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Creative Muscles Need Rest Too

June 24, 2022
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Put a finger down if you snoozed your alarm to infinity and beyond because you’re dreading starting the workday—-at a job that you love.

Put a finger down if you worked a ten-hour workday with no breaks, but you can’t even enjoy the new episodes of Stranger Things because your eyes feel like they’re going to fall out of your head.

Put a finger down if you’re running on empty but have a pile of creative projects on your desk with looming deadlines. 

Put a finger down if you haven’t taken a vacation this year. 

If you put any fingers down, then you need a mental health day.  

Here is the importance of mental health days for creative teams.

Creativity needs room to grow.

Do you know what it means when someone says that a plant is ‘root bound’? It means that the plant was sitting in a pot that was too small for it for too long. When this happens, the roots keep growing, but they wrap around the insides of the pot searching for nutrients in the old soil.

Imagine those roots are all of the projects that you have on your calendar, and the pot is the creative confines of your daily schedule. You are the plant, reaching for nutrients in a dense pot and your creative leaves are dying because they don’t have the fuel to grow.

A mental health day for creative teams is like unbinding those roots, giving you the space you need to let creativity flourish. When you come back to work, you’ll have a bigger pot, better creative soil, and more fuel to complete those projects once and for all.

Let your creative muscles R.E.S.T

Would you run two back-to-back marathons? No. Because you would probably die at the finish line. So, why are you forcing your creative muscles to run a marathon every single day, until you’re left staring at that new draft or graphic design project with a terrible case of creative block?

Your creative muscles need to rest, just like your body does after a grueling workout. Burnout in the creative community is real; it takes a lot of brain power to not only switch from project to project but give each one your absolute top-notch creative best. 

As creatives, you can’t get away with doing things halfway or sweeping things under the rug. It wouldn’t be fair to your clients or to your portfolio if you did. Our jobs require constant creative athleticism, so give yourself the rest that you deserve.

It’s your day.

Unlike the weekend when friends and family are also off and your calendar is so full, it doesn’t feel like a day off anyway, mental health days land on weekdays when the rest of the world is at work.

This means that you can sleep for as long as you want, you can finally finish binging The Office, you can run around in your grandma’s housedress with rollers in your hair and try your hand at that new Arroz con Leche recipe, or you can simply lay around and do absolutely nothing.

Mental health days are exactly that: a day for you to unwind and recharge your batteries. Social obligations are on the back burner, and your only duty is to take care of yourself.

A company that gets ‘it’.

Before the pandemic, people had to call in sick or take extra vacation days after their vacations to get their mental rest. Luckily, we’ve never looked down on our creative teams for taking the days that they need to recharge.

We’re a community of creators, from our founder to the brilliant designers, digital marketers, and writers that make up our team. If you need a mental health day, it’s as simple as saying ‘I’m creatively tapped out. I need a mental health day’. Or just, “I need a day off…”. 

There’s no muss, no fuss, no guilt trips, or fake sick days. Take the day(s) you need and we’ll hold down the fort while you’re gone.

Want to work for a company that ‘gets it’? We’re hiring! Check our careers page for open positions today!

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