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Virtual Reality Apps Busy Creatives Will Love

November 16, 2022
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We get it.

Life is (really) busy. 

Not so long ago, your schedule was probably filled to capacity with the fun, cool-people stuff that you used to do before being an adult got in the way. Now, client calls and responsibilities have replaced most of the fun.


And gas is expensive. So, staying home with your cats is probably the best option, anyway.

There are plenty of reasons why you can’t get out of your house/apartment/neighborhood these days, but that still shouldn’t keep you from enjoying your favorite things!

Have you ever considered Virtual Reality? It’s literally the next best thing to regular reality.

If you can’t leave your house to do something fun, why not bring the fun to you? There are tons of VR apps out there that simulate a lot of your favorite activities, like going to the museum, working out, or meeting a friend for drinks. All without having to put on pants or leave the house.

If you haven’t considered it, then maybe it’s time you did.

Benefits of VR Apps for busy people.

But how can VR replace the real thing?

Well, it can’t, of course. But what it can do is give you a taste of something you otherwise wouldn’t be able to do in real life. At least not right at this moment. Do you have time to hop on a jet to stroll through Paris this afternoon?

Didn’t think so. 

Plus, there are probably many things you’d rather do from the comfort of your own home instead of braving the crowds. For example, for people with body image issues or who would not feel comfortable/welcome in either the men’s or women’s locker rooms, the gym is just not a fun place to go. 

So, why not catch a movie or workout from your home? With things like workout apps, travel apps, VR games, and real-time VR content, you can have fun and enjoy a great experience all from the comfort of your chosen room. The best part is that you can find most of these for free!

Here are some shining examples of awesome VR apps for busy creatives. 

Apps for hanging with friends

Virtual reality app that lets you hang out with friends.


Can’t line up schedules with your besties anymore? If you’ve got friends that are either too far away or too busy to meet in person, then why not enjoy the next best thing? Spatial allows you to create a virtual meeting room as wild as you want, complete with props and a very realistic virtual avatar of you and your buds rendered from a regular 2D photo.

Don’t worry if you or someone in your group doesn’t have a VR headset. Simply log in and join the fun via your computer’s webcam and mic.

Meta Horizon Worlds

Why meet in the regular world when you can meet in a fantasy one? Horizon Worlds allows you and your friends to jump into a variety of awesomely crafted worlds like a House of Horrors or a Blade Runner-esque futuristic metropolis. 

See concerts or music videos, play sports or party games, battle your friends in the game arena. There’s plenty to choose from and, no matter which world you pick, you’re guaranteed to have a blast. 


All of the fun of a nice chat but with user-created avatars and interactive worlds! VRChat offers an endless collection of social VR experiences and lets you have a hand in creating your own worlds and experiences. Bring a group of friends along or make new ones in the gigantic VR Chat community.

VR Haunted House

We know, we know. Spooky season is over. But does it have to be? For those of you who would rather escape the endless November to December Hallmark holiday movie marathons and hit up a haunted house instead, your time has come.


Gather some of your bravest friends and give it a try! It can’t be any more terrifying than a house full of visiting family.

The best VR games.

Man playing a virtual reality game.

Rec Room

Round up your besties and join the Rec Room club. Rec Room allows you and your friends to build and play games together. Design your own masterpiece or test out MILLIONS of fun and player-created rooms and games with your own customized Rec Room avatar. 

This one is COPPA Certified kidSAFE, so feel free to get your kiddos in on the action too.

InCell VR 

An action-packed racing game and a science lesson all in one? Ms. Frizzle ain’t got nothing on this! With InCell VR you’ll take a thrilling Magic School Bus-style journey into the microworld of the human cell to stop a virus from taking over your body. 

Improve your reflexes, hone your strategy skills, and get that much closer to understanding cell structure and organelles. And if you don’t have a VR headset, no sweat. There’s a version available for Google Cardboard too.

End Space 

End Space is an exciting and highly-immersive first-person shooter that hurls you into deep space via your Oculus Rift, Quest, or Playstation VR! If Star Wars is your jam, then take command of your own virtual starfighter and laser-blast away to save the solar system from your enemies! Also available for Google Cardboard.

Your headset is your gym

Virtual reality exercise apps.

Beat Saber

It’s a dance (dance?) revolution! Grab a virtual lightsaber and work up a sweat slicing oncoming shapes to the beat of heart-pumping original soundtracks. 

This addictive game will have you torching up the calories in no time and all from the privacy and comfort of your living room. Get your groove on in style!


If you want a challenging workout that really burns up the calories, then FitXR is the app for you. This VR app blends an immersive 3D world with full-body workouts designed by fitness experts. 

Boxing, dancing, HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workouts, whatever you prefer, FitXR has a workout routine for you. Select different environments and your own personal workout playlist! With hundreds of classes to choose from and more added every week, you’ll have plenty to keep you busy!


Bring some joy to your workouts! Supernatural offers boxing, flow, yoga, and meditation. Pick your fitness level and get to work in visually stunning locations like the Highlands of Scotland, desert terrain, or even the moon! 

Virtual instructors are there, too. They guide you through your workout and encourage you every step of the way!

This one comes with a seal of approval from one of Designity’s very own Creative Directors, Cristin Bowman:

“I love it because I don’t have to go to a stinky gym. No one has to see me pant and sweat, and you would be surprised at how much of a cardio workout it is!”

High praise, indeed.

Explore the world.

Man riding a suitcase to travel in virtual reality.


It’s way harder to travel these days, but with the Wander app, travel is a snap. Using 360° photos, Wander lets you travel the globe with a click of a button. Check out the Great Pyramid of Giza, stop by the Great Wall of China, or just take a visit to your childhood home. 

All without leaving your living room or renewing your passport. With multiplayer support, curated tours, and “time traveling” via old photos, Wander has enough to keep you busy for hours.

Google Arts and Culture

Have the world’s collection of art, culture, and historical artifacts at your fingertips! With this free app, you can enjoy content from over 2000 museums worldwide.

Visit the Louvre in Paris, the Acropolis Museum in Athens, or the National Science Museum in South Korea! Whatever your interest is, you’re sure to find something here to keep you entertained. You might even learn a thing or two!

Google Earth VR 

Explore the planet like never before! Stroll through the streets of Tokyo, fly over the Grand Canyon, or teleport to the highest peaks of the Matterhorn. Google Earth VR takes you to any landmark from any country around the globe. 

With thousands of 360° videos and high-quality images to choose from, you’re sure to find somewhere fascinating to spend your afternoon. 

The best VR meditation apps

Woman using a virtual reality meditation app.


Once you get back from your exciting VR vacation or starfighter battle, calm your mind and renew your focus with the TRIPP app. 

With features like breathing exercises, guided visualizations, and mindfulness techniques, TRIPP helps you create your own calming experiences and shift your mood in minutes.

Ready to be a happier, calmer, and more centered version of you?

Guiding Star VR Meditation 

This one’s for Google Cardboard users, but that doesn’t make it any less relaxing. If a clear night sky is especially soothing for you, then you’ll love this app. Enjoy calming music, shooting stars, and star-gazing in a peaceful and beautiful environment.



Unwind and alter your state of mind for the better with the Liminal app. This app is packed with over 60 virtual experiences for you to calm, invigorate, or just leave you in awe. 

With guided meditations, exotic locations, and ethereal landscapes to explore, you’ll have no trouble finding an experience that leaves you at your happiest.

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The perfect escape.

From the Sega Saturn of years past to the highly immersive and realistic VR experiences of today, VR has proven that it’s here to stay. We may not be into complete full-dive VR just yet, but who knows what the future holds?

So, whether you need some motivation to work out or it’s your dream to see Mount Everest’s peak, VR technology can help you get there. 

Whether you’re a Google Cardboard user or you’ve got an Oculus or HTC Vive on hand, there’s sure to be something there to enrich your life and keep you entertained from your living room.

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