provide pricing options to you!

“Great spot for SEO.”

11. Fearless Media

Founded: 2009

Fearless Media promises its clients fearless marketing that is digital to the core.

They take a fully integrated approach to strategy, planning, and innovation and specialize in helping your brand overcome any creative marketing challenges. They also work with a variety of industries, including entertainment, retail, education, and technology.

Pricing: Like many other digital agencies, Fearless Media requires you to give them a call to discuss your needs before they can provide pricing. Go ahead and reach out by email or phone!

“Fearless Media really understands our goals. They’re eager to tackle any challenge.”

12. PJX Media

Founded: 2010

PJX Media (formally Project X Media) are your OOH (Out-of-home) advertising experts, who are dedicated to helping their clients navigate their marketing and advertising needs.

Whether it’s traditional OOH advertising like billboards, bus stops, airports, or movie theaters or digital OOH advertising like displays in subways or other public spaces, PJX Media handles each campaign from planning to performance reporting to help you tell the story you want to tell.

Pricing: PJX Media never wants to misquote what they charge for their services. Because of that, you’ll need to contact them directly and explain your needs before you can settle on a price.

13. Beyond

Founded: 2010

Beyond (or Bynd) is a digital design and development agency that focuses on helping businesses advance and enhance their offerings to provide a more exciting and engaging customer experience.

They offer UX design and use technology and design methods to come up with new strategies and growth opportunities for their clients. If your online presence could use some work, Bynd is there to help you make progress and improve your customers' experience through great design! 

Pricing: Pricing depends on the scope of services you need! Contact Bynd for more information.

“We use them for big, complex solutions or for simple jobs with a quick turnaround. They’re great at both!”

14. Piro

Founded: 2010

Piro is a full-service film/video, digital, and print production creative agency that is dedicated to creating, developing, and producing original and branded entertainment across all media platforms.

They can product design, motion graphics, 3D animations, VFX, color, sound, and production services with their in-house studio for both on and offline material.

So, if you're a brand in need of strategic creative for television, film, web series, digital, commercials, music, and events, then Piro might be the place for you.

Pricing: A big scope of services calls for a big variety on pricing. The average video production project runs about $25,000 but contact Piro with your specific needs to narrow down the price tag.

“They went above and beyond our original RFP, providing ideas for ways to improve our digital initiatives.”


Founded: 2011

Kworq is a marketing and advertising firm that provides creative services like graphic design, copywriting, social media marketing, market research, and video production.

They pride themselves on being a vibrant, no-holds-barred creative agency filled with storytellers whose goal is to “hawk your wares,” amplify your voice, and give your company the brand authority you’re looking for.

They work with clients in industries such as telecommunications and professional sports, so take a look at their case studies and if those brands sound like yours, your brand and KWORQ just might be a match!

Pricing: The average project is between $10,000–$50,000 but everyone’s scope of services is different so their pricing will be too! Contact KWORQ to get a quote on the services you need!

16. Crafted

Founded: 2011

Crafted is a digital design agency that offers a wide range of services for your marketing needs, including web design, branding, logo design, advertising, search engine optimization, web development, and digital strategy.

They pride themselves on being big thinkers with a passion for creating ideas and turning those ideas into well-designed innovative experiences for your customers.

They serve small and midmarket businesses in whatever industry you happen to be in, so if you like a collaborative approach with your creative team, then this could be the fit for you.

Pricing: Projects start around the $10,000 range, but like many other companies on this list, you’ll have to contact them directly and explain what you’re looking for to get a personalized quote for their services!

17. The Charles NYC

Logo for The Charles GRP, an NYC creative agency.

Founded: 2011

The Charles Grp is a family-owned,  full-service creative agency that is focused on strategy, media, design, content, and technology.

If you’re in need of an agency to take charge of all the content you need for your marketing campaigns, like photography, video production, post-production VFX, animation, or film, then The Charles might be the agency you’re looking for. 

Pricing: Pricing starts around $50,000, but contact The Charles GRP to get a quote for the services you need!

“The functionality, design, creative, and, ultimately results, speak for themselves.”

18. Great Believer

Founded: 2011

Are you a non-profit organization?

This one’s a bit outside of NYC (Brooklyn, to be exact) but Great Believer makes this list for being unique. It’s a design agency that focuses on creating for non-profits. They’ve got you covered when it comes to website design and development, branding, report design, and print.

Whatever your mission, Great Believer’s services are designed to help you achieve your goals and spread the word to the public.

Pricing: Like other agencies offering web design and branding services, pricing can vary. If you’re a non-profit organization that needs some design work, reach out and they’ll take it from there!

“Great Believer brought incredible enthusiasm, creativity, and tenacity to this project. Our new logo and website beautifully communicate Sanctuary’s story — and we could not be more pleased.”

19. Listen.

Founded: 2012

Do you hear that?


Well, if your brand is in need of audio and music to enhance your marketing efforts, Listen is the place to go.

Dubbing themselves a “full-service sound agency,” Listen is made up of composers, sound designers, and strategists who all work together to create impactful audio to elevate your brand.

They offer sound, music, and voice strategy, sonic branding, sound design, music composition, voice casting, audio ad creative development, and podcast creative development to meet all of your audio needs.

Pricing: Audio branding can be a pricey thing. Contact Listen to get quoted for the services you need.

20. Metric Theory

Founded: 2012

Metric Theory is a digital marketing agency that specializes in performance-driven marketing strategy.

They offer a wide range of digital marketing services, including search engine optimization, search engine marketing (SEM), CRM data integration, shopping ads, product feed management, digital video, and more.

They strive to drive results for their clients in every corner of the digital world.

Pricing: Pricing will depend on your digital marketing needs! Contact Metric Theory for exact pricing.

“Metric Theory is totally committed to not only meeting our marketing team’s and company’s goals, but blow them out of the water. And they’re always looking for ways to impact the bigger picture — they never just stop at conversion goals.”

21. Harper+Scott

Founded: 2014

Harper + Scott is a creative agency that specializes in branded merchandise and promotional products for your brand.

Able to design and make just about anything, they offer product design services, manufacturing, and delivery, a one-stop shop for all of the high-quality products your brand needs to enhance your awareness, promote your services, and increase sales.

Pricing: Because product needs vary so much between brands, you’ll have to contact Harper+Scott yourself to see what pricing options they offer.

22. Playbook Studio

Founded: 2014

The Playbook Studio, also known as Playbook, is a creative agency that offers a huge range of creative services for brands in need of marketing assets.

While they specialize in large-scale websites and complete product development, they also offer branding, logo design, market research, and digital marketing to help your brand establish a strong online presence and user-friendly digital experience.

Pricing: To get an exact price, you’ll have to schedule a consultation. Reach out and tell them what you need!

“Playbook Studio and their partners did an exceptional job of creating a brave new brand identity that breaks out of the conventional branding of most airlines today. The new identity connects us to the local cultures of our crews and where we will be flying with a connection to both our past and our future.”

23. PostLight

Founded: 2015

Postlight is a creative and technology studio based in NYC that specializes in digital solutions like platform architecture, product design, product strategy, and software engineering.

Whether it’s websites, mobile apps, or streaming apps, Postlight has you covered with design and development to create scalable platforms that best fit your brand’s needs.

If it’s responsive coding that you need, Postlight has the engineers to deliver.

Pricing: Pricing can vary widely depending on what your brand needs. Contact them and have a chat about what you need to get pricing!

“We really enjoyed what they came up with and the speed with which they delivered their work. They were communicative when certain deadlines weren’t going to make sense.”

24. DD. NYC

Founded: 2015

DD.NYC is a creative agency that focuses on digital marketing and design.

They offer a variety of services, including graphic design, innovative branding, product packaging, and web design and development for a wide range of industries.

Pricing: Customers report an average pricing of $10,000 a project, but, just to be exact, you’ll want to contact Human Digital to get the pricing for the scope of services you need.

“I’ve worked with other website agencies, and none of them have delivered as quickly as DD.NYC.”

25. Human Digital

Founded: 2018

Human Digital is a digital agency that gets its name because they like to put humans first.

They take your entire company into consideration when building out strategies that will improve the total experience for everyone involved in your business, customers and employees alike.

If your brand needs a website UX overhaul or assistance with marketing, including paid advertising, SEO, social media marketing, or email marketing, Human Digital might be the humans you’re looking for.

Pricing: The average pricing is $10,000 a project, but you’ll want to contact Human Digital to get the exact pricing for the scope of services you’re looking for.

“They spent time understanding our business and what would be most beneficial for us going forward.”

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You May Have Already Found the Creative Agency You’re Looking For

Did you know that Designity is made up of the top 3% of US-based creative talent?

We’re talking graphic designers, video editors, animators, marketing experts, motion graphics artists, copywriters, and more, all ready to work on getting you the creative content you need to make your next marketing campaign a smash hit.

And the best part is … it doesn’t matter if you live in NYC or not!

Designity is a fully remote platform that makes us a local agency no matter where it is that you call home.

With your designated Creative Director as your single point of contact, you won’t have to worry about communication or location ever being an issue. Your Creative Director will take the reins on your project, source and manage all the talent you need, and build out your timelines so that you have the marketing assets you need, when you need them.

And all without the expensive monthly retainers and “call to find out” pricing that so many of the other guys work with.

Starting at monthly rates of $3,495, you can have all of the marketing assets you need for your next campaign without paying retainers. Pause when you want, cancel anytime. Designity is here to make your next campaign streamlined and hassle-free.

Why not schedule a demo call today and start your two-week trial? We’re not a fit for you, you can walk away, no payment required.

Is your creative agency giving you everything you need?

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