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Which Creative Services Platform Is Your Best Fit?

April 25, 2024
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There are a few simple truths in marketing.

One of those truths is that something as important as your marketing strategy, your branding, and your visuals needs to be created by a trusted source, a service provider that understands your vision, that delivers high-quality results, and that just …“gets” you.

And finding that right partner can make all the difference in your marketing efforts. Which is why, for many brands, the search for the perfect creative marketing partner is such a crucial task.

MarketerHire and Designity are two popular options that often end in the same conversation about creative marketing services. But is either of these platforms the right choice for you?

If you’re on the fence about it, then today’s your lucky day.

Today’s blog is taking you through the ins and outs of freelance platform MarketerHire and Creative as a Service platform Designity to help you make an informed decision about whether either of these providers best suits you and your brand’s marketing needs!

Let’s get started.

Who is MarketerHire?

Logo for MarketerHire, a freelance platform being compared with Designity.

MarketerHire is a freelance platform that aims to streamline the hiring process for businesses in need of marketing talent by connecting them with the pre-vetted freelance talent they need for specific projects or ongoing needs.

Providing these services is very helpful because it eliminates the need for these companies to go through the lengthy and sometimes hit-or-miss process of hiring an in-house team for marketing and design (or having to let go of that team when their salaries no longer fit the budget) or spend time sourcing freelancers.

MarketerHire’s platform features freelancers with marketing talent in a wide range of areas, like digital marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, SEO, and finance, as well as creative marketing experts in graphic design, copywriting, web design, video editing, and more.

Who is Designity?

Designity is a full-service Creative as a Service platform that connects businesses with a creative team to take on their marketing projects and create any digital or physical collateral they need.

Designity is an alternative to traditional freelance marketplaces and in-house creative teams, providing the top 3% of creative marketing experts in graphic design, branding strategy, copywriting, web design and development, video editing, NFT design, motion graphics, and more on a subscription-based and budget-friendly plan.

How Designity Stacks up to MarketerHire’s Freelance Platform

A smiling Designity blob beside a stack of colorful bricks.

But how does MarketerHire stack up to Designity?

To help you decide which of these two solution providers gives you what you’re looking for, we’ve put together a detailed comparison based on each platform’s key features.


Have a look and see which works best for you!

1. Project Management


Designity sets up each account with a designated Creative Director with 10+ years of experience in creative strategy, project management, team leadership, and design.

Your Creative Director acts as a project manager and your single point of contact for your account. They will handle everything from quality control to sourcing and managing the members of your creative team and keeping up with your timeline.


MarketerHire’s administrative team handles the recruitment of a freelancer and while they do periodically check up to see that the partnership is working out, once you are matched, it will be up to you to provide your freelancer with creative direction, quality assurance, and project management.

2. Your Creative Team


Your creative team will vary based on the plan you choose (Essentials, Plus, or Premium) and will be handpicked by your designated Creative Director according to the skills your projects will require.

The number of Creatives on your account varies according to your plan but can always be rotated based on the skills needed for your project (i.e., a graphic designer swapped out for a copywriter, who can then be swapped out for a web designer.)

All Designity Creatives are pre-vetted to eliminate any quality, language, or time zone issues, and represent the top 3% of the thousands of candidates that apply. This ensures that Designity's talent pool is always made up of the top talent in their creative fields. 


Your marketing team can consist of as many freelancers as you wish to hire but they will be working independently and billing you separately. 

3. Turnaround Times


At the beginning of a project, you and your Creative Director will come up with a timeline to determine when you need your deliverables completed. 

You will have access to this timeline and progress made at all times and your deadlines are guaranteed.


Deadlines for your projects will be determined by you and the freelance marketer you are working with.

4. Scope of Services

A number of different screens representing software for different services, like web design, graphic design, video editing, and analytics.


Designity is a one-stop shop for all of your marketing needs, providing everything from graphic design and illustration to copywriting, video production, 3D motion graphics, digital marketing campaigns, social media, and more.


As suggested by the name, MarketerHire specializes in connecting businesses with marketing experts. 

You may have trouble matching with a freelancer if you have any artistic or creative design projects to be completed.

5. Client Onboarding Process


Once you book a demo call with Designity, you will meet with an Account Executive, who will chat with you to better understand your brand, your goals, your company culture, and the services you need to complete your marketing projects.

After this, you’ll be matched with a Creative Director who best matches your personality, style, and the skills you need.

You can expect to begin your first project within three days of your demo call.


To start with MarketerHire, fill out their intake form on their website, detailing what kind of services and experience you are looking for in a freelancer.

You will then be notified by email once their AI system matches you with a marketer, typically within 48 hours of completing your intake form. Your introductory email will contain some information, background, and contact information from your potential new hire, allowing you to schedule a consultation with them.

You can then interview the freelancer yourself to determine if they are the right fit for your marketing needs. If you decide to move forward, expect to start your first project within a week, once you’ve brought your new hire up to speed with your goals.

6. Trial Period


Each Designity plan starts with a trial period; 2 weeks for a monthly plan, 3 weeks for a quarterly plan, and four weeks for a yearly plan.

During your trial period, your creative team will treat your account like any regular plan and work on as many projects as you wish, turning in deliverables as they are completed.

If you decide that Designity is not for you by the end of the trial, then you can end the partnership without making any kind of payment, though you will lose access to any deliverables completed during that time.

If, on the other hand, you wish to continue with Designity, your trial is absorbed into your first billing statement.


MarketerHire offers a 5-hour risk-free trial with any new freelancer you start with, meaning that you should closely monitor your freelancer’s output in their first few hours of working for you.

If you are not satisfied with those first 5 hours of work, MarketerHire will not bill you for those services and you can either go elsewhere for the marketing support you need or get matched with another freelancer and repeat the process.

7. Pricing & Plans


Designity offers you three subscription-based plans to choose from with the option to pay monthly, quarterly, or yearly.

Though each plan gives you unlimited project requests and revisions, they do come with different features and a creative team of varying sizes to help you meet your marketing goals. 

  • Essentials — starting at $3,495 / mo for a monthly subscription. Includes 1 Creative at a time, plus Creative Director.
  • Plus — starting at $5,495 / mo for a monthly subscription. Includes 2 Creatives at a time, plus Creative Director.
  • Premium — starting at $8,495 / mo for a monthly subscription. Includes 3 Creatives at a time, plus Creative Director.

Whichever plan you choose, Designity guarantees that you’ll never face any unexpected charges or revision fees, ever.


Rates will vary based on your individual freelancer's hourly rate and the services they provide, but a general pricing estimate for one freelancer might look like this:

  • 10 hours/week: $800–$1,600/week
  • 20 hours/week: $1,400–$2,800/week
  • 40 hours/week: $2,300–$5,100/week

MarketerHire also charges a "soft commitment fee" that starts at $1,500 a month.

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Designity vs. MarketerHire: The Final Verdict

Now that you have the facts and the numbers laid out in front of you, all that’s left is deciding if one of these platforms is the marketing solution you’re looking for.

Designity and MarketerHire are both excellent choices for connecting you with top marketing talent without the need for hiring an in-house team or sourcing them yourself from websites like Upwork, Fiverr, and 99Designs.

But if what you’re looking for is that connection with top-tier talent, plus an expert to provide creative direction, strategy, and quality control, then there is no comparison!

Designity’s Creative Directors make all the difference in your marketing projects, drawing from their many years of experience to provide you with marketing strategy and design expertise. They’ll know the exact talent to put on your team and set you up for success from the very beginning.

Plus, Designity’s flat subscription pricing covers not just one single freelancer with one expertise, but a creative team and access to an entire pool of talent, allowing you to rotate experts in and out to match the skills your project requires, no matter how niche those skills may be.

Check out our wide range of services and our community portfolio to see how Designity’s innovative Creative as a Service platform and elite pool of talent has been able to elevate other brands just like yours.

Whenever you’re ready, book your demo call and we can get you started on that trial period we mentioned earlier, so you can see first-hand the difference Designity can make for your brand.

Are you ready to meet the only creative marketing platform you’ll ever need?

If you’d like a more visual comparison of MarketerHire vs. Designity, please click that link. 

And if you’d like to see how Designity compares to other creative service providers, click there for a handy comparison chart.

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