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How to Add Photo Montage and Screencast Video to Your Video Marketing Efforts

October 5, 2023
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The goal of every marketer out there is to quickly capture and then keep your audience’s attention. Yet, with so much to compete with these days on the Internet and social media platforms, it’s a challenge to capture your audience’s attention in a way that stands out amongst everything else you’re competing with.

For many, the obvious solution to that problem is video. Video is engaging, it’s fun, and it doesn’t require much effort from your audience. 

What it does require though is footage. Traditional video content often involves shooting footage, editing, and production efforts and, if you’re a small business on a small budget, that might be a bit too much to handle. 

So, if lack of footage has been keeping you from adding video to your marketing efforts, then let us be the first to tell you about a wonderful alternative!

Photo montages and screencast videos are excellent ways to add video to your content marketing without needing footage or hiring a video production team.

Ready to get started?

Today’s blog will be your guide in using photo montages and screencast videos to tell your story and achieve marketing success!

What are Photo Montages and Screencast Videos?


A screen with a screencast video displayed.

If you’ve never heard of either of these two video techniques, then you’re in for a treat because these are two easy ways to add video to your marketing efforts without having to pick up a camera (or pay someone to pick up a camera for you).

Here's a brief explanation:

Screencast Videos: Screencast videos are digital recordings of a computer or mobile device screen, usually paired up with a voiceover or accompanying text. You’ll most likely see them used to explain some type of concept, whether it’s how to do something online or how to perform a function using a certain software. They’re excellent tools because they’re engaging and make it easy for your audience to follow along.

Photo montages: If you’ve ever been subjected to slides of someone’s vacation, then just know that photo montages aren’t that! They are created by combining multiple photos or other images into one single piece, often accompanied by catchy music, a voiceover, or text. If used right, they can be a very helpful tool for telling a story or showcasing a product or service.

And now that you’re up to speed, here is how you can use the power of both of these non-camera video tools to engage and captivate your audience!

1. Explainer Videos

A screencast or photo montage is a convenient way to make an explainer video without having to actually animate. 

If you have a tech product, screencast videos are especially useful for software or app tutorials, to explain new features, or just as a general introduction to your tech. They also make a great tool for internal use! 

Use a screencast and easily explain how to access safety and compliance training or to show new hires how to use company software or go through specific processes.

A good photo montage can also be used for these purposes as well, demonstrating the steps through single images instead of screen recordings.

2. How-to Guides

Set up your loyal customers for success with an engaging and easy-to-follow how-to guide to ensure that they know exactly how to use your product!

Whether you choose to take advantage of a screen-recorded video or photo montage, a step-by-step guide with helpful narration can be the difference maker for your customer.

Stick them on your product pages, share them on social media, or add them to the Frequently Asked Questions section of your website to lend aid or address any common issues that your customers run into. This also has the double benefit of saving your customer support team some time!

3. Digital Ads

Sometimes giving your viewers a sneak peek into your product or software is a great way to get them excited about it.

And while we’re on the subject of digital ads, did you know that video ads are 25% more engaging than static ads? 

Imagine that. So, if you can use video of your product in action as part of your marketing campaign, then you should definitely take advantage. Do so by using screen recordings or photo montages as part of your video arsenal and make your digital ads irresistible to your potential customers!

4. Bring Information to Life

Infographics are fun and engaging and all, but … infographics turned into a video?

That’s the stuff right there.

Use photo montages or screen recorded videos to sum up the data discussed in your infographics, your whitepapers, case studies, and more to make information that much easier to digest for not only your customers but your shareholders and partners too!

You can also use it as a TL;DR companion to supplement your blogs and keep your info accessible to everyone!

5. Product Promos

If you’ve ever checked out a car or a house online, you’ve likely seen photo montage techniques that help you see the backseat, front seat, living room, trunk, or backyard of whatever you’re looking at from multiple angles.

This can also be applied to all kinds of products, like gear, clothing, furniture, and more to show your customers all aspects of what you’re offering them.

Pair it with stock photography, a good photo editor, or even AI-generated backgrounds for very striking visuals that are sure to please!

As a bonus, if your product is a next-generation version or upgrade, you can also use a good photo montage to show its evolution over time and really highlight all of the improvements and value that has been added for your customer!

6. Highlights

Need to get folks excited about an upcoming event?

Photo montages are excellent ways to highlight both internal and customer-facing company events or conferences and drum up interest for the things to come!

Use photos of key moments, speakers, attendees having a great time, and anything else you think would drive home the value of your event, promote future events like it, or just recap what all went down!

Our Favorite Tools

A heart in a caption.


To start creating videos that look sharp and engage your audience, here is a list of our favorite photo montage makers and screen recording tools!

Follow the links in each entry to see which works best for you.

Photo Montage Tools

  • Adobe Express/ Premiere Pro – Adobe has great products for creating a photo montage, giving you the ability to make stunning visuals and add text or graphics without breaking a sweat. Choose Express (Formally Spark!) if you’re an editing novice and Premiere if you’ve got some experience under your belt!
  • AnimotoAnimoto is a user-friendly video creation platform that can simplify the process of turning photos into video clips. It’s simple to use and accessible for beginners!
  • CanvaCanva is a versatile graphic design platform that makes it easy to upload and arrange your photos, add text, and apply effects and filters for a stunning montage that really catches the eye! It comes in both free and paid versions!
  • Filmora – If you’d rather use video editing software for your photo montage but Premiere Pro is too intimidating, you might enjoy Filmora instead. It offers a range of features that allow you to easily add your photos and add text, effects, music, and more for some excellent photo montages!

Screencast Video Tools

  • Screencastify Extension: Screencastify is offered as a Google Chrome video recorder extension that lets you capture your screen, add annotations, and even record yourself with your webcam. Perfect for making how-to videos or sharing presentations. There’s a free and paid version, so check out what works best for you here!
  • ScreenPal: Formally Screencast-O-Matic, this is your go-to tool for creating simple yet effective screen recordings. With ScreenPal, you can capture your screen, add narration, and edit your videos right in your web browser. It is also offered as a Chrome extension so you can add it directly to your browser! There are several budget-friendly plans to choose from. Check them out on their pricing page.
  • Camtasia: Camtasia is a powerful screen recording and video editing software by TechSmith, packed with features for creating amazing-looking and professional videos. In addition to capturing your screen, it can also add animations and effects. It’s an investment though, so check out their pricing page to make sure this is the right choice for you.
  • Loom: Loom brings a personal touch to screen recordings. Not only can you record your browser tabs, but you can also include your face via webcam. A Designity favorite, Loom is great for sending video messages or explaining things face-to-face, even when you're not in the same room. The free version is great as is, but if you need the Business plan, you can check out pricing here.

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Need a Non-Video, Video Expert?

Of course, if you don’t have the time to devote to creating your photo montages or learning how to use the software needed for an effective screen recording, there’s always another way.

Designity is made up of the top 3% of US-based creative talent, including all of the graphic designers, video editors, copywriters, and more that you need to take your screencast recordings and photo montages from amateur to “wow, that looks awesome.”

And with all of your creative team operating under the guidance of an experienced Creative Director, you won’t worry about having to source talent or edit videos yourself. Just give us your images, tell us what you need to be recorded, and let your CD handle the rest.

Sound like a plan?

Check out our motion graphic and video along with our photo montage and screencast video services pages to see what we can do.

How do you use photo montage and screencast video for your marketing efforts?

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