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The Best Place to Find a Copywriter for Your Brand

September 29, 2022
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When it comes to building a great brand, copywriters often fall on the back burner. Business owners don’t realize the critical role writers play until they’re staring at a blank website template, wondering what to write.

Great copywriters are a dime a dozen. With so many different specialties, finding the right one for your business is a bit more complicated than a simple Google search or LinkedIn query. If you’re serious about building your brand's voice, then hiring a great copywriter is critical. 

The real question is, where can you find the right copywriters for your business? In this blog, we’ll explore the different avenues you can take to hire a great copywriter who specializes in exactly what you need. 

Identifying your needs

The first step in hiring the right copywriter for your business boils down to identifying your company’s unique needs. Here’s a quick questionnaire to get you started:

Do you have a brand guideline with a content style guide?

Do you need someone to create a voice for your brand?

Is the scope of work simple, like an email campaign?

Is the scope of work complex and long-term like an ongoing blog or thought-leadership pieces?

An important consideration here is also whether or not you want to take the time to train a new copywriter or have to review their work continuously. Copywriters come in many different shapes and sizes which means that not all copywriters are the same. 

Identify your unique needs, how involved you want to be in the writing process, and whether or not you want to hire someone who specializes in your space.

Specialties and niche matter.

Having a specialist in your niche matters.

Would you go to an orthopedic surgeon for a root canal? 

Would you go to a pet groomer to get your hair cut?

Would you go to the butcher for a manicure?

You probably answered ‘No’ to these questions. So, why would you hire a copywriter who doesn’t specialize in your industry or service to be the voice of your business? 

Hiring a professional copywriter that specializes in your industry guarantees that the language will resonate with your audience and that the tone of voice is appropriate for your industry. They understand the ins and outs of your technology or service, and understand the search engine optimization needed to get you to rank for your preferred keywords. 

A specialist needs very little hand-holding, very little training, and can work independently without extensive feedback and revisions. 

Find a copywriter who specializes, and you’ll quickly realize that they are worth their weight in gold. 

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Freelance copywriters vs in-house vs agencies

Content marketing isn’t easy, especially when it comes to digital marketing and all of the different channels required to launch an effective campaign. Good copywriting means that the content and tone translate across all channels, with a clear call to action that generates clicks. 

Here are some common channels for finding copywriters and their pros and cons.

Freelance writers: This is the most common avenue that companies take when hiring a copywriter. While hiring a freelancer can be a great option, finding the right one in the marketplace isn’t easy. 

To find a great freelancer, there’s often a lot of searching, filtering, and testing involved before landing on the right one for you.

In-house writers: These writers are best suited for companies that have a roster of projects like landing page improvements, regular press releases, an ongoing blog, product descriptions, marketing emails, etc. 

In-house copywriters specialize in your company because they only work for you. Finding one in the job boards that is qualified enough to commit to full-time may not be as easy as it sounds.

The downside to an in-house copywriter is that their bandwidth is limited and the investment (salary, health benefits, etc.) can outweigh the output that you get from them. On the other hand, a great in-house copywriter may be worth more than you’re willing to pay.  

Marketing agencies: The great thing about marketing agencies is that they cater to a wide array of clients across many different industries. This means that the copywriters at agencies often have a lot of experience in your field and understand what will resonate best with your target audience. 

The downside of working with an agency comes down to the overall cost. You will have to invest quite a bit of your marketing budget in order to work with a marketing agency.

Get it done, the easy way

Copywriters create and amplify the voice of your business. They strategize based on your target audience to ensure that prospects are hooked at the first glance. 

Whether that’s translated on your website, an ad campaign, or across social media. Copywriters are the voice of your business, so give them the megaphone and let them do what they do best.

Ready to meet your ideal copywriter? Take Designity out for a two-week test drive and see what we can do for you without the marketplace or the job boards.

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