Designity founder and CEO, Shahrouz VarshabiLinkedIn's app logo.
Founder & CEO @ Designity
Shahrouz Varshabi
An innovative Iranian-American entrepreneur and the creative leader of the pack who is always busy with making something unusual. His mission is to disrupt the traditional advertising and staffing agencies, like what Airbnb and Uber did to Hotels.
Jacob Cass, founder and CEO of JUSTCreativeLinkedIn's app logo.
Founder @ Just Creative
Jacob Cass
A well-known brand designer, strategist, TEDx speaker, educator, podcaster, business coach, community builder and the founder of JUST Creative, an award-winning branding & design consultancy that doubles as an industry-leading blog.
Photo of Cassandra, a Designity creative.LinkedIn's app logo.
Founder @ Wellbeings
Cassandra Bianco
Merging modern neuroscience with ancient Tibetan techniques. Cassandra has been featured in The New York Times for helping to demystify meditation. She’s advised some of the world's most disruptive companies including Spotify.
Patricia, a speaker for DesignityCon.LinkedIn's app logo.
Vice President @ Typeform
Patricia Rollins
Innovation-focused, strategic marketing executive with proven results in product, industry and lead generation marketing. Focused on listening to the 'voice of the customer' and delivering high-impact positioning, messaging, and digital.


Wednesday Aug 24th
Open To Public
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Natalie Neumann, COO, Designity
Meditation for Creativity
Cassandra Bianco, Founder, Wellbeings
The Future of Creativity
Shahrouz Varshabi, Founder & CEO, Designity
Creativity at Typeform
Patricia Rollins, VP, Integrated Marketing, Typeform
How Web3 & NFTs can Translate into Brand Identity
Jacob Cass, Founder & Brand Consultant, JUST Creative
Closing & Networking in Metaverse
Virtual drinks and more
Bringing together iconic leaders from NFT, Web3,
and branding experts.
Remainder of the day is for you to enjoy with yourself, your pets, your families or friends!
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Thursday Aug 25th
Members Only
A woman sitting in a chair with a laptop in her lap, applying to become the newest Designity creative.
A lightbulb, for Designity's many bright ideas.
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Welcome & Agenda of the Day
Shahrouz Varshabi / Natalie Neumann
Brainstorming Session
Moderation: Natalie Neumann
Team Share-outs
3 minutes per team to present their idea
Lunch is on us ;)
Celebrating the Winners & Closing Remarks
Natalie Neumann
Creative Director & Creative Promotions
Shahrouz Varshabi
A 3D yellow Designity blob.


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