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Web3 Companies That Are Changing the Marketing Game

February 7, 2023
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Marketing can be a tough gig.

With so much competition out there these days, you really have to get creative in order to expand your company’s reach and draw new consumers to your brand.

It’s a delicate game of differentiating your company, staying relevant, and keeping up with the latest trends.

Exhausting, we know.

But there is a way to do all of this, and the answer might be literally under your fingertips.

Because Web3 is the next big thing, it’s slowly gaining ground, and you can set yourself up to gain ground with it.

If you’re of a certain age and remember when social media was first beginning to poke its head into the room, you remember what it feels like to be on the verge of that next new thing.

Companies like Starbucks and McDonald’s, the ones that embraced social media early and ignored the warnings that it was “just for kids,” were the ones that came out ahead and reaped the rewards.

Guess what? The cycle is repeating, only this time it’s Web3 and blockchain technology peeking around the corner.

If you’re a company that wants to stay relevant, keep up with the trends, and come out on top, then it’s best that you take a deep breath and dive into Web3 and everything that comes with it.

What is Web3?

Web3 is the newest iteration of the internet

Web2 (or Web 2.0) is where we are today. We, as internet users, have social media platforms that keep us connected to our friends, our family, and even our favorite YouTubers.

We can send and receive data from other users, we can chat with Wendy’s via Twitter, and we can like and share posts from any company we want, be it Walmart or Sephora.

It’s nice being connected. The only issue is that the internet server and all of this data that we’re liking and sharing and reposting belong to companies like Google and Amazon and Facebook.

Think of your decades-old Facebook profile. All of your vacation selfies? That saved playlist of funny cat videos?

Imagine if Facebook were to suddenly vanish. What do you think would happen to all of that data?

That’s right. Poof.

Putting data back in your hands.

The main selling point of Web3 is that it puts the ownership of your data back in the user’s hands rather than Google’s or Twitter’s, meaning that the data belongs to users and will always be available to them, regardless of what happens with the company.

It can do this because Web3 runs on peer-to-peer technology rather than a central server. Meaning that information is stored across a network of user computers, allowing users to interact directly with each other and access their data without the need for a middleman.

No banks, no corporate servers.

Instead of a server, data is stored on blockchains, which are like online ledgers that store information in a way that makes it impossible to change or hack into.

It also means that you won’t need to buy your data from companies like Google, Amazon, and Twitter anymore.

You’ll be able to get it right from the source (more on this later).

What does this mean for marketers?

Web3 companies are already getting in on this decentralized network action. They’re hosted on decentralized networks and usually offer products, services, and payments that are focused on blockchain-based technology, such as cryptocurrency or NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

This decentralized network is going to change marketing strategies everywhere.

But change is good!

We’re just starting to reach the base of that Web3 hill and the ones who make it to the top before the rest of the pack will be the ones who started climbing first.

So, if you’re ready to start climbing, here are some great Web3 companies whose services you can use to start your climb into Web3.


Entre is a Web3 professional network designed to help people connect and work in the Web3 world.

The goal of Entre is to promote community and for their platform to allow users to build valuable business connections, skills, and to learn from and support each other.

They’re disrupting the traditional social media models by taking all of the best parts of social media and putting them in one place.

With their in-platform pay-to-watch live streams, Entre is making it just as easy to connect with professionals in your field as it is to use influencer marketing to reach consumers who might have ordinarily been out of your reach.

Why it could work for you: As a marketer, you know the importance of building connections.

Entre offers those professional connections, but takes it a step further by offering Livestreams and Entre-exclusive content creation.

Whether it’s meet-and-greet networking events, training on crypto and NFTs, or a discussion about software tools, Entre offers you a way to learn from the experts and to share your expertise in the same way.

It’s a great way to pick up new skills, meet the right people, find candidates with future-proof Web3 skills, and hone your craft so that you and your business are offering your customers the best experience possible.

Live Bash

Live Bash is a speculative entertainment platform that connects performers and their fans through Livestream stages and digital collectibles.

It gives users a chance to book virtual stage time or Livestream shows and even create collectible NFTs to promote their event and sell via Live Bash’s virtual marketplace.

Why it could work for you: Live streaming on Web3 is an excellent way to engage with your customers, new and existing alike.

And though Live Bash’s website makes it seem as if their services are geared toward live performances like concerts and magic shows, there are so many more possibilities to be had.

Interviewers, presenters, and others have the same opportunity to reserve time on this virtual stage to present whatever content fans will pay to watch.

You already have competitors using LinkedIn’s livestream feature to present their content. What if you were to take that a step further?

Live Bash gives you the opportunity to instantly create NFT merchandise to promote your livestream.

And this could be anything. Digital art, music, anything you want. 

Create your NFT on the site, let Live Bash promote it for you, and your fans can easily purchase from their marketplace when they join the livestream.

It’s a great way to drum up customer engagement. And while having a cool NFT could be a fun thing for your customers on its own, what if you took it even a step further than that by offering exclusive VIP access with purchase of an NFT?

VIP membership, free products or services, exclusive access to content. 

The sky really is the limit when you’re doing something new that none of your competitors have dreamed of yet. It’s a small start that could potentially pay off for you in a big way down the line.

And it all starts with an invitation to a livestream presentation. How cool is that?

Not many companies are using Live Bash in this way, so why not be one of the first?


Aetsoft is a Web3 web development company that specializes in decentralized blockchain development services and DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) tools.

If you’re unfamiliar with those terms, we’ll catch you up.

DLT refers to a database of information stored across a decentralized network of computers. Blockchains are a type of this DLT and their function is to record transactions and track assets. 

Financial data stored on blockchains is safer than a central network (what we use now) because they are impossible to hack or be manipulated by even those with access to the network.

Because of this, blockchains are a more reliable and a much more secure way to store your data.

By helping companies make the switch from storing transaction history and data in a central network to storing data via smart contracts and DLT, Aetsoft is revamping businesses everywhere.

Why it could work for you: There’s no other way around it. Upgrading your data to blockchains keeps your consumer’s data safer. 


As we mentioned previously, blockchains are impossible to hack and once data is added, it’s safe from modifications by other parties with access to the system. 

No embarrassing data leaks for you.

You’ve seen it on the news, we’re sure. You might even have been affected by it recently.

In 2022 alone, there were over 4,100 data breaches in the United States, resulting in approximately 22 billion records being exposed. 

And this isn’t just your Amazon shopping list. 

Credit card information, medical information, banking information, personal identification, all of it is subject to a data leak.

Think of how much of your private information you are trusting to not just banks and doctors, but companies like Amazon, T-Mobile, and Target.

A data breach is not only embarrassing, but it’s damaging and, for your customers, a very frightening thing. 

It’s a dreaded black mark against your brand and a pretty good way to lose both customers and public trust in your business.

Because your customers, whether they realize it or not, are trusting you with their data. Every debit card purchase they make, every personal identifier they enter on your site, you’re in charge of it and they expect you to keep it safe.

To keep your reputation clean and your customers’ trust in you intact, it’s essential that you protect their data.

Blockchains are the best way to do it.

Ocean Protocol

Ocean Protocol is a blockchain-based marketplace connecting data consumers with data providers and offering a secure and transparent way for those providers to not only choose what data they share, but to monetize it as well.

Anyone with valuable data about anything has the opportunity to make it available on the blockchain, giving marketers, scientists, data analysts, and researchers the chance to find and purchase the exact data sets they’re looking for.

Whether that’s data from social media, user demographics, or location is up to the providers.

Picture Ocean Protocol as the host of a big, crowded bake sale.

And at this bake sale, the bakers (data providers) have full control of what dish they bring (their data), how much they sell it for, and who they sell it to.

The customers (data consumers) are free to roam around this bake sale, check out each table, and decide which dishes they want and are allowed to purchase.

Doesn’t that all sound ideal? The consumers get the tasty dish they were craving and the providers have more control and get paid fairly.

The data transactions work just like the bake sale. And Ocean Protocol is there to make sure that everyone is being nice and playing by the rules at all times.

Why it could work for you: We talked earlier about how Web3 is decentralizing the internet and giving internet users more power and ownership over their data.

We also talked about how that is going to change the rules for marketers.

Here’s how that’s going to happen.

Instead of thinking of consumers as little bullseyes that can be hit if enough ads and emails are thrown at them, Web3 is going to force companies to slow down, reestablish trust and transparency, and reconnect with their consumers as people.

By giving the consumers the opportunity to choose what data they share with you, you’ll gain deeper insight into their buying habits, their wants and needs, and which of your products and services will meet those needs the best.

Basically, your customers straight-up tell you what they want and need from you. Once you know that, how much easier is it going to be to become their solution provider?

Much easier. And the sooner you start empowering your consumers and listening to them in this way, the better experience you’ll be able to provide them, and the more likely they’ll come back when your solution is what they need.


With all of the benefits of Web3 marketing, the professionalism of a creative agency, and the vast array of skills you’d find in a freelance marketplace, there’s Designity.

Designity is a fully-remote US-based creative agency that is embracing Web3 and everything that comes with it, be it AI, the metaverse, or NFTs.

Why it could work for you: Even though “design” is in our name, we can do so much more than top-notch graphic design work. Our scope of services include web design, copywriting, mobile app development, NFT creation, branding, and more.

And not only are we creating collateral for your company, but we’re helping you to amplify your brand through social media, packaging design, SEO, and more.

So whether that’s designing a virtual conference in the metaverse, creating an NFT gallery for your company, or an interactive website for your customers, we have plenty of Web3-based strategies to implement for your business.

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The future of marketing is now.

Let’s think about what happens to companies that don’t look forward.

Cautionary tales like Blockbuster and yellow cabs …

Sticking to what they knew and not branching out into what was new at the time (digital streaming, ride-share apps) cost them everything, didn’t it?

Back in 2007, when Netflix first started offering streaming services alongside its DVD rentals, who would have thought that within 6 years it would have completely toppled the video-rental giant that was Blockbuster?

We’re not saying that ignoring Web3 is going to cost you your business, but isn’t it best to keep moving forward? We find ourselves at an interesting point of time, right at the juncture between the end of Web2 and the beginning of Web3.

It’s a time of opportunity.

Even if it takes several years, Web3 will phase Web2 out entirely, just the way Web2 phased out Web1.

It’s up to you where you want your organization to be once the transition is complete. 

What Web3 services will you be trying first?

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