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Sora: An AI Tool That Can Change the Video Marketing Game

March 7, 2024
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By now, you’ve probably heard of Sora, OpenAI’s newest text-to-video AI tool that will be making its debut sometime in the near future.

There’s plenty of reason for video enthusiasts, marketers, and other content creators to get excited about because, judging from the preview videos, Sora AI’s technology promises to be incredible, on the level of nothing we’ve seen before.

So, what exactly are the features that make it a total game-changer?

If you’ve been wondering, then we’ve got you covered. Today’s blog is taking you through the top 7 Sora capabilities and features that could revolutionize video marketing and content creation forever!

Let’s dive right in. 

7 Ways Sora is a Video Marketing Game-Changer

An orange 7, for 7 ways Sora is a video marketing game-changer.

There’s a good reason video marketing is such an extremely effective form of marketing. 

Videos are dynamic, they’re engaging, they don’t require reading, and, when executed correctly, they’re capable of grabbing attention almost immediately.

That’s something you definitely want when you’re competing for the attention of a target audience that is being constantly bombarded by all of the distractions on social media.

Here are the ways Sora AI promises to make content creation easier and help you create the polished and professional-looking video you need to stop the scroll and command your target audience’s attention.

1. Text-to-Video Capabilities

Sora is a text-to-video generator, meaning that all that is needed to create new footage is a simple written description in its prompt field, much like many of you already do with ChatGPT, DALL-E, or Midjourney.

However, unlike other text-to-video models out there that generate video stitched together from existing clips or stock images, Sora will create completely original footage from your written request.

Just like DALL-E before it, it uses natural language understanding to analyze a vast collection of information online and generate video that both meets your expectations and is completely and totally unique.

2. 60-second Videos

While existing text-to-video models generate very short clips or slideshows taken from existing stock video content, Sora promises to be so much more.

It can create videos up to a minute long, making it extremely useful for creating short-form content like product demos, ads, and more. And let’s keep in mind that this is just the first iteration of Sora. If this model is a hit (and we are certain it will be), then we expect OpenAI to improve upon it in the next few years.

3. Realistic and Accurate Footage

A stylized clip of film with a play button.

Not only will Sora’s output be original, it will also be stunning and incredibly realistic.

Check out some of the preview footage on its website to see what we mean. It is impressively accurate, down to the lighting, reflections, shadows, movements, and more.

And if realistic video isn’t what you’re looking for, then that’s no problem. Just ask Sora what style you’re looking for, and the AI will be able to accurately and realistically comply with your requests.

4. Video Customization

While we’re on the subject of realistic and accurate footage of any style, let’s take a moment to appreciate how amazing it is that Sora AI will be able to produce any kind of footage your prompt requests.

This level of Sora AI integration is a game-changer. Whether you’re looking for black-and-white, animated, 3D, doodles, Claymation, or more, just include what you’re looking for in your written prompt and watch the artificial intelligence work.

Exploring Sora AI applications further, we see some great potential to use it for prototyping; conceptualizing ideas, storyboarding, and comparing styles to see which best fits your branding and messaging.

5. Video Extension

This is a feature we’ve only heard about and not seen in a preview just yet, but this Sora capability promises to be an extremely useful feature for content creators looking to enhance their existing video content or inspire creativity.

According to reports, Sora’s interface will allow you to upload an existing video clip and tack on an extra minute of footage to either the beginning or end.

This is huge and, if accurate, will work wonders for video experts looking to expand the narrative scope of their projects, seamlessly integrate additional content, or fine-tune the pacing of their videos.


6. Video Enhancement 

Because you can upload existing video to Sora, it stands to reason that the AI will be able to enhance video in the same way that DALL-E can enhance and sharpen existing photos and images.

Whether you need to zoom in on a specific subject, add contrast, better lighting and shadows, or sharpen up grainy footage, Sora AI promises to be an extremely valuable tool to improve the quality and effectiveness of your video.

This feature will undoubtedly make a video editor's job that much easier and save valuable time and money on other video-enhancing tools.

7. Videos from Still Images

One of the most exciting features promised from Sora AI is its ability to create content not just from written prompts but from still images as well.

This will save quite a bit of time for content creators who already know the style, color palette, or characters they want to feature and, instead of spending time getting Sora to recreate the vision in their head, they can immediately show the AI what they’re looking for.

Simply upload your image or photo into the prompt field, type in what you want Sora to do, and watch the AI bring your image to life.

Other Sora AI Benefits

A field of orange stars, for other Sora AI benefits.

If those Sora AI capabilities sound exciting, here are some other benefits that it could have for your video marketing endeavors.

  • Time Efficiency — Creating video with Sora will dramatically reduce the time needed to produce video content from concept to completion.
  • Cost Savings — Sora’s technology can eliminate or lessen the high costs associated with traditional video production, including equipment, locations, and talent.
  • Creative Flexibility — Sora offers limitless creative possibilities, allowing you to experiment with styles, settings, and scenarios without constraints.
  • Accessibility — Sora AI makes video content creation accessible to businesses and creators of all sizes, not just those with large budgets.
  • Consistency — The AI ensures brand consistency across all video content by sticking to your predefined styles and guidelines.
  • Personalization — Sora will make personalized video content easy to tailor to specific audiences or customer segments.
  • Scalability — Sora enables scalable content production, allowing for the creation of a large volume of video content quickly and efficiently.

When Can I Get Sora AI?

If discussing all of these amazing features has got you dying to try out this new technology, then you’re not alone. We can’t wait to try it either.

Unfortunately, it’s not available to the public yet and, as of this writing, we don’t even have a release date to watch for either.

Currently, Sora is only available to a group of “red teamers,” experts who are doing quality control on the model and checking it for the safety and ethical concerns one might expect to pop up with a model that can create footage of just about anything a user can think of. 

There are also a select few artists, designers, and filmmakers who have early access to help OpenAI refine Sora and tweak its features to make it as useful as possible.

This process will take some time, of course. But, if we can judge by the length of time that passed between OpenAI’s previous announcements of ChatGPT and DALL-E and their respective release dates, we can be cautiously optimistic for Sora to drop around the end of 2024 or the beginning of 2025.

Until then, we continue to read up all we can and wait for updates as they come.

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Are You Ready to Revolutionize Your Video Marketing?

Even though Sora AI isn’t expected to drop for a while, there’s no reason you can’t take steps to elevate your existing video marketing.

Video is a dynamic medium, capable of stopping the scroll and generating buzz around your brand. It’s also very entertaining and shareable, and if you’re a brand looking to get some attention around your products or services, we can think of no better way of doing that than some good, engaging video.

So, if you’re a marketer looking for captivating video for demos, product promos, ads, educational content, how-tos, and more, then why not try out Designity’s services?

Designity is made up of the top 3% of US-based creative talent, including all of the video editors, animators, motion graphics artists, GIF animators, and any other expert your next video marketing campaign could ever need.

Take a look at our portfolio and see how our services have benefited brands just like yours and, when you’re ready, click here to book your demo call and get started on a two-week, no-obligation trial.

Are you ready to revolutionize your video marketing strategies?

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