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What Motion Graphics Can Do for Your Brand

October 4, 2022
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Did you know that marketers saw an 80% increase in conversions when they used motion graphics in their ad campaigns? 

This isn’t solely because of the new generations hitting the consumer market. It’s also because people don’t want to stop and read an ad that is getting in the way of the content that they are searching for. Your ads need to compete with that content if they are going to be effective. 

The best way to do that, especially in the United States, is to embrace motion design in your marketing strategies.

Here is why you really need to use motion graphics in your next ad campaign.

What are motion graphics? 

Motion graphics take static, otherwise inanimate designs and animates them. While this does fall under the animation umbrella, motion graphics is its own subset entirely. 

Instead of telling a narrative, the way that a full-scale animation would, motion graphics are the opening credits, the explainer video that you watched yesterday, that title sequence in Star Wars, and the banner ad that magically unrolls itself when you hover above it. 

The designers who create these motion graphics are typically not animators but are graphic designers who are very well versed in Adobe After Effects and the latest animation software. Motion graphics could be used across various mediums like google ads, Facebook ad campaigns, and social media, for example.

Keep their attention

A laptop with motion graphics elements coming out of it.

Remember the early days of the internet when opening a browser meant arming up to close out a million pop-up ads and windows as fast as possible?

Over the last 20 years, we’ve evolved to spot an ad on a webpage and ignore it immediately. Instead of closing out of a million little windows, we’re scrolling, swiping, and skipping as fast as we can. It doesn’t matter if that static ad is for something that you actually want or need; it doesn’t matter if the content is right on the nose. 

Motion graphics let you highlight that primary pain point that your product or service addresses, and the movement and creativity will keep your target consumer engaged enough to actually read what your ad is about. 

A social media powerhouse

No matter how lofty your advertising goals are, there’s likely to be one primary channel where you look for the most engagement: social media. Advertising campaigns on social media are more likely to reach your audience where they live, and target them perfectly in the process. 

How do you engage your audience on a tiny screen or from a mobile app? Creating your ideal ad campaign for social media really boils down to how well you understand your target audience. 

With motion graphics, you have complete control to take that campaign to new heights. Drive a car to the moon, turn a dragon into a mermaid. Create brand awareness and embrace limitless creativity. 

For example, if your campaign type heavily focuses on teens and young adults, create an engaging ad that is meant for TikTok. If your ad targets baby boomers, then launch it on Facebook and Linkedin.

The beauty of motion graphics is that you never have to pick up a camera or hire an actor. A small team of creatives can storyboard, shoot, and edit the campaign for you while you focus on implementation.

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Ads love motion graphics for a reason.

Creating your ad campaign shouldn’t give you the migraine of a lifetime. Motion design takes the best piece of the animation studio right to your office. No matter what ad type you are running, using motion graphics will lead to increased conversions and more engagement overall.

Are you ready to start your motion design journey? If you want to enliven your ad campaigns or engage your internal team with motion graphics but don’t know where to start, Designity can take you there.

The moment you sign up with us, you will have access to a designated creative director whose job is to help you navigate the creative process and allocate creatives to your team from our creative pool. The best part is that your creative director remains your only point of contact: no managing, no delegating, no clogged calendar. 

When you join Designity, anything is possible. Free up your calendar by signing up for your two-week trial today!

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