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How HCIM Reinvented Its Brand on a Budget

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Timeline: 3 Weeks | Tools Used: Miro, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator| Techniques Used: Logo Design, Trade Show Booth Design, Page Layout Design, Brand Guidelines

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Who is HCIM?

Logo design created for HCIM, a valued Designity client.

HCIM (HealthCare Information Management, Inc.) is a healthcare brand that aims to turn complexity into simplicity.

They offer consulting services and tech solutions to manage healthcare data, most notably, their flagship software, SYMKEY. These products and services are designed to reduce administrative costs and streamline the operations of healthcare payers and managed care organizations. 

But, though they had extremely valuable tech solutions to offer, HCIM was struggling with their image and with getting the visibility they needed.

So, they decided to partner with Designity.

Overcoming a Visibility Hurdle

Web design for HCIM, a Designity case study feature.
Web design for HCIM.

HCIM’s team was small; only 20 employees with a 1-person marketing team and no budget for additional creatives.

They had a logo, but it wasn’t working for them; they also lacked branding and consistency and with their flagship SYMKEY being software and not a flashy tangible product that looks great in photos, they were struggling to stand out to potential clients and show them just how much value they could bring to the table.

This led to them being overlooked at trade shows, conferences, and networking events, blending into the background instead of standing out and attracting new clients. 

Something had to change.

Creating a Compelling Brand Identity

Brand guidebook design for HCIM, a Designity case study feature.
Brand guidebook created for HCIM.

CD Collins B. was the perfect match for HCIM.

He determined that the first step to changing HCIM’s image was to build them a comprehensive brand guide, a document containing information about every aspect of their image, from their color palette to their typography, tone of voice, design style, grammar rules, and whitespace around their logo.

With a goal in mind, Collins took charge, leading a team of Creatives and working meticulously with HCIM’s leadership to help them build the brand they wanted to be, and making sure that each and every visual and textual element was consistent, cohesive, and aligned with their values and mission as a company.

The value of having an experienced Creative Director and a rotating creative team made all the difference.

With Collins working closely with HCIM’s leadership and effectively managing their brand, HCIM was able to showcase a strong brand identity, elevate their brand, and turn their invisibility problem completely around.

The Results: Cohesive Branding That Stands Out

Slide deck design created for HCIM, a Designity client.
Slide deck design for HCIM.

Collins has been such an asset to HCIM, that they’ve been a valued Designity client since 2019, even considering Collins as an integral part of their team!

The initial brand guide he helped them build worked to provide a solid brand foundation for HCIM, which allowed them to confidently evolve their brand over the years. 

Using continuous input and fresh new ideas from Collins and the team of Creatives on their account, HCIM has developed a strong and sophisticated brand identity that they feel much more accurately represents their expertise and niche in the healthcare information management industry.

HCIM now enjoys a fresh, new look that helps them stand out in a competitive market, with their sleek and compelling visuals attracting new clients everywhere they go and reinforcing their reputation as the experts in healthcare information management. 

Trade show booth design created for HCIM, a Designity client.
Trade show booth design for HCIM.

“I cannot say enough about how awesome the team has been and how much I value their services! We've been thrilled with their work and the ease of the process. They've taken the time to understand our business and work as an extension of my team. It's been seamless! Collins is phenomenal to work with; he takes the time to really listen and delivers exactly what we need. I say need because he's a true professional and I value that he takes the time to walk through a project with me and offers his suggestions for improvement. The final products he's delivered have been top notch and I'm looking forward to our upcoming projects. Cary has been awesome and is always prompt with help when I need it. I'm not always the easiest client and yet he always exceeds my expectations. Adding Designity to our team is one of the best decisions we've made, and I don't know what we ever did without them. I wish all of my vendor relationships were this great!”
– Michelle Graska, Director of Marketing & Corporate Events, HealthCare Information Management, Inc. (HCIM)

Key Takeaways from HCIM's Partnership with Designity

Fact sheets for HCIM, a Designity client and featured case study.
Fact sheet design for HCIM.

HCIM found that the most beneficial aspect of their partnership with Designity to be their Creative Director, Collins.

Since Collins was instrumental in building their brand, he has knowledge and familiarity with HCIM’s brand, making it much more convenient to create new assets as needed without needing much direction at all.

Not having to manage a creative team has also been extremely beneficial, giving HCIM’s leadership more time to devote to software development and other growth opportunities.

HCIM continues to happily work with Designity, requesting projects as needed and relying on Collins and their creative team to deliver reliable, high-quality, and on-brand materials to support their ongoing success.

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