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Why You Should Be at DesignityCon

August 19, 2022
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The Metaverse and conferences are two things that should go hand in hand. While many different industries have used the Metaverse for conferences, the creative industry hasn’t jumped on the opportunity. 

Until now. 

Designity Con is the first creative conference that is being held in the Metaverse. The VR space was designed by Designity’s VR designers, and the format was organized by Natalie Neumann, COO, and Shahrouz Varshabi, CEO of Designity.

As a tech-enabled service provider, one of our goals is to stay 100% remote. We believe that creatives should not be limited in their workspaces. They should travel, get inspired by seeing the world, and most importantly, work from anywhere they want. 

The Metaverse has played a large role in helping us innovate and thrive with our remote work model, giving us a place to collaborate, enjoy each other’s company, and explore new possibilities. 

“We aim to establish a global, yearly conference for creatives across the globe. Our goal is to bring creatives together without limits to learn from each other in an interactive way. Designity Con 22 is just a slice of the full picture.”

-- Sharouz Varshabi, CEO, Designity

About the agenda

The agenda for Designity Con will focus on the future of creativity and how creatives and marketers can maximize the usage of NFTs, Web3, and the Metaverse in their creative work. 

The conference will bring together marketing, design, and VR leaders like Jacob Cass, Founder & Brand Consultant, JUST Creative; Patricia Rollins, Vice President, Integrated Marketing, Typeform; Cassandra Bianco, Founder, Wellbeings; and Shahrouz Varshabi, CEO, Designity. 

We will meet in Spatial, an innovative VR app where users can create fun avatars and beautiful meeting spaces. 

Day 1 

Wednesday, August 24th from 2:30 pm EST until 5:20 pm EST with an optional networking session. 


Day 2

Thursday, August 25th from 12 pm until 2:30 pm EST. This is a private event for the Designity team and will not be open to the public.

Visit our website for the full agenda. 

Why you want to be there as a marketer

The design space is continually evolving. From AI to NFTs, it feels like there’s something new to research every day, something new to experiment with to help you gain traction and get ahead of the competition. 

Designity Con will provide that leg up that you’ve been searching for by opening new creative avenues for you and your team to explore ahead of your next big campaign. 

Why you want to be there as a creative

Finding your creativity can be hard, especially when it’s your job. Designity Con was designed for creatives, by creatives which means that the topics will be interesting and engaging while immersing you in a VR space that was designed with you in mind. 

Network with your peers, listen to the insights of marketing and design leaders, meditate, and most importantly, find your spark again and try something new. 

How to participate

Participation is easy, and you don’t have to have VR glasses to join. Register for Designity Con at An automatic invite will be added to your calendar with the VR details and how to join via your Oculus Quest or your laptop.

Engage, learn, and network in the coolest conference space. Ready to reignite your creative spark? Join us for the first creative conference in the Metaverse!

Interested in partnership and speaking opportunities in the future? Email us at

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