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Inspiring Logo Designs of 2022

January 27, 2023
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Well, here we are.

Almost an entire month into 2023.

How are things going so far?

If you’re a graphic designer, then the new year probably brought with it plenty of new projects. So, if you’ve got projects piling up, you’re probably in need of inspiration right about now.

And if any of those projects are about logo design, then we’ve got you covered.

We’ve asked the creative directors of Designity for their favorite logo designs of 2022 and they delivered!

So, the next time you’re all out of logo ideas, here are some beautiful logos to inspire you throughout the year and get those juices flowing again!

Princess Craft RV

Princess Craft RV logo design.

“An open road, green grass, and a cute way to see the world. This logo almost converts a non-camper like me.” — Cristin, Designity CD

Princess Craft RV is an RV company out of Round Rock, Texas.

They’re doing great now, but getting to the point where they were standing out in their industry wasn’t a simple journey. When they decided to reimagine their whole brand identity, they reached out to Designity and were quickly paired with CD, Cristin.

And since an integral part of brand identiy is a great logo, that was a big part of the project too.

With Cristin at the helm, Princess Craft RV explored multiple concepts with fonts, colors, and variations until they finally arrived at their current logo, pictured above.

We love the combination of the RV and the open road and so would any road warrior!

The colors, shapes, and design are also a perfect complement to each other and a definite way to stand out from their competitors.

Why this is a trend for 2023: In Cristin’s own words:

“Open, inviting, friendly. Honestly, it’s time to lighten up.”


OGEEZ! Colorful logo design

When cannabis company OGEEZ! found themselves in need of a fresh, new brand identity, they came to Designity for help with design elements and some cool logo ideas. 

CD Sitara and her team jumped into action to craft a vibrant, fun, and consistent new visual identity for OGEEZ!, using the company’s mantra, “Flavoring Life” as their inspiration.

The resulting new logo is the playful use of color, font, and shapes that you see above. The perfect way for OGEEZ! to convey to their customers what it truly means to be a modern-day cannabis company.

Tenjin AI

Tenjin AI logo design

Tenjin AI had just rebranded when they came to Designity.

The only problem was that something was still missing. They wanted to elevate their logo system with an icon, which meant they needed something that was simple, yet still complimented their existing logo system in a meaningful way.

CD Sitara and graphic designer, George M. jumped right in to help brainstorm the right concepts to use.


The result was better than expected, the perfect logo for this financial services company.

Tenjin AI now has a striking and unique logo that plays off of their industry and helps set them apart from competitors. 

We love the use of the infinity symbol with the function f to convey their use of artificial intelligence algorithms!

Why these two logos are a trend for 2023: CD Sitara has this to say:

“Brands continue to have the need for a simplified/minimal logo and icon along with a comprehensive logo system instead of just one logo. 

To take that even further, there’s sort of an anti-logo trend to establish such great brand consistency that branding recognition does not rely on a logo at all.”

Simplicity is key!


Otaku — A Japanese word for a young person who is obsessed with aspects of popular culture, particularly anime, manga, video games, or computers.

Really, the perfect name for this Japanese anime brand of comfortable streetwear. When they came to Designity in search of a professional logo designer, CD Matthew and Graphic Designer Ashton got to work.

Part of the appeal of the logo they created is capturing the street vibe, which Ashton was able to do phenomenally. 

In Ashton’s words:

“With the client being a Japanese anime streetwear brand, a big part of the design process was capturing the street vibe. Graffiti was one of the clear inspirations to use for a wordmark, but designing a logo based on graffiti is a risky game to play. 

I decided to take the essential characteristics of graffiti letterforms, like thick strokes and small counters, and give them a modern yet stylistic twist to create a custom wordmark that remained legible yet fun. 

The last visual cherry on top of it all was the small ninja star, in reference to some of the most popular anime.”

Why this is a trend for 2023: According to Ashton, “I think more abstract letterforms have the potential to really shine this year. Graphic design overall is starting to take a more experimental turn, and logos could be a part of that (or they should, anyway).”

CD Matthew says, “With Japanese animation exploding even more into the mainstream media in 2023, thanks to streaming platforms featuring and hosting previously difficult-to-find series, anime-everything is going to continue its domination.

This logo, which was developed for a streetwear brand, features kawaii flourishes and stylized linework ripped out of the pages of your favorite manga comics. It stylistically adds to the anime trends we’re sure to see more of in 2023!”


Fortreum Logo Design

Fortreum is a cyber security company that came to Designity for a much-needed website redesign.

A secure and responsive platform is a must in the cyber security industry. Creative director Pooyan and his team got on it. After several rounds of wireframe options, Fortreum was the proud owner of a sleek, new custom platform, complete with the exciting and new logo pictured above.

We love the use of vivid, neon logo colors and gradients in its new design!

Why this is a trend for 2023 according to Pooyan:

“Abstract gradients have been gaining popularity in graphic design, especially when it comes to branding. This unique style creates a nostalgic and surreal feel in the art, drawing the viewer into an alternate reality. 

I believe this alluring aesthetic, characterized by the fusion of vintage color, shades, and noisy gradients will continue to dominate and evolve within the realm of graphic design through 2023.”

Time to logo, go …

You’ve seen some great work, now go and create a logo for your own clients!

The next time you’ve got a logo design project to think about, we hope you can come back to this article and find some trends and inspiration to keep you going!

After all, logos are a very important part of a company’s brand identity.

Their logo is on their company’s website, their business cards, their social media, and more. If someone is trusting you with that responsibility, it’s because they know they’re hiring a designer who is capable of producing amazing, original, and clever work.

Get out there and start creating! 

What inspires you the most?

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