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Which Creative Services Platform is Right for You?

May 13, 2024
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If you ask any marketer on the street, they’ll tell you that having a reliable and top-quality creative services provider is a huge load off of their shoulders.

The trick, however, is finding the creative service provider that best fits your personality, your style, your workflow, and your brand.

And when it comes to outsourcing your creative services, many go with freelance platforms over sourcing and managing freelancers themselves, which makes sites like Toptal, MarketerHire, PeoplePerHour, and Designity some very popular choices.

So, if you’re looking to narrow down your search, then we’re here to help.

Today’s blog is taking you through key features of freelance platform, PeoplePerHour and Creative as a Service platform Designity, to see which of these has the features you’re looking for in your perfect creative services provider.

Which creative service platform best fits you?

Let’s find out.

Who is PeoplePerHour?

A logo for freelance platform PeoplePerHour.

PeoplePerHour is a freelancing platform that connects businesses with a wide range of skilled professionals, including engineers, designers, finance experts, project managers, web developers, business consultants, and more.

Among marketers, the platform is known for its artificial intelligence matching system that matches your project briefs to freelancers who have the skills and experience you require to get your project completed.

PeoplePerHour aims to streamline your hiring process and give you access to the talent you need to complete your marketing and design projects without having to source freelancers or hire an in-house team.

Who is Designity?

Designity, while also connecting businesses to a wide range of skilled professionals, is a Creative as a Service (CaaS) platform rather than a true freelance platform.

Its platform provides companies with all of the marketing and design talent they need to complete their marketing projects, including designers, web designers, copywriters, social media marketing experts, video editors, animators, and more.

Designity serves as an innovative alternative to the more traditional ways of completing marketing projects, like sourcing freelancers, using freelance platforms, and hiring an in-house team. Instead, it uses a subscription-based approach that gives companies access to unlimited projects and a huge range of marketing services at a much more predictable cost.

How Designity Compares to PeoplePerHour

A smiling Designity blob peeking through a magnifying glass.

But is either of these platforms the right choice for you and your needs?

And how do they compare to each other?

To help you make an informed decision about whether either of these is your marketing match, we’ll take you through some key features. Take a look and see which of these two creative service platforms fits you and your brand best.

Project Management


When you sign up with Designity, an Account Executive will match you with an experienced Creative Director who best fits you, both skill-wise and personality-wise.

Designity Creative Directors have at least 10 years of experience in strategy, project management, leadership, and design. They'll meet 1:1 with you as often as you'd like to keep you updated on the progress of your projects and handle every aspect of your account from sourcing and managing your creative team to making sure you have all of your deliverables when you need them.


PeoplePerHour gives you the option to hire a freelance project manager, who will manage your projects however you wish and bill you separately for their services.

If you choose not to hire a project manager, however, then you will work 1:1 with the freelancer you choose and be responsible for any feedback, quality control, and creative direction you want them to take.

Pricing & Plans


Designity keeps things simple with 3 budget-friendly and predictable subscription plans that you can pay on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis.

The 3 plans are as follows:

  • Essentials — starting at $3,495 / mo for a monthly subscription.
  • Plus — starting at $5,495 / mo for a monthly subscription.
  • Premium — starting at $8,495 / mo for a monthly subscription.

Each plan will give you access to a Creative Director, a creative team (the size of which will depend on your plan), and a client dashboard to keep your projects organized.

If you need even more services, there is also an agency plan available.


Unlike many freelance platforms, PeoplePerHour does not charge you for posting jobs on the platform, which is a plus.

Your costs will depend on the freelancer you hire and their individual rates, which can range anywhere from $8 to $100+ per hour. This can vary, however, so you’ll need to browse different profiles to get a better feel for the going rates of the services you need.

There is also an option to purchase “Hourlies,” which are pre-packaged services varying in price that freelancers offer for varying creative and marketing needs. These can be a bit more cost-effective if all you need is smaller or one-off projects.

Trial Period


Designity starts off each new account with a trial period of varying length, depending on the subscription plan you choose.

They are as follows:

  • Monthly Plan — 2-week trial
  • Quarterly Plan 3-week trial
  • Yearly Plan — 4-week trial

Your team will start your projects immediately and turn in deliverables as they are completed. If, by the end of the trial, you decide that you no longer wish to partner with Designity, then you can walk away owing nothing! (But you will lose access to the deliverables completed during this time.)

If you decide that Designity is for you, then your trial will be absorbed into your first statement.


PeoplePerHour does not offer a free trial or money-back guarantee.

However, before you engage with your freelancer, you’ll be required to deposit their payment into an escrow account. This money will stay safe until you decide you are satisfied with the freelancer’s work and will only be released to them once you've reported your satisfaction to PeoplePerHour. If you are not satisfied for any reason, your money stays where it is and PeoplePerHour’s administrative team will work with you and the freelancer on a suitable solution. 

Your Creative Team


Designity gives you access to a huge pool of creative talent in a wide variety of different fields.

Each plan they offer gives you access to a different size team, as shown below:

  • Essentials — 1 active Creative at a time, plus Creative Director
  • Plus — 2 active Creatives at a time, plus Creative Director
  • Premium — 3 active Creatives at a time, plus Creative Director

Keep in mind that the Creatives on your team can be rotated out as needed (i.e., rotating out a copywriter for a web developer, or a graphic designer for a video editor) so that you always have the person with the right skillset working on your projects.

Designity Creatives represent only the top 3% of all of the talented individuals who apply each year and are pre-vetted to ensure that they are US-based, great communicators, and the best of the best in their respective fields.


PeoplePerHour allows you to post multiple listings and hire on as many freelancers as you wish, with each freelancer billing you separately. You can keep track of all of your individual projects and payments on your “Workstream” dashboard.

PeoplePerHour starts each freelancer with a 3-month trial period to determine their expertise and quality of services provided. Freelancers who do not qualify during this time are limited in the projects they can take on, which helps to maintain the quality of services and increases your odds of matching with an expert freelancer.



Before your projects begin, you and your Creative Director will decide each project’s priority and build out a timeline for when you can expect your deliverables to be submitted.

You’ll have access to this timeline and any progress made on your Client Dashboard. Deadlines are always guaranteed.


Deadlines for your projects will be determined by you and the freelancer(s) you are working with, either through the guidelines set in an “Hourly” or before hiring them for an ongoing project.

Scope of Services


With 100+ creative and marketing services, Designity is your one-stop shop for everything your marketing campaign needs.

Services include web design and development, email marketing campaigns, graphic design, social media marketing, 3D motion graphics, copy and content writing, and more.


PeoplePerHour has a wide variety of experts, including fields your campaign needs for success, like marketing, design, coding, and copywriting.

Client Onboarding


Your Designity experience starts with a demo call with a Designity Account Executive.

This Account Executive will talk with you to gain a better understanding of your marketing goals, your brand, your company culture, and the type of services you need to complete your marketing projects.

They’ll then use this information to match you to the Creative Director who best fits your style, personality, communication preferences, and the skills you require. You can expect to begin your first project within three days of your demo call.


PeoplePerHour requires only a simple sign-up to get started and you can start posting jobs as soon as you create an account. 

Either source your own team or hire a project manager to do it for you. Your first project can begin as soon as your team is up to speed on your brand, your goals, and any processes you require.

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Designity vs. PeoplePerHour: What’s the Verdict?

So, which platform works best for you?

PeoplePerHour and Designity can both streamline your hiring process by connecting you with top-tier marketing and creative talent.

But if you’re truly looking for a one-stop shop, a place with an expert who will work with you and assist you with creative strategy as well as design, then Designity can’t be beaten.

Designity’s Creative Directors can make all the difference in your marketing campaigns. From sourcing and managing the perfect creative talent for your projects to being a resource in all things marketing and design, they’re the captains of the ship that will navigate your projects with ease and help you get the most ROI out of your marketing campaigns.

And with our super simple pricing plans, you can have all of the benefits of a Creative Director, a US-based creative team, and access to all of the services you need for one flat subscription price. Just check out our community portfolio to see how Designity has been able to elevate the marketing and visuals of brands just like yours.

So, does Designity check all of your boxes?

If it does (and we think that it does), why not book your demo call today? Let's get you started with your no-obligation trial so you can see firsthand the difference Designity can make for your brand!

*For a more visual comparison of PeoplePerHour vs. Designity, click here!

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