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How to Add Video Production to Your Marketing Arsenal

July 19, 2023
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There’s a reason that 92% of marketers see video as an essential part of their marketing strategy and it's the same reason that 86% report that marketing videos are a highly effective way of generating new leads for their business.

Video content is extremely effective and it’s not hard to see why. 

Videos are engaging, they’re versatile, and they can present content in an easy-to-digest form that doesn’t require any reading.

They’re so effective that 87% of marketers have reported a positive ROI for video content in 2022.

Have the stats convinced you?

We hope so, because if your brand isn’t using video as part of your digital marketing strategies, then it really should be! If you’re ready to get started, then this blog is going to show you that adding video to your strategies might just be easier than you think!

Types of Video Production Content

There are many different types of video production techniques, and you can turn pretty much any of your content into high-quality video. But if you're looking for easy examples of how you can quickly incorporate video into your digital marketing strategies, here’s a list to help you get started.

Explainer Videos

If you’ve got products or services that require a little education to either convince your potential customers to purchase or show them how to use their purchases correctly, an explainer/tutorial video is an easy way to provide that extra help.

Whether your tutorial is live-action or animated, it’s a much more engaging way to explain your products and services to your customers than asking them to read a manual or guide.

If you already have written guides, then great! You’ve already got a script to start from!

An added benefit is that making your products and services easy to understand via tutorials also helps you increase your conversion rates by boosting your user’s understanding and confidence in your offerings.

Bonus: Get creative, because creating videos that are as entertaining as they are educational makes it easy to convince customers to watch!

Testimonials and Reviews for Crowd-Sourced Video Production

A testimonial along with a 4 star review. Testimonials and reviews are great subjects for using video.

Again, why read it when you can see it?

Reading a quote left by a happy customer is nowhere near effective as putting a face and a voice to that happy customer. 

Seeing the actual subject makes them more real in your customers' or social media followers’ minds, lending more trust and credibility to their testimonials and your products or services in general.

Content like this can also include product unboxing as well as reviews for an entertaining way to engage potential customers and get them excited about your products. Just seeing that customer’s satisfaction and your product in action, showcasing its benefits on camera for the world to see, could be just what you need to coax a hesitant customer into a conversion.

Bonus: You don’t even have to be the creator of these videos. If you have a robust social media following, you can ask your followers for some user-generated content!  Encourage your social media followers to post their testimonials and reviews on your socials.

Sure, professional video is great and all, but sometimes amateur video just works better, and this is one of those times. Skip the post-production phase and keep those user-submitted videos raw for more credibility!

Going Live

Live video streaming is a great way to engage with your audience, especially on social media. 

It can give your potential customers the warm, fuzzy feeling of a face-to-face interaction, and that goes a long way to helping you build trust and community amongst your social media followers.

If you’re looking for ideas, live video content can be behind-the-scenes updates, new product announcements, Q&As, giveaways for a contest, and more!

Product Demos

Nothing showcases the value of your product to your audience like watching it in action!

Using product demos on your social pages or your website is a great way to either educate your audience on how to use your product correctly (and see how easy it is to use!) and demonstrate just how effective it is at its job.

If you can set your product demo up with a narrative it can be even more effective. 

What do we mean by narrative?

Think about the infomercials you watched late at night in the ‘90s when you couldn’t sleep. Even though they were hokey and silly and made the black-and-white “before” actors look like hopeless fools you’d never want to sell anything sharp to, they still had the right idea with the “before and after” narrative.

Just dial it back some and realistically show the before and after for maximum impact.

Bonus: Good product demo videos can also be shared and reposted across social media to help you reach new members of your target audience!

Sneak Peeks

A winking Designity blob on a smartphone screen, surrounded by heart reactions and comments. Sneak peeks make great material for video content.

Giving your customers and followers extra online experiences is a free and easy way to build up engagement and reward them for their loyalty!

Everyone likes being “in the know” before their friends, after all.

Sneak peeks of upcoming products or even behind-the-scenes clips of your manufacturing, testing, or distribution process for your social media followers or email subscribers can be a fun experience for your audience.

The content can be whatever works best for you, whether that’s your upcoming actual product or service in action, an engaging interview with an employee, or a cool animation. 

Just be enthusiastic and make it exciting, like a movie preview for what’s to come.

Story Telling

Telling a brand story can help you to build an emotional connection with your followers and target audience.

This type of video production can be something as simple as featuring filmed customer stories, storifying your brand origin, or even ads that are based on your brand values and mission statement.

For real-world examples of the “values” technique, check out Dove’s “Real Beauty” campaign, built around body positivity, loving yourself, exploring how you perceive others. 

Or Sargento Cheese’s commercials featuring family members and togetherness, or Subaru’s “Love” campaign, showcasing gushing customers and their brand’s commitment to safety, reliability, and adventure.

And don’t worry if you don’t have a huge production team to make an ad of this scale. If your budget needs a simple animation or just a few subjects, that’s alright. Anything that tells a story about your happy customer or about you will do the job just fine. 

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Lights, Camera … Your Digital Marketing in Action?

If your videos connect with your audience in the right way and are engaging and entertaining on top of that, they might even go viral!

We see social media videos spreading like wildfire all of the time, which is just awesome for amplifying your brand’s awareness and increasing your conversions!

And if you’re sold on adding video to your digital marketing strategies, but don’t know much about the video production process, then don’t worry. That doesn’t mean videos are out of your reach or that you have to drop thousands and thousands of dollars by hiring a video production company.

How to Create a Video That Sells

Like with any successful digital marketing strategy, the process for making a great video that converts follows a well-defined creative process:

  1. Define your audience’s pain points. You can do this on your own, but an experienced creative consultant can really help. Hmm. I wonder where you can find one …
  2. Define how you are qualified to be a guide for the audience.
  3. Brainstorm topics for your videos that demonstrate your ability to empathize with the audience’s pain points, and to offer practical solutions. Create a list of topics from this brainstorming session. Boy, a Creative Director / creative consultant could sure come in handy here.
  4. Pull in a qualified video producer to develop low-fidelity storyboards for the videos. Wow, is this turning into a Designity pitch? Imagine that!
  5. Pull in a copywriter to work on scripts, calls to action, and further topic ideation.
  6. Pull in an illustrator to refine the low-fidelity storyboard into something more defined and actionable.
  7. Pull in a senior video producer and an animator to collaborate on creating the motion elements.
  8. Continue refining until completion, then rinse and repeat.

A Better Way: Leverage a Strategic Video Platform

So, why not take advantage of Designity’s video production services or motion graphic services?

Designity has the top 3% of vetted, US-based creative talent, who specialize in animation, motion graphics, video editing, and more! 

They know everything about what video production involves and can jump in at any stage of your video production process, whether you have existing footage or just need to polish stock footage to meet your brand’s needs.

Let us know how we can help! We’d love to get your brand the video content it needs to help you reach wider audiences and boost your overall business!

How do you use video in your marketing strategies?

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