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The Most Comprehensive List of Creative Agencies in Dallas, TX

May 24, 2024
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Hey there, Texas-based marketers.

Are you looking to outsource some of your marketing projects? Perhaps get some help with strategy and execution?

Then, odds are, you’re going to need a creative agency to help you get it done and reach your marketing goals.

But that’s easier said than done, isn’t it? With so many options out there to choose from, where does one even start?

No worries, friend. You’re already starting in the right place.

Buckle up, because today’s blog is here to be your personal guide to the best creative agencies the Dallas metroplex has to offer! Take a look at what each of our picks can provide you so you can decide which creative agency is the right one for your vision, your marketing goals, and your brand!

How These Dallas Creative Agencies Were Chosen

And if you’re wondering how this list was even picked (no, we haven’t been paid off), then we’re happy to tell you!

Each entry on our list of the best creative agencies was carefully chosen based on a combination of different factors, including length of time in business, size of client base, quality of services offered, and the number of positive reviews on sites like Google Business and

This guarantees that this list is the best of the best that Dallas has to offer! 

The Best Creative Agency Dallas Has to Offer

Without further ado, here is our list of the best creative agencies in Dallas and the surrounding area!

Decide what services you’re looking for, take a peek at what the entries on our list have to offer, and find the one that best fits you!

1. Agency Creative

Logo for Agency Creative, a creative agency in Dallas, from the Designity blog.

Founded: 1994

If you’re a brand looking to get yourself out there, Agency Creative is here to “unleash your brand’s potential in a smarter way” and get you the branding, marketing, digital strategy, public relations, and media planning support you need.

They pride themselves on taking the time to understand your business before finding the unique ways to set your brand apart. And since they’ve been around for 30 years, you can be sure they’re doing something right. 

Pricing: Agency Creative takes on big projects, so expect a minimum price tag of about $10,000 to transform your brand. Contact Agency Creative for a custom quote for the services you need.

“Great company and employees who put your company’s success above theirs. I would recommend them to anyone.”

2. Atomic Design & Consulting

Logo for Atomic Design & Consulting a creative agency in Dallas, from the Designity blog.

Founded: 2002

If it’s digital strategies you need, then Atomic Design & Consulting is the digital marketing resource you need.

Specializing in fields like SEO, PPC, social media marketing, web design and development, and marketing campaigns, Atomic is here to help you “drive results through powerful digital marketing strategy.”

Pricing: Minimum cost of $10,000. Contact Atomic Design & Consulting to discuss your needs and get a personalized quote for services.

“They understand my company and how customers think, which made them stand out to me.”

3. Bottle Rocket

Logo for Bottle Rocket, a creative agency in Dallas, from the Designity blog.

Founded: 2008

Bottle Rocket is a “digital product agency that leverages the power of data to deliver measurable business value and create exceptional digital products.”

That means that if your brand needs custom mobile app development, web design, custom software development, AI consulting, or UX/UI, then Bottle Rocket could be the place for you. 

Pricing: Exceptional digital products don’t come cheap! Project prices start at $25,000 with most projects running $200,000 or higher. For a more accurate quote, contact Bottle Rocket and tell them what you’re looking for!

“Their most impressive trait is their ability to seamlessly bridge their practices to that of our business.”

4. Camelot Strategic Marketing & Media

Logo for Camelot, a creative agency in Dallas, from the Designity blog.

Founded: 1983

Camelot is one of the largest privately-owned marketing and media companies, not just in the Dallas area, but in the entire country!

With 40 years in the business, you can expect Camelot to be your go-to for strategy media buying, branding and advertising, digital strategy, SEO, and web design.

Pricing: Project fees usually start around $5,000 but you can contact Camelot for a customized quote for the services you need.

*Recently acquired by PMG

5. Cimone Key Creative Studio

Logo for Cimone Key Creative Studio, a creative agency in Dallas, from the Designity blog.

Founded: 2015

Cimone Key Creative Studio is an award-winning branding and digital marketing agency that helps your brand make the most of your presence, online and offline. And better yet … they “do it from the heart!”

Designed to help brands of all sizes, you can look to Cimon Key Creative Studio for your branding, graphic design, motion graphics, web design, mobile app marketing, and digital marketing needs.

Pricing: Projects typically start around $5,000, but you’ll need to contact Cimon Key Creative Studio and have a chat with them for a more accurate price!

“We contracted Cimone Key Creative Studios to help us update our website and create our new logo. Their team was amazing! They take the time to understand your needs. I love the way they manage their time throughout the whole process. We have had outstanding feedback on our contact submission forms. It has not only given our clients another avenue to contact us during our peak season, it has also cut down on phone time for my scheduling department because it was so user-friendly!”

6. Crooks & Co Creative Solutions

Logo for Crooks & Co Creative Solutions, a creative agency in Dallas, from the Designity blog.

Founded: 2019

If your brand is in need of graphic design, custom apparel, print design, IT, office, or promo products, then Crooks & Co Creative Solutions can be just the place to go to find a creative solution to “bring your ideas to life.”

This family-oriented design agency and consulting firm promises to work closely with you to find the solutions you need to deliver the results you want.

Pricing: Contact Crooks & Co Creative Solutions to get a quote for your needs.

“Crooks and Co is an amazing group of talented people with a keen sense of detail. I shared a shirt idea with them but I didn’t know how I wanted it designed. I simply shared thoughts about the message I desired and within 30 minutes, the Graphic Designer sent me 2 options to choose from. I selected the design and my shirt was ready within 2 days! I’m already planning to order more items from them! They are friendly, fast, professional, and deliver a quality product.”

7. Designity

Logo for Designity, a Creative as a Service platform here for your creative marketing needs.

Founded: 2015

Designity is a tech-enabled Creative as a Service platform that connects businesses with the best of the best in creative talent.

With its innovative model, marketers can gain access to a dedicated Creative Director who acts as project manager for the account, as well as a top-tier creative team (only the top 3% of the thousands of talented folks that apply each year!) that can be rotated out depending on the skills needed to get your projects done.

With services in branding, graphic design, digital marketing, marketing audit services, motion graphics, animation, content & copywriting, package design, web design, and more, Designity is a one-stop shop for all of your marketing needs.

Pricing: Unlike other creative agencies that charge on an hourly or project-based basis, Designity operates on a flat monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscription payment plans starting at $3,495/mo, allowing marketers unlimited project requests and revisions for a more predictable and cost-effective price.

Check out Designity’s pricing plans here to find the right plan for your creative marketing needs.

“We've worked with other creative agencies like this, but nothing compares to our experience with Designity. Having direct communication with an experienced Creative Director is a game-changer in getting the results you're looking for out of your creative team. The briefing process is thorough, yet simple, and I'm consistently impressed with the speed at which our creative team works at. We appreciate our Designity team so much!”

8. Firehouse

Logo for Firehouse, a creative agency in Dallas, from the Designity blog.

Founded: 1997

Feel like your brand is stuck in a rut?

Maybe it’s time to let go of the status quo and break the cycle. Firehouse is here to help you get it done.

Whether it’s brand strategy you need, consumer research, SEO, content creation, media planning and buying, or a revamped social media presence, Firehouse has done it for others and can do it for you too.

Pricing: Minimum project costs at Firehouse are about $25,000. Contact Firehouse, fill them in on your needs, and let them give you a customized quote for services!

9. GoDo Discovery Co.

Logo for GoDo Discovery Co., a creative agency in Dallas, from the Designity blog.

Founded: 2006

If you “have an idea where you want your brand to go, but need help getting there,” perhaps GoDo Discovery Co. is the whole-brand creative and consultation you need.

Give them the details about your brand and your goals and their expertise in brand strategy, advertising, and marketing support services can help you get where you need to go.

Pricing: Branding is a personal thing and so is GoDo Discovery’s pricing! Contact them directly for a quote.

“GoDo was instrumental in providing clarity to our organization so we could develop our brand, not only what our brand means to us as a culture and company, but also the visual aspects of the brand that we put out into the market. Highly recommend.”

10. Icepick

Logo for Icepick, a creative agency in Dallas, from the Designity blog.

Founded: 2015

Located just a hop, skip, and a jump away from Dallas, Icepick is a Fort Worth-based web design & digital marketing agency that has been serving the Dallas area since 2015.

The Icepick teams’ business skills, marketing, research, and years of experience combine to make them a valuable resource for brands in need of assistance with web development (particularly WordPress and Shopify), SEO, web design, UX/UI Design, and branding.

Pricing: More affordable than many, Icepick’s fees start around the $1,000 price tag. You’ll need to contact them directly for exact pricing on what you need.

11. Imaginuity

Logo for Imaginuity, a creative agency in Dallas, from the Designity blog.

Founded: 1997

Imaginuity is an integrated agency that prides itself on delivering transformative results for its clients.

Using its proprietary AdScience customer data platform, Imaginuity can help your brand “connect the dots” and optimize your branding and advertising campaigns. And if you need more assistance than that, they’re also there to help you out with services like digital media buying, paid and organized search, social media, SEO, web design and development, Pylot digital marketing platform, and other digital strategies.

Pricing: Pricing starts at $10,000. Contact Imaginuity for a quote.

“The Imaginuity team is constantly delivering world-class innovations in marketing, data, and analytics. Highly recommend.”

12. Insignia Nexus

Logo for Insignia Nexus, a creative agency in Dallas, from the Designity blog.

Founded: 2013

With offices in Dallas, Austin, Houston, and El Paso, Insignia Nexus has the state of Texas (plus Florida, Nevada, and Arizona) covered with “marketing that works!”

Insignia Nexus is a national SEO & web design that can help your brand get the visibility you need to scale plus advertising, digital marketing, social media, branding, web development, and conversion funnel support to continue growing.

Pricing: Everyone’s needs are different so contact Insignia Nexus for a custom quote for services!

“We were looking for a reliable social media agency that provides SEO services. Insignia SEO have exceeded our expectations in handling social media creative as well as implementing a local SEO campaign that drove results the first month.”

13. JSL Marketing & Web Design

Logo for JSL, a creative agency in Dallas, from the Designity blog.

Founded: 2014

JSL Marketing is a digital marketing agency that specializes in all things web design, SEO, social media, and content marketing to help you get the support you need so you can get back to running your business.

Whether you need help with an eCommerce site or your brand’s website, they’ll take the time to understand your business and what makes you unique before providing you with the customized solutions that help you stand out from the competition!

Pricing: Pricing starts at $5,000 but everyone’s needs are different. Contact JSL for a quote for your marketing or web design needs.

“Everyone on their team is empowered to provide you with a solution or to put you in touch with the person who can.”

14. Medium Giant

Logo for Medium Giant, a creative agency in Dallas, from the Designity blog.

Founded: 1999

If you’re looking to break from the status quo and start standing out to see the result you want to see, then Medium Giant could be the “agency of innovators” that you need.

Medium Giant is a full-service agency that has everything you need for marketing strategy, creative content creation, web development, integrated media, branding, inbound marketing, and data analytics to give your brand what it needs to succeed.

Pricing: Medium Giant loves questions! Contact them with your details and what it is you’re looking for so you can figure out a quote for services together.

“Response time is great, and they work with us to ensure we get the best product for the best price. Customer focused for sure!”

15. Miller Ad Agency

Logo for Miller Ad Agency, a creative agency in Dallas, from the Designity blog.

Founded: 1984

Miller Ad Agency has been serving the Dallas area for 40 years with professional marketing services, so you know they can teach you a thing or two!

So, whether you’re looking for traditional advertising like radio and TV or cutting-edge digital marketing techniques, they can support you with all of the branding, strategy, PPC campaigns, SEO, and social media marketing you need to get your campaigns going.

Pricing: Pricing starts around $10,000. Contact Miller Ad Agency for a custom quote!

“The work they provide is phenomenal. They demonstrate a real mastery of their craft.”

16. ROI Mantra

Logo for ROI Mantra, a creative agency in Dallas, from the Designity blog.

Founded: 2013

ROI Mantra is a digital marketing agency whose mantra is simple: “Maximize your growth with minimum possible spend.”

So, if you’re a brand looking for excellence on a budget, ROI Mantra’s mantra might just resonate with you. Look to them for everything you need for your digital marketing campaigns, including PPC, SEO, eCommerce development, app management and support, conversion optimization, and email marketing.

Pricing: Contact ROI Mantra for a custom quote for the digital marketing services you need.

“I was highly satisfied with the services provided by ROI Mantra. Their expertise in SEO, PPC was evident, and their ability to tailor their services to my specific business needs was impressive. I would highly recommend them to any business looking to improve their digital marketing efforts.”

17. Seota Digital Marketing

Logo for Seota Digital Marketing, a creative agency in Dallas, from the Designity blog.

Founded: 2009

Looking for a website that delivers?

Seota Digital Marketing might be the solution you need. Operating under the motto, “SEO is in the DNA of everything we do,” this agency has the tools, resources, and know-how to put your website to work for you. 

Specializing in web design and development for eCommerce platforms like Shopify, as well as WordPress, Seota Digital Marketing offers services tailored to fit your needs!

Pricing: Pricing starts are $10,000. Contact Seota for a custom quote!

“The site looks great; they put together exactly what I was looking for.”

18. Slingshot

Logo for Slingshot, a creative agency in Dallas, from the Designity blog.

Founded: 1995

Stuck in a rut and ready to start growing your business?

Slingshot could be the digital agency you need to “make the human connections that create growth— for brands, for businesses, and for each other.”

Whether your brand needs services for advertising, media planning & buying, marketing strategy, branding, or graphic design, Slingshot is here to help you connect with your audience and start seeing the results you want.

Pricing: Every brand is different and so are their needs! Contact Slingshot and describe your needs to get a price for services.

19. Spire Agency

Logo for Spire Agency, a creative agency in Dallas, from the Designity blog.

Founded: 2005

If you’re a B2B brand, then Spire Agency might be the right place for you.

Their website says, “when it comes to the high-stakes world of B2B branding, we’re all in.” This means that if you’re looking for branding, advertising, marketing strategy, or web design services you need to elevate your B2B company and make your assets more “targeted, innovative, relevant, and cost-effective,” Spire Agency has what it takes to get you there.

Pricing: Elevating B2B brands can be costly! Minimum pricing is around $25,000 but reach out to Spire Agency, discuss your needs, and they’ll be able to get you a customized quote for the services you need.

“They delivered the whole package: a great strategy and messaging with incredible imagery.”

20. Square 205

Logo for Square 205, a creative agency in Dallas, from the Designity blog.

Founded: 2011

If you’re looking for a creative agency with a human focus, then you might be looking for Square 205.

Square 205 is a boutique agency with a mission to build you a “digital presence and products with an emphasis on exceptional user experience.” So, if you’re looking for some assistance with web design, eCommerce development, graphic design, PPC, SEO, or any digital product you want to “meet, high-five, and fly by expectation,” then reach out to Square 205!

Pricing: Pricing starts around $1,000, depending on your project. Contact Square 205 to learn more!

“Square205 has been providing me with email and website maintenance/development for many years and I have been very happy with their services. They are very responsive and helpful and provide a very cost-effective solution.”

21. SullivanPerkins

Logo for SullivanPerkins, a creative agency in Dallas, from the Designity blog.

Founded: 1984

Ready for a process that just works?

SullivanPerkins is a design and advertising agency that “uncovers your true message, puts it in the most convincing form, and delivers it to the right audience.”

Offering services ranging from graphic design and branding to web development, PPC campaigns, and marketing strategy, look to SullivanPerkins for a process that gets you where you need to be.

Pricing: Most projects fall under the $10,000 range, so more cost-effective than many! Reach out to SullivanPerkins with your needs for a more customized quote.

“Their group of designers are remarkably talented and brilliant; I am never disappointed.”

22. TPN

Logo for TPN, a creative agency in Dallas, from the Designity blog.

Founded: 1984

Commerce is constantly evolving … is your brand evolving with it?

If you aren’t sure, TPN is here to help you make sure that you are. With offices in Dallas, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, TPN has the entire United States covered when it comes to business growth and improving your commerce experiences.

Pricing: Reach out to TPN for a custom quote for services!

“Response time is great, and they work with us to ensure we get the best product for the best price. Customer focused for sure!”

23. The LOOMIS Agency

Logo for The LOOMIS Agency, a creative agency in Dallas, from the Designity blog.

Founded: 1984

The LOOMIS Agency is a full-service creative agency with a simple philosophy: “Never underestimate the underdog.”

So, if you’re a little brand with big dreams, LOOMIS might be the agency to help you find a new way of doing things and stand out from the pack. With services in web design, advertising, branding, marketing strategy, and media planning and buying, LOOMIS is there to help you find your voice and see success!

Pricing: Pricing starts around $10,000 but you’ll need to contact LOOMIS for a custom quote for services!

“The Loomis Agency produces wonderful creative and have always been a pleasure to work with. I have been working with them for over 15 years and every experience has been a pleasure. They employ a great group of people who enjoy what they do. I think a group of happy people says a lot about a company and how it's run.”

24. The Old State

Logo for The Old State, a creative agency in Dallas, from the Designity blog.

Founded: 2007

The Old State is a digital marketing, branding, and web design agency that wants to elevate your brand through “strategy, creativity, and a little old-fashioned elbow grease.”

As a full-service agency, The Old State offers branding, graphic design, web design & development, SEO, video production, and digital strategy, promising to work hard to get your brand where it needs to be!

Pricing: Pricing starts around $5,000. Reach out to The Old State and have to chat to determine what services you need and what your final costs will be.

“Great business model and an enhanced client experience. We have used The Old State for two projects, and I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a digital media, marketing/Ad and/or a web design partner.” 

25. The Richards Group (TRG)

Logo for TRG, a creative agency in Dallas, from the Designity blog.

Founded: 1976

The oldest agency on our list, TRG has spent the last four decades building iconic brands.

And they’re one of the largest independent agencies in the country, so they can build your brand too! So, if you’re looking for a people-first agency to assist you with brand strategy, audience research, creative services like graphic design and content production, or experiential marketing, or analytics, then TRG could be the agency for you!

Pricing: Reach out to TRG for a quote for services!

26. 3Headed Monster

Logo for 3Headed Monster, a creative agency in Dallas, from the Designity blog.

Founded: 2014

Billing itself as “a super-mutant combo of story, design, and technology,” 3Headed Monster’s focus is on helping the brands that are “poised to win and shape tomorrow.”

With a wide range of services, including advertising, branding, social media marketing, digital strategy, video production, and web design, 3Headed Monster promises to go above and beyond to get your brand the support it needs to grow and find success in your industry.

Pricing: Reach out to 3Headed Monster to get a quote for the services you need to shape tomorrow!

“They have never hesitated to go above and beyond when we needed anything in a pinch.”

27. Thrive Internet Marketing Agency

Logo for Thrive Internet Marketing Agency, a creative agency in Dallas, from the Designity blog.

Founded: 2005

Thrive Internet Marketing Agency is an online marketing agency “with a passion to use the power of the Internet to grow your business.”

If you’re a brand in need of more organic traffic and better SEO strategies, then Thrive could be the agency to grow your business. WIth services in SEO, PPC, social media marketing, and web design & development, look to Thrive to get the strong online presence you need to reach your audience, grab their attention, and boost your conversions.

Pricing: Pricing starts around $1,000. Give Thrive a call to explain your needs and get a quote for services!

"They really care about the quality of the work that they’re putting out."

28. Web Loft Designs

Logo for Web Loft Designs, a creative agency in Dallas, from the Designity blog.

Founded: 2003

If it’s a top-tier website or app that your brand needs to succeed, then Web Loft Designs has a solution for you!

Their web solutions go beyond the ordinary to build you “a kick a$$ website & digital strategy” that captivates your audience, improves your SEO rankings, and transforms your visitors into paying customers. Look to Web Loft Design for everything from eCommerce development, web design, SEO, and digital strategies.

Pricing: Reach out to Web Loft Designs for a quote for web services!

"They had a clearly defined process, but they were also flexible without sacrificing the quality of their work."

Or Maybe You’ve Already Found the Right Place for You …


Now that we’ve completed our tour of Dallas creative agencies, the last question on your mind might just be … “But which one is right for me?”

We think we can help.

While all of the above agencies are excellent choices for your creative marketing needs, only Designity can offer you the guidance of a dedicated Creative Director to manage your account, a top-notch creative team made up of only the top 3% of the talented creatives that apply each year, and a cost-effective and predictable subscription pricing plan that gets you unlimited project requests and revisions with no hidden charges, ever.

So, if you’re tired of searching through an endless supply of agencies and you’re ready for a reliable partner to give you the stellar marketing collateral you need to help your brand succeed, then perhaps you can end your search now.

Take a look at our community portfolio to see how our innovative Creative as a Service model has been able to elevate brands just like yours.

And whenever you’re ready, click here to book your demo call so we can get you started on a two-week, no-obligation trial to test drive Designity’s services for yourself and see why we’re the only creative marketing partner you’ll ever need.

Are you ready to boost your business?

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