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Are Freelance Platforms the Best Solution to Your Creative Needs?

May 1, 2024
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It’s a busy world out there for marketers and, oftentimes, it’s a busy world with a tight budget.

So, when it comes time to scale your marketing, many brands opt to do so — or have no other choice but to do so — without committing to full-time hires. This leaves them relying on freelance talent to get their important marketing projects done.

To meet this need, platforms like MarketerHire aim to take the head-hunting aspect out of it by providing a pool of pre-vetted freelance talent. And while this does streamline the hiring process and fill gaps in your strategies, is MarketerHire the best marketing solution for you?

If you aren’t sure, then we’re here to help you find out!

Today’s blog is giving you everything you need to know about how MarketerHire works, the benefits it can bring your brand, and whether those benefits are enough to make it the right choice for you!

What is MarketerHire?

MarketerHire is a freelance talent platform that connects businesses with expert marketers in a variety of specialties, like digital marketing, social media marketing, email campaigns, search engine optimization (SEO), PPC advertising, and more.

By giving businesses easy access to pre-vetted marketing freelancers, MarketerHire eliminates the need for those businesses to hire in-house teams or look for new hires on sites like LinkedIn, Upwork, Fiverr, or other freelance platforms whenever they need a marketing project completed.

How to Use MarketerHire for Freelance Marketing Projects in 5 Steps

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Sounds like something you could get behind? 

If your brand is in serious need of someone with the right skills to fill a gap or work on a marketing campaign, perhaps a freelance platform like MarketerHire could be of use to you.

Below, we’ll outline the steps you’ll need to take to connect with a freelancer through MarketerHire’s platform and start getting your marketing projects completed.

1. Define Your Goals

First, decide on the projects that need your attention. 

Is it something with a large scope like building a new website? Something a little smaller scale like designing packaging for your newest product? Something long-term like launching a social media marketing campaign? Optimizing your SEO strategies?

Whatever it is, establish your goals, set a realistic timeline for when you want this to be complete, and then decide what kind of services you’ll need to get you from point A to point B.

2. Fill Out the Intake Form

Once you have an idea of what you’re looking to accomplish, go to the MarketerHire website and fill out their intake form.

The form will ask you some questions about your brand, the work you need done, the hours you want your freelancer to work (part-time vs. full-time), and the length of time you’re anticipating your partnership to last.

Fill out the questions as needed and then submit your form.

3. Get Matched with a Freelancer

After you finish filling out your intake form, MarketerHire will use its matching algorithm to assess freelancers on its platform for their skills, experience, and availability in order to match you with the freelancer that best fits the needs you described in your intake form.

This typically takes about 48 hours.

Once the algorithm has matched you with a freelancer, MarketerHire will reach out to you via email to let you know and introduce you to your match. This email typically includes some info on the freelancer, including their background, expertise, and links to their portfolio or LinkedIn profile, so you can get a better feel for their qualifications and see if they fit your requirements.

4. Schedule Your Consultation Call

If you feel like your match is a good fit for your needs, MarketerHire will then arrange an introductory call with your freelancer so you can get better acquainted.

This call will also give you a chance to discuss your project in detail, as well as make sure that your potential new hire is a fit personality-wise and understands your expectations, goals, processes, communication preferences, and when you expect your first deliverables.

If, after this introductory call, you feel that you and your freelancer are not a fit, you can always reach out to MarketerHire to let them know, and their computer will match you with someone else.

5. Begin Your Partnership

But if all goes well and you feel like your freelancer is a fit, then congratulations to you both!

It will be up to you to manage your freelancer, so be sure they are clear on your goals and timeline plus any software or processes you want them to use and let them get to work!

MarketerHire will reach out periodically to you both to make sure that the partnership is going smoothly.

If it isn’t by the first day, then all is not lost. Each MarketerHire partnership starts with a 5-hour trial. Use this time to assess the freelancer’s output to make sure that their work matches your expectations. If, within those 5 hours, you decide that you aren’t a match after all, you can either end the partnership without any payment obligation or you can request a re-match and MarketerHire will use their computer to match you with someone else.

Pros and Cons of Using MarketerHire Freelancers

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So, now that you know the process … is MarketerHire the right choice for you? 

Let’s weigh some pros and cons.


  • Access to Pre-Vetted Talent — MarketerHire screens all marketers by looking at their experience, client feedback, and work samples before adding them to their network. This pre-vetting process not only saves you time but makes sure that the freelancers you connect with have the right skills and experience to be able to give you high-quality results.
  • Quick Matching Process — MarketerHire prides itself on its ability to match you with a freelancer within 48 hours. This quick matching is ideal, especially if you’re on a tight deadline.
  • Wide Range of Expertise — MarketerHire gives you access to freelance marketers with a wide range of expertise, from digital marketing and SEO to content writing and social media. This lets you find exactly the right expert for your specific marketing needs.
  • Flexibility — You can decide if you want to employ your freelancer for a short-term project, part-time work, or a full-time engagement.
  • Efficient Process — MarketerHire handles all the logistics, from matching you with the right freelancer to managing payments.


  • Cost — MarketerHire freelancers come at a premium, plus the minimum $1,500 monthly commitment fee MarketerHire charges to use their platform. If your business is on a tight budget, this may put you over what you can afford. 
  • Limited Control Over Selection Process — MarketerHire offers highly qualified candidates, but their computers do the matching. While this can work out just fine, many businesses prefer a more personal approach.
  • Platform Policies — Using MarketerHire means that you may be bound to its terms and conditions.
  • Risk of Mismatch — Despite access to high-quality talent and advanced matching algorithms, there is always a risk that the freelancer you get matched with won’t be a fit for you.

Is There Another Way?

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But if you’re looking for another, simpler, and more personal way to get matched with creative and marketing talent, then perhaps you’ve already found it.

Designity is a Creative as a Service platform that can give you all of the benefits (and more) that MarkterHire can, without the cons that come with it.

Let’s explore those benefits now.

Benefits of Designity’s Creative as a Service Platform for Your Creative Marketing Needs

  • Personalized Matching — Rather than let a computer match you with a freelancer, Designity Account Executives meet with you 1:1 to get a better feel for your brand, the scope of services you’re looking for, and your personality and communication preferences. They then personally match you with a designated Creative Director.
  • Project Management — Instead of having to manage your freelancer yourself, your Creative Director will act as your project director and single point of contact. They’ll take charge of your account and handle everything from sourcing and managing freelancers to keeping your projects on your timeline.
  • Unlimited Pool of Talent — Instead of access to a single freelancer with a specific set of skills, Designity’s model allows you to switch the members of your creative team whenever you need. Swap out a graphic designer for a copywriter, a video expert for a web developer, or a motion graphics artist with an animator. This ensures that whatever talent your projects need, you’ll have an expert on your team who can get it done.
  • Budget-Friendly — Instead of paying for all of your talent separately, Designity offers three straightforward subscription plans, with unlimited project requests and revisions. No retainers, no revision fees, no commitment fees, no unexpected charges, ever.
  • Trial Period — Start your partnership with a two, three, or four-week trial (depending on your plan) and test drive Designity’s services without having to make a commitment. 

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So, what do you think?

Could Designity be the creative marketing solution you’re looking for?

We think so.

Book your demo call today and let’s get you started with that trial we mentioned earlier so you can see for yourself the difference Designity’s innovative CaaS platform and top-tier talent pool can do for your marketing efforts.

Are you ready for a one-stop solution to your creative marketing needs?

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