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Why Your Brand Needs a PaaS Solution

August 29, 2023
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Getting your product off the ground is a huge task to accomplish.

You’ve got to not only test and refine your product to perfection, but to market it effectively, set up your website, your socials, your customer service support team, figure out your brand guidelines, find your brand voice, everything.

And if you’re being completely honest with yourself, you need help! 

Who wouldn’t? It’s a lot. We need a nap just thinking about it.

So, then, what you need is an all-in-one platform to provide you not only with the creative talent to get your website and socials running smoothly, and to make business cards and brochures and demos of your products, but to help you market it and make it successful.

You need an expert who can guide you through the entire process, take your product from the conception stage to the shelves, or even help you decide what needs your brand needs to focus on meeting in the first place.

PaaS vs Traditional Creative Agencies

Designity has been pioneering the platform-as-a-service (PaaS) space for years, so if you’re looking for a way to get it all done as painlessly as possible, then this blog will show you how an all-in-one platform is what you need.

The Drawbacks of the Traditional Creative-sourcing Approach

Why do you need a platform to begin with?

Well, for one, it’s difficult to find the help you need out there. 

You could hit up the freelance marketplace, sure, and you’d be able to find graphic designers and 3D artists that could mockup your product …

But freelancers can be hit or miss.

You also have to spend time and effort sourcing them one by one based on the skill set you’re in need of, and then keep up with them as your projects progress. Who has time for that?

To save time sourcing your talent, you could go to a creative agency instead. That’s another place where you can easily find copywriters, video editors, and graphic designers but while that may be a more reliable option than the freelance marketplace, it is an extremely costly option.

And it still can’t provide you with the marketing and strategy specialist you need to help you navigate the waters.

An All-in-One Platform Solution

A hand holding a lightbulb. A PaaS platform is the right idea, an all-in-one solution.

What you really need is a platform where everything from copy to design to marketing and strategy is available to you, a platform with experts who can guide you through the entire process of your product development, from conception to development to market, as well as meet all of your creative needs when it comes time to market your new product.

Why not let Designity be your all-in-one solution?

Designity’s platform offers it all; the talent required for your creative needs, plus the marketing and strategy experts who can help your brand grow and flourish. 

How it Works

Like other CaaS services, Designity offers you all of the creative talent your brand could ever need at a flat, monthly subscription fee.

Choose from three plans, with each offering you varying scopes, services, and team members, ready and willing to take on all of your creative marketing projects and complete them to your satisfaction.

Say goodbye to retainers, to expensive in-house teams, and to spending hours of your day sourcing and keeping up with freelancers.

Designity’s platform puts all of that in your reach at prices that won’t stretch your budget.


Here’s a little more about why Designity is the platform you need:

Flexibility: Designity can provide you immediate, on-demand services and give you the freedom to choose the specific projects you want your team to work on. Just received something with higher priority down your pipeline? Simple. Pause what you were doing and refocus your team’s attention. Add-on to the scope of your projects as the need arises and immediately pivot to anything else that needs your attention. Need to pause your plan for a few months? Designity makes that easy too.

Scalability: Scale your monthly plan as needed to meet your creative needs. Need more projects done? Upgrade your plan. Projects a little slow for a while? Downgrade your plan to adjust. It’s simple and easy and allows you to scale your creative needs to meet your growing business’s demands.

Scope of Services: Designity’s platform offers you a mind-bending amount of service from graphic design to GIF animation to content writing, Google Advertising, and more with our scope of services growing and stretching every day.

A Dedicated Creative Director: Your dedicated Creative Director acts as a project manager for your account, sourcing the perfect Creatives for your projects, and overseeing all of your timelines and the quality of your incoming deliverables. They also act as your single point of contact and meet with you weekly, eliminating any confusion and keeping you in the loop at all times! 

All-in-One Platform vs. Creative Agencies

While creative agencies can offer the same creative services as the Designity platform, most do not offer the expert marketing and strategy that our Creative Directors can give you.

With their expertise, they can take your product from conception to the shelves and then help you and your team come up with the best way to market it online and beyond.

Designity also does not require you to sign a long-term contract or pay pricey retainer fees for access to our creative talent and marketing expertise, making it a convenient and cost-effective solution for all of your creative needs.

Designity: The Only Platform You Need

A computer screen displaying Designity's portfolio page. Designity is the PaaS platform you're looking for.

Here are more ways Designity’s platform can benefit your business:

Save Money

With Designity’s cost-effective subscription plans, you can have all of the creative talent and marketing collateral you need without the expenses of an in-house team or the retainer fees of a creative agency.

Choose one of three plans (starting at $3,150), get an unlimited number of projects completed to perfection, and never again have to worry about added fees for extended timelines, revisions, or anything else.

Save Time

How would you like to get your creative marketing needs met and still have time to do the work you’re supposed to be doing?

The Designity platform makes it possible. Your Creative Director takes the entire project off of your shoulders and takes care of sourcing the right talent and managing your projects, leaving you with the time and energy you need to focus on running your business. 

All we’ll ever need from you is to provide direction, give feedback, and approve deliverables.

The Highest Quality You Can Find

The Designity community is made up of the top 3% of US-based creative talent, including expert animators, graphic designers, video editors, copywriters, web designers, and more.

We don’t like to be one to toot our own horn here, so we’ll just let our portfolio speak for itself.

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Find Your Solution Here

Does your brand need a platform that meets all of its needs, creative, marketing, strategy, and beyond?

Then Designity is ready to be the turnkey solution you’ve been looking for. Have a look at our services pages and feel free to check out our previous success stories and glowing customer testimonials.

We’ve been able to make all the difference for so many brands and we look forward to the opportunity to make the difference for you.

Are you ready for an all-in-one solution?

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