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Helpful Creative Bloq Articles to Boost Your Business

May 14, 2024
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Just like marketers have their go-to websites for advice on trends, gear, and industry insights, designers and other artists have theirs as well!

Creative Bloq has been a source of advice and inspiration for designers and artists since 2012, evolving from a hub specifically for creatives to a larger site with topics that appeal to hobbyists and other fields.

So, as a professional in a field other than design, you may now be curious about what Creative Bloq can offer you?

We’re here to answer that question!

Today’s blog is taking you through the resources and insight that Creative Bloq can give you to show you how it’s not just for designers anymore, it’s for everyone!

Let’s get started!

What is Creative Bloq?

A logo for Creative Bloq, a source of design tips and inspiration.

Creative Bloq is an online platform that is chock full of articles, creative and drawing inspiration, tips, tutorials, and more for designers, artists, and other professionals.

It covers a huge range of design fields, like art, graphic design, web design, 3D modeling, illustration, and more, making its content perfect for creative professionals who want to stay updated with trends, improve their skills, and find the inspiration they need for the projects they are working on.

And if you’re not a design pro, that’s alright! Creative Bloq has resources included for everyone from non-designers to design beginners and seasoned industry pros.

7 Ways Creative Bloq Can Boost Your Business

So, now that you're familiar with Creative Bloq, it's time to explore why it's not only a valuable resource for designers but can be a very valuable resource for you as a marketer too. 

Here are some ways you can use Creative Bloq’s content to improve your visuals, get insight into the latest gear and software, and give your marketing efforts the boost they need!

1. Tips on Branding

This website has many, many articles with expert advice on branding and the latest Creative Bloq branding trends, perfect for anyone from established brands looking to reinvent themselves to startups wanting to hit the ground running with great visuals.

Use the search bar feature on Creative Bloq's website to browse for insight into things like branding trends for 2024, tips for success from industry leaders, and thought pieces on the successful strategies that other brands and individuals used to nail their own branding efforts.

No matter what kind of brand you have, you can find tips on everything from how to differentiate your brand to design tips for your color palette, logo, and more to refine your visual identity and make a lasting impression on your audience!

2. Graphic Design Trends

If you’re looking to keep yourself up with the latest graphic design and UI/UX design trends, then Creative Bloq has what you need.

Creative Bloq’s design trends articles cover everything from 2024 design trends, packaging design trends, logo design trends, app design trends, and more.

Perfect for the insight you need to keep your brand meeting your audience’s needs, using the most innovative design solutions, and keeping your collateral fresh, relevant, and impactful!

3. Buying Guides

A clipboard with a checked-off list.

In addition to recommendations about the best and latest software, Creative Bloq also features buying guides that can be useful in any professional setting.

Check out that link for guides on everything from the best office furniture to the best laptops, webcams, drawing tablets, graphics cards, iPhones, and more.

Each guide is thoughtfully put together with helpful sections like pros and cons, key features, and pricing information to help you and your office get exactly what you need without blowing your budget.

4. Software Recommendations

Need some software recommendations to streamline your operations and give your design team the best of the best?

Creative Bloq has you covered there too.

You can find software recommendations for everything from the best software for graphic design, data recovery, 3D scanning, website building, video editing, rendering, and more!

Use the “Refine Results” filter to look up things like news, updates, how-to, and reviews to find exactly what you’re looking for and make sure you’re informed enough to pick the best software for your needs!

5. Web Design Tools

We’ve preached before about how your website is very often the first point of contact between you and any of your potential customers. (It’s still true, btw.)

Because of this, you want to make sure that it’s not only functional and user-friendly but visually appealing enough to make your visitors want to stick around. Luckily, Creative Bloq has plenty of advice to help you keep your web design up-to-date and easy on the eyes.

They feature many articles on subjects like the best web design tools, AI tools, UI/UX design trends, popular platforms, software, online courses, and anything else you or your web design needs to stay up-to-date and engaging!

6. Graphics Design Assets

Elements of graphic design, like a color palette, photos, and a pencil/pen tool.

If you’re looking for graphic design help, then Creative Bloq is a goldmine, especially for those with a smaller creative team.

By visiting the graphic design section of their site, you can find easy access to useful graphic design assets like templates, mockups, and icons, plus free items to spark your creativity. Use these assets to spice up your marketing collateral and create more visually pleasing newsletters, emails, and anything else you need to engage your audience and grab their attention.

You can also find helpful articles on topics like “how to design engaging book covers,” “using Wacom tablets to turn hand-drawn art into VR,” “how to use AI in your design process,” and much more!

And speaking of how-tos …

7. Helpful How-Tos

Creative Bloq can help you with more than just design.

Use the search feature to narrow down how-tos and tutorials covering a huge variety of subjects; everything from how to design an appealing newsletter or make a website to other requests like how to connect a computer monitor, take screenshots, install software, and even how to sit properly in your desk chair.

Their guides are straightforward and easy to follow, so check them out the next time you’re ready to quickly learn something new and get on with your day!

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Looking for Another Useful Design Resource?

We hope we’ve driven home the point of just how useful design resources like Creative Bloq can be, even to non-designers.

But as helpful and inspirational as Creative Bloq can be, if what your brand is really in need of is a design and technology expert to complete your marketing projects, strategize your approach, and deliver the web design, digital ads, illustrations, and graphic design you need to take your brand to the next level, then what you need is a more personalized approach.

And, luckily for you, you may have already found the resource you need.

Designity is made up of the top 3% of all of the talented designers who apply each year, meaning that our creative community consists of only the very best of the best in their respective creative fields. This means that when you partner with Designity, you’re guaranteeing that your brand receives the highest quality of creative support you can possibly get, all using insight from Creative Bloq and other design sites and organizations to keep them (and your assets) at the top of their game.

And since each Designity account provides you with a Creative Director, an expert with 10+ years of experience in marketing and design, you’ll have a leader to take charge of your account, be your single point of contact, source and manage your creative team, and make sure that your top-quality deliverables are in your hands right when you need them.

Sound like just the boost your brand needs? Why not take a peek at our community portfolio and see how our talented creative community and wide range of creative services have helped to elevate brands just like yours?

When you’re ready, go ahead and book your demo call so you can get started with your two-week, no-obligation and get that much closer to seeing the difference that Designity can make for your brand.

Are you ready for a partnership to boost your business?

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