Logo & Branding Design for Tenjin AI



Tenjin AI had already recently rebranded, including a new type logo, but something was missing. They wanted to elevate their logo system by adding an icon to the current type logo system. The creative challenge was to make sure that it compliments the existing type logo while being able to stand by itself. Sitara D. and creative, George M. were eager to help starting with a brainstorming session to  identify symbols that would support Tenjin AI's mission in a meaningful way.

Thorough competitor research ensured that the new symbol would not only be unique to them, but also the industry they serve. After exploring a multitude of options, the client chose an icon combining several relevant symbols in one: An abstract combination of the  infinity symbol, hidden function f, and rising financial graphs to convey Tenjin AI's ability to use AI algorithms to balance out financial risk, while opening the user's potential to infinite financial gain.

Creative Director

Logo & Branding Design for Tenjin AI
Sitara D.
16+ Years
Graphic Design, Website Design, Mobile App Design


Scope of Work
Research, ideation, logo development
Involved Creatives

George M. | New York | Graphic Design

Plan type
Plus Plan
Project Duration
3 Weeks