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The Pros and Cons of Fiverr for Logo Design

January 24, 2023
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What is the first thing you see when you first come in contact with a new brand? 

Typically, it’s their logo. Your company logo says a lot about your business, and whether or not your customer base realizes it, it’s the first thing they judge, too. 

A great logo can be the launching pad for a great business. A cluttered and messy logo can be the very thing that drags you down like a cannonball around the ankles. 

This is why it’s so important for businesses to take a closer look at their logo design and more specifically, at who they’re investing in to design their logo. 

In this blog, we’re going to take a look at Fiverr logo design and help you determine whether or not it’s worth it for your logo design project. 

But first…

Why are logos so dang important?

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Logo design is an important aspect of branding for businesses because it serves as the visual representation of the company and its values. A well-designed logo can communicate a business's essence and help create a strong, memorable brand identity. Here are a few reasons why logo design is important for businesses:

Recognition: Your logo is the first thing your customer sees when they come into contact with your brand, and it serves as the primary visual identifier for the company. A well-designed logo that is easily recognizable can help to create brand loyalty and build recognition.

Branding: A logo is an essential element of your brand's visual identity and helps to communicate the company's values, mission, and personality. A consistent and recognizable logo helps your customers easily identify your brand and your products or services.

Professionalism: A well-designed logo can communicate the professionalism and credibility of a business. A clean, simple and strong logo can help a business to be perceived as trustworthy, reputable, and established.

Marketing and advertising: A logo is an important aspect of marketing and advertising and is used in all forms of media, including print, digital and broadcast. A consistent and recognizable logo can help tie all marketing efforts together and create a sense of unity and continuity.

Flexibility: A good logo design should be simple, flexible, and timeless. It should be able to be used in a variety of different contexts, including digital media and print, and should stand the test of time.

Distinctiveness: A good logo should be distinct and differentiate the brand from others in the marketplace. A strong logo in a crowded marketplace can help a business stand out and be memorable.

Logo design is a complex process and it’s important to work with professional graphic designers to create a logo that represents your business, the right way. 

A well-designed logo will serve as an effective visual representation of your brand and can be a powerful tool in building customer recognition, loyalty, and trust.

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is an online freelance marketplace that connects businesses and individuals with freelance services, such as graphic design, writing, programming, and digital marketing. 

If you have a project on deck, you would be in charge of sourcing creative talent from their platform and setting a price that works for you. 

Brands are in charge of browsing, searching, and hiring freelancers based on their skills, experience, and portfolio. Freelancers are able to create a profile on the platform, list services, and set their own prices. 

Companies can then contact those freelancers and discuss their projects, request revisions, and make payments. 

One thing to remember is that Fiverr takes a commission from each transaction.

Fiverr logo design pros and cons

Marketer weighing the pros and cons of Fiverr logo design.

Because Fiverr is a freelance marketplace, it’s important to understand the pros and cons of working with them as a brand. 

Working with freelancers: Freelancers can provide flexibility in terms of the scope of work and project schedule, as they can often work on a project-by-project basis and can often start and finish a project quickly.

On the other hand, working with freelancers can be more difficult to manage, as they are not employees and don't have the same level of accountability.

Communication challenges: Communication with freelancers can be difficult and requires more effort to ensure everyone is on the same page and that tasks are completed as agreed. This is especially important when a freelancer is designing your company logo.

Flexibility: Sourcing creatives from a freelance marketplace like Fiverr can provide flexibility in terms of the scope of work and project schedule, as freelancers can often work on a project-by-project basis and will often start and finish a project quickly.

Quality control: Freelancers can have a variable quality of work and it can be difficult to ensure that their work meets the same standards as in-house staff. Fiverr does have quality control measures in place, but it’s up to you to take the initiative if something isn’t up to par.

Dependability: Freelancers are independent, self-employed individuals and may not be as reliable or available as an in-house team. Fiverr does not have a communication requirement for their freelance creatives.

Cost-effective: Hiring freelancers can be a cost-effective solution, as businesses are only paying for the specific services they need, rather than full-time employees with benefits. Fiverr is known for having a wide range of skill sets and that means a wide range of pricing for brands to choose from.

Sourcing and vetting creatives: Because Fiverr is a freelance marketplace, brands are in charge of vetting and sourcing their own creatives. 

This can be a plus if all you need is one designer (logo design usually only needs one), but if you are working on a rebranding project, sourcing and vetting your own creatives may prove to be an exhausting process. 

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Who should work with Fiverr?

Making the choice to work with freelancers or a platform like Fiverr is wholly dependent on you, your budget, and your needs. We typically find that the people who are happiest working with Fiverr are small businesses with one-off projects or entrepreneurs.

Mid to large-size brands typically have multiple creative projects that they are working on, and may not have the time to source and vet new creatives for every single one of them. 

Logos become true marketing assets when they’re done as part of a larger branding or rebranding project. Companies looking to take a product to market or create a brand with lasting power may need more guidance than a Fiverr freelancer can provide.

So, is Fiverr logo design worth it? If it’s your only project, and you don’t mind sourcing your own team, then yes. 

For larger companies with limited bandwidth and larger projects, it’s best to forego the freelance marketplaces for a more hands-on approach. 

Have you ever done a logo design project with Fiverr?

Let us know!

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