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Why Financial Services Needs Great Graphic Design

August 16, 2022
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As a design company, we talk about graphic design…a lot. One thing that we haven’t really dove too far into yet is how graphic design can completely change the way that your customers view you. Especially in financial services. 

Traditionally, the financial services industry has always felt very formal, very serious, and very sterile. The times are changing, new generations are becoming more interested in their financial literacy, and if you’ve scrolled through TikTok, you’ll know that they’re not very interested in banking with the big fish in the space.

They want to do business with a bank that understands them, speaks to them through clever marketing, and draws their attention through great design. 

What does graphic design have to do with all of this?

Now you’re asking the right question because the answer is so simple: 


If you are wondering exactly what a graphic designer does especially related to financial services, then you’re in the right place. 

What do graphic designers do?

The best way for us to explain what graphic designers do is by sharing a real-world example. 

When you first interact with a brand, you likely notice their color palette, logo design, and typography design first. The clean WF immediately draws your eye in the Wells Fargo logo. The deep reds, sparkly whites, and inspiring yellows sear them into your memory forever, and that carriage silhouette is tough to forget.

All of this is graphic design. 

Graphic designers create the visual representation of your brand, and without them, the world would be a pretty boring place. They are the creatives that take your bland customer-facing brand assets and transform them into something worth framing. 

They create visual concepts based on your most inspired ideas and turn them into marketing materials based on your target audience. 

What happens when we apply this to modern-day financial services?

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Graphic design for financial services

The financial services industry faces a unique challenge regarding graphic design. Like we said earlier, the times are changing, and the tried and true has become the tried and boring. 

Financial services companies are tasked with modernizing their customer-facing marketing materials to fit the new generations without losing the interest of their older customers or appearing frivolous and untrustworthy.

A great first step is to dust off that old brand style guide and give it the updates it needs. Partner with a graphic designer or design company that understands the ins and outs of graphic design for financial services, update your old customer profiles, and let your designer take the reins in designing for the next generation. 

Revitalize your brand identity 

A great example of a future-proof brand identity comes from a project that we worked on with Cogni, a lifestyle-based financial services app. They came to us wanting a design that reflected their forward-thinking values. 

They are a great example of what can be achieved in financial services design because they remained open to breaking conventional boundaries. While they reserved the trustworthiness needed to play in the space, they weren’t afraid to utilize brighter colors and attention-grabbing fonts to convey their message. 

It’s simple enough to still appeal to consumers who prefer a more formal approach while embracing the visual concepts that grab the attention of younger consumers. 

Graphic design: more than visual concepts

If you really think about it, your company’s design is the heartbeat of your marketing department. Having the right team on your side can amplify your brand voice and help you stand out, no matter how big your competitors are. 

In our experience, modern financial services companies are ready to shed the conventional facade and carve out a new image that embraces a more unique brand identity.

Graphic design is the engine to get you there. 

Where collaboration meets innovation

Are you a financial services company that’s ready to start modernizing your marketing strategies? 

Designity has everything you need. We take collaboration to a whole new level by acting as an extension of your team. From the onset, you are assigned a creative director with 15+ years of experience in your industry. Their job is to navigate the creative process with you from inception to final deliverable. 

They not only act as your right hand, but they also dive into our creative pool and plug-in US-based creatives based on your project needs. Let us take the helm so that you can relax and enjoy the ride. 

Try us out for two weeks, risk-free!

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