Our Creative Vetting Process

No resume could ever showcase the complexity of creativity, and that’s why we never accept any resumes or cover letters throughout our vetting process. As creatives ourselves, we understand the challenges in finding a compatible environment to thrive in. To combat industry stigmas, we pride ourselves on being exclusively inclusive when it comes to growing our creative community.

From the thousands of applicants we receive nationwide, we
accept 5% of them based on the creativity and skills they can bring to our team.

Work With Hand-Selected Talent
or, your candidates are top noutch

6 weeks application process

Only top 5% of creatives

Specialized in +80 creative categories

Exclusive to U.S based creatives

Life-time ongoing training

Bi-weekly creativity check-ins


Build Amazing Teams, On Demand

Step 1

Rolling Recruitment 

    We don’t wait for creatives to come to us, we go to them. Using platforms like Behance and raising awareness through career fairs at universities like Parsons, we place ourselves at the right place, at the right time. Only, the right time is all the time with our rolling applications–designed so that we don’t miss any opportunity to find great candidates. 
    collaborate with clients
    collaborate with clients
    Step 2

    Advanced Video Application

      Without resumes or cover letters, our video application is designed to touch on important characteristics through a series of interactive video Q&As. Our strategic curation of questions explores areas such as work ethic and collaboration style. Qualified candidates are hand-selected based on the combination of their responses and a portfolio review.
      Step 3

      Open Q&A Session

        There’s always a lot to take in when reviewing applications, especially portfolios. Selected candidates are offered the opportunity to join an open Q&A session with our team. This event is used to put faces to names and answer any questions our applicants might have about Designity. 
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        collaborate with clients
        Step 4

        Creativity Challenge 

          To help us experience our candidates’ creativity, we use challenge projects. Each project is based on the same fictional challenge, requiring various solutions based on their creative specialty. With no right or wrong answers, these projects allow us to measure skill versatility and innovativeness. 
          Step 5

          In-Depth Assessment

            Once a challenge project is submitted, our team conducts an in-depth assessment that enacts a full-scope evaluation. This assessment explores various areas of a candidate with a magnifying glass: how they use creativity as a solution, the application of their experience, and their presentation and communication skills.
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            collaborate with clients
            Step 6


              As a final (or two-part) meeting, candidates have the opportunity to share any additional insight on their career goals. This time is meant to determine if the candidate is not only a cultural fit for us, but if we’re a good fit for their journey. Compatibility is important to us, so we make sure to cover any outstanding key points to ensure both parties have mutual expectations. 
              Step 7

              Ongoing Training 

                Pioneering an environment to thrive in doesn’t end with our vetting process. Even the greatest creatives in the world need ongoing training to stay up to date with the latest trends and market changes. To do this, we make it a priority to consistently support our community through weekly check-ins, workshops, and one-on-one training.
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