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AI Tools Designed to Make Your Job Easier

February 6, 2024
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Whether you’re a marketer, a creative, or anything in between, we know that your days are long and busy. And, if you’re anything like us, you're constantly looking for ways to streamline your workload and get more things done in a day.

We get it.

And that’s why it’s time to work smarter, friends.

Because no matter what you spend your hours doing, there’s an artificial intelligence (AI) tool to make your life easier!

So, if you’re in search of the right tools to free up time in your day, then today’s blog is for you! We’re bringing you the 70 best AI tools to streamline your workload and supercharge your efficiency!

How Does AI Work?

AI technology works through the use of algorithms and data. It’s a bit complicated, but the process typically goes like this:

  1. Data Collection — AI systems require huge amounts of data to learn and make predictions. The more diverse and relevant the data, the better the AI model can perform.
  2. Data Processing — The collected data is then processed to identify patterns, relationships, and trends. This step helps in extracting meaningful information and features from the raw data.
  3. Algorithm Training — AI algorithms are designed to learn from the processed data. During AI training, the algorithm adjusts its parameters to minimize errors and improve its performance on the given task.
  4. Testing and Validation — The trained model is then tested on new data to ensure it can make accurate predictions or decisions. Validation helps assess the model's generalization capabilities.
  5. Deployment — Once the model proves effective, it can be deployed for real-world use. This could involve tasks like image recognition, natural language processing (NLP), or making predictions based on new data.
  6. Feedback Loop — Continuous monitoring and feedback are crucial for AI systems. The model may need periodic updates as it encounters new data to maintain its accuracy and relevance.

The Ultimate List of AI Tools to Streamline Your Workload

An artificial intelligence (AI) chip beside a clipboard.

Now that you’re up to speed, we’ve grouped our favorite AI tools into 15 distinct categories for your convenience.

Scan the list for the assistance you need and find the tool that works best for your workload, your clients, and your brand!

Best AI Tools for Research

Researching is a lengthy and often tedious process.

Why not save time and speed up your fact-checking and reading time with the power of AI? Have a look at the AI tools below to find the right one to streamline your research time and get you that much closer to the groundbreaking insights you and your team are looking for.


ChatGPT is a powerful large language model developed by research lab, OpenAI.

It excels in understanding and generating human-like text and can be used for everything from creative writing to copywriting, information retrieval, and more.

Researchers can use its capabilities in a variety of ways, like answering questions and verifying information. Be aware that, as of this writing, ChatGPT’s knowledge extends only to January 2022.

Perplexity AI

Perplexity is a metric used to evaluate the performance of language models, measuring how well a model can predict a sample.

Use Perplexity’s values to evaluate and compare the performance of different language models to choose the best one for your research goals.

Microsoft Copilot AI

Developed by Microsoft, Copilot (formally Bing Chat) is an advanced conversational AI platform that can be harnessed for your research needs.

Use its tools to create intelligent chatbots for conducting surveys, collecting data, and engaging with participants in research studies.

Copilot is built into the browser’s sidebar for fast and easy access.


Consensus is an innovative AI tool designed for collaborative decision-making in research projects.

Use it to facilitate team discussions, analyze diverse perspectives, and reach informed agreements for added efficiency to your research process.

Specifically designed with research in mind, uses the power of AI to evaluate the reliability of scientific citations.

Integrate into your reviewing process to assess the credibility of cited works and keep the integrity of your research intact!

Best AI Tools for Generating Images

If it’s stunning visuals you need, then AI art generators might be just the thing for you!

From realistic scenes to cool backgrounds for product demos, these tools are here to give you inspiration and elevate your visuals to new heights!

Leap AI

Leap AI is an advanced AI image generation tool that uses deep learning algorithms to create realistic and high-quality images for headshots, avatars, digital ads, and more.

Use it to enhance your creative content and create beautiful imagery for your promotional materials and brand campaigns.


This comprehensive platform offers generative models and deep learning frameworks to generate custom images tailored to your design and entertainment needs, as well as a means to create digital art for your ads and other content.

Capable of text-to-image and image-to-image generation, Segmind makes creating graphics simpler than ever.


Midjourney is an advanced AI image generator that takes your written prompts and uses them to create stunning imagery.

Tell it what you want and have Midjourney crank out high-quality images for your branding, marketing, and promotional visuals.


Another advanced AI system from OpenAI.

DALL-E 3 is a text-to-image generator that takes text prompts, compares them to a vast network of data, and creates diverse and imaginative visual content for use in your next marketing campaign.

Level up your marketing visuals with, an AI art generator that uses diffusion models to create smooth and realistic images.

Perfect for content creation that demands high-quality and engaging images!

Night Cafe

NightCafe lets you create captivating artwork with just a simple written prompt.

Just choose your brand’s style, pick a theme, and give NightCafe the direction it needs to generate unique, high-quality images that resonate with your next campaign’s target audience!

Best AI Tools for Copywriting

Crafting compelling and engaging copy is an art form that shouldn't be rushed …

However, if you’re pressed for time or don’t have a copywriter on hand, then these AI tools make it possible to get the job done! Check out these AI copywriting tools, all designed to elevate your content and captivate your target audience!


Rytr is an AI-powered writing assistant capable of generating creative, human-like, and engaging content for your convenience.

Use Rytr to generate catchy headlines, write emails, glowing product descriptions, landing pages, and other attention-grabbing ad copy!


Speaking of ad copy …

AdCopy is an AI tool specifically designed for writing ad copy. Use it to streamline your marketing efforts and craft persuasive copy that stops the scroll and gets your readers to take a look at what you have to offer.


CopyAI uses advanced algorithms to generate human-like text for your marketing purposes.

Use it to generate persuasive website content, blog posts, and social media captions that keep your audience reading and deliver the information that they need!


Autowriter is an automated content generation tool that produces text based on user input.

Use it to speed up your copywriting tasks and save time on time-consuming tasks like email writing, product descriptions, and other marketing material!


Wordtune uses AI to speed up your work and optimize written content, providing you with suggestions to up your copywriting or blog-writing game.

Fire up Wordtune to fine-tune your copy and receive AI suggestions on how you can improve clarity, tone, and the overall impact of your work.

Best AI Writing Assistants

When you’re writing content, the right words can make all the difference!

So, if you struggle to express yourself in the written word, these AI writing tools are here to not only check your grammar and spelling but to offer creative suggestions to refine your style and make sure your content is hitting the mark!

Check out what these tools do and find the one that best meets your needs!


Jasper is an innovative AI writing tool that is designed to help you craft the compelling and informative written content you need to increase the quality of your website.

Whether you need a blog, a how-to article, or other marketing purposes, Jasper offers creative suggestions and helps you to nail your writing style!


If writing takes you more time than you’d like, then Writesonic is here to help you speed up the process!

This AI writing tool works by using advanced algorithms to generate engaging and persuasive content, everything from catchy headlines for ads to informative and interesting paragraphs for blog posts.

Hemingway Editor

Named after literary legend, Ernest Hemingway, this AI tool focuses on making your writing simple and clear.

Hemingway Editor helps you refine your writing style by highlighting problematic elements like overly complex sentences, suggesting alternative wording, and ensuring that your content is to the point and easy to understand.


WordHero is an AI writing assistant that can help expand your vocabulary and enhance your written content.

It suggests alternative and more impactful words and phrases to elevate your writing into something more expressive and engaging. Perfect for blog posts and other long-form content!


What would an AI writing tool list be without Grammarly?

One of the most popular players in the game, Grammarly goes beyond basic grammar and spell-checking to offer writers valuable insights into sentence structure, tone, and overall writing style to make all your written content as polished and professional as it can be.

Best AI Web-Building Tools

Looking to build a website?

The following AI web-building tools are here to change the game in how you create and manage your all-important online presence. If you lack a designer to help you with your website, then use the following tools to create simple yet functional and effective websites with ease!


Use 10Web to automate the process of building and maintaining your WordPress websites.

This tool offers a range of features, including website hosting, design customization, and automated updates.


StyleAI is designed to help you create visually captivating websites by providing design suggestions based on its advanced AI analysis capabilities.

Use it to enhance your aesthetics and give your visitors a seamless and user-friendly experience!


Durable is an AI-powered web design tool that focuses on creating durable and reliable websites for your visitors to enjoy (in 30 seconds, its website claims!).

It can help you streamline the development process, getting you online quickly and ensuring the longevity of all of your web projects.


Wix is a very popular web-building platform that now uses AI elements to streamline and enhance your web-building experience.

With drag-and-drop interfaces, AI-assisted design recommendations, and customizable templates, it makes website creation accessible to even the greenest of web designers.


Hostinger provides not only web hosting services but also uses AI features to help you build your site, simplifying the entire process.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced developer, these AI web-building tools make the entire website-creating process smoother and much more efficient!

Best AI Tools for Video

A play button in a video menu.

If you’re ready to take your content creation to the next level, you’re going to have to include video!

Video is engaging, it’s fun to watch, and it’s a great way to get your brand in front of your audience in a way they’re eager to consume! But it can be a time-consuming thing, so if you need something to help you streamline your video projects, these AI tools offer exciting features to help bring your video to life!


Klap is an AI video editing tool designed to distill and transform your long video content into viral shorts that your audience will love!

Use Klap to streamline your editing process, making it more efficient and — most importantly! — more creative!


InVideo is a versatile AI video editing tool that offers a range of features, pre-made templates, and easy-to-use effects to enhance your videos and simplify the creation process.

With a user-friendly interface and text-to-video capabilities, it puts video creation within reach for users of any skill level.


Runway is an AI platform that enables creative exploration in a variety of domains, video included.

It offers video creators plenty of tools for generating visuals, effects, and other enhancements to elevate the quality of any video project!


BasedLabs is an AI-powered solution designed for video generation, editing, and enhancement. 

It gives users plenty of features to use to refine and optimize their video content and is perfect for marketers and anyone who needs to create content for their brand!


Synthesia is a text-to-video creation platform that lets you create studio-quality video without the need for mics or cameras.

Sythesia is perfect for generating realistic and customizable instructional videos, making it an extremely useful tool for educational video content production.


Colossyan is an AI text-to-video tool for video editing and visual storytelling, perfect for workplace learning and training videos.

It offers features to enhance your video content creatively, providing users with the tools and templates they need to help them present important information dynamically and in a way that holds their audience’s attention!

Best AI Tools for SEO

If you want your brand to succeed in this digital world we live in, your content must be visible on online searches!

Luckily, AI is here to help you enhance your SEO strategies. Check out the following tools tailored for SEO and ready to help you optimize your website’s performance, boost your organic traffic, and help you top the search rankings!


VidIQ is an AI-driven platform made with both YouTube creators and businesses in mind.

It works by using AI insights to optimize video content, including keyword suggestions, competitor analysis, and performance tracking. Use VidIQ to help enhance your YouTube SEO strategies for a boost in both visibility and audience engagement! 

Seona AI

Seona AI acts like your personal SEO assistant, using its advanced AI algorithms to analyze website content.

It works by providing valuable insight into ways to optimize your site and suggesting improvements to boost your search engine rankings, making it a valuable tool for businesses looking to bump up their overall online visibility.


Outranking is an AI tool that sets its focus on competitor analysis.

By analyzing your competitor’s websites, it can identify relevant keywords and then recommend strategies to improve your content and your website’s SEO, helping you stay ahead of the competition and ahead of the game!


BlogSEO is designed specifically for optimizing your blog content.

Its AI features help you achieve your mission by suggesting relevant keywords, providing content optimization tips, and offering up AI insight to improve your overall SEO performance.

This makes it the ideal tool for marketers, bloggers, and other content creators aiming to give their search engine rankings a boost.

Marketing Muse

Marketing Muse uses the power of AI to generate content briefs, analyze your competition, and provide SEO recommendations.

By understanding marketing trends and your competitor’s strategies, Marketing Muse can help you create better and more SEO-friendly content that resonates with your target audience and search engine bots alike.


Frase is a popular AI content optimization tool that boosts your SEO strategies and improves your online visibility.

It can analyze your competition, identify relevant topics, and even generate content outlines to help you create the content that aligns with your target audience and search engine algorithms.

Best AI Tools for Automation

Automation has fast become an invaluable strategy for busy marketers everywhere who are looking to free up their time and delegate repetitive and time-consuming tasks.

Each of the four tools listed below brings a unique set of features and functionalities to streamline your day! Take a peek and see which fits you and your workflow best.


Make is an advanced AI tool that is designed to simplify and automate even complex tasks.

Its intuitive interface allows users to create customized automation workflows without needing to have an extensive background in programming.


Zapier is a very popular automation platform capable of connecting over 3,000 apps, allowing users to automate workflows through simple triggers and actions.

It’s user-friendly and accessible for even beginners. Use Zapier to automate your most repetitive tasks, synchronize data between apps, and make collaboration a breeze!


Bardeen is an AI-driven automation tool just right for businesses looking for assistance with their most mundane tasks.

Use Bardeen to automate data analysis, generate insights, and optimize your decision-making process. Its machine learning algorithms even adapt to evolving data patterns, making this a valuable tool for businesses looking for data-driven automation solutions.


HubSpot goes beyond traditional marketing automation to offer a comprehensive suite for sales, marketing, and customer service alike.

Use HubSpot to automate lead nurturing, email campaigns, and customer interactions to make your customer relationship processes seamless and more effective!

Best AI Tools for Design

If you need design in a pinch, then AI can be your best and most convenient friend!

The following tools are available for all of your design needs from graphic creation to intelligent sketching, providing your brand with quick and efficient solutions to elevate your creative process.

Give them a look and see which best fits your design needs!


Canva is a very popular and user-friendly design platform equipped with advanced AI features that let even the greenest of designers create stunning graphics, presentations, and social media posts.

With a huge variety of templates and design elements to choose from, Canva simplifies the design process and makes for a valuable tool in your marketing arsenal. is an intelligent design assistant that uses its machine learning capabilities to understand user preferences and design styles.

Let give you personalized design recommendations to refine your creation vision and enjoy a more efficient experience!


Designify is a very versatile AI tool that automates aspects of graphic design, letting you focus on the more creative elements of your project.

With features like auto-layouts and smart suggestions, Designity speeds up your design process while letting you customize your creations to your needs. An ideal tool for streamlining your workflow!


Developed by Google, AutoDraw is an AI-powered drawing tool that turns your rough sketches into polished illustrated masterpieces.

By recognizing your doodles and sketches, the AI tool can suggest professional-looking alternatives in real time, making it a goldmine for artists, designers, and marketers looking for inspiration and efficiency.


Clipdrop is an innovative tool that blends the real world with your digital screen. 

Using augmented reality and AI, Clipdrop lets you capture real objects with your device’s camera and then integrates them into your digital designs, opening up a huge realm of possibilities for marketers looking for fast and efficient design solutions!

Best AI Tools to Enhance Productivity

If only there was a way to make yourself more productive at work, to get more done without actually working longer hours.

Well, there is.

With AI on your side, it’s now possible to significantly boost your efficiency and streamline your workload to get more done in less time. Check out the tools below and see which best fits your daily needs!


Tl;dv (Too Long, Didn’t View), is AI-driven summarization tool designed to condense lengthy documents, articles, meeting notes, transcriptions, and other content in concise Cliff Notes-like summaries.

This lets you quickly cut to the chase so that you can grasp key points faster and in much less time. An invaluable and time-saving tool for professionals that have to manage large volumes of content!

Notion AI

Notion AI is an intelligent task management and collaboration platform that harnesses AI to boost your productivity.

It offers features like smart task prioritization, automated reminders, personalized insight and collaborative document editing to help you make the most of your workday.


Eightify is an AI YouTube tool designed to help you cut to the chase and make informed decisions faster.

By quickly summarizing videos, this AI tool quickly gets you the key points you need in topics like Business, Finance, News, and Health. Use Eightify to speed up your video watching and get back time in your day!

Adobe Sensei

Adobe Sensei is Adobe’s AI and machine learning framework that is built into their creative suite.

It helps you out by automating repetitive tasks, accelerating complex workflows, and enhancing your creative process. From image recognition to content tagging, Adobe Sensei enhances your abilities and lets you focus on what’s important!

Best AI Tools for Social Media Management

Social media icons for Facebook, Pinterest, TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram, all sitting on top of a smartphone.

Social media management is a time-consuming process, so why not use AI to make your life a little bit easier?

The following tools go beyond the conventional approach to offer intelligent solutions for daily tasks like content creation, audience engagement, and performance analytics to make your campaign more efficient than ever!


Tribescaler is an AI-driven social media management tool that is designed to optimize your content strategy and boost your audience engagement on X (Twitter).

By analyzing trends, user behavior, and competitive insights, Tribescaler provides smart recommendations for creating engaging and relevant content that has the best chance of resonating with your target audience. Perfect for a marketer looking for an edge to stay ahead in the game!


Blackmagic is an innovative AI tool that enhances the visual appeal of your social media content.

Using advanced image and video processing algorithms, Blackmagic automatically enhances the quality of your assets to keep your visuals sharp and help you stand out on the socials!


TweetHunter is an AI-powered tool that optimizes your X (Twitter) marketing strategies. 

Using natural language processing and sentiment analysis to understand trends, user sentiment, and engagement patterns, it can help you create content that resonates with your audience and drives more meaningful interaction!

Best AI Tools for Marketing

Being able to streamline any daily tasks allows marketers to reclaim time from their day and be more efficient at work.

A win, all around.

So, from content creation to campaign management, the following AI tools help marketers like you do more in less time. Check them out and see what the best match is to help you streamline your busy days!


Pencil is an AI-powered marketing tool designed to elevate your content creation game!

With intelligent insights into trending topics, audience preferences, and engagement metrics, Pencil helps marketers craft relevant content that hits its mark. It also boasts a user-friendly interface and data-driven suggestions, giving it a quick learning curve and a valuable tool! aims to make a marketer’s job a little easier by helping you generate ad creative and banners designed to increase your conversion rates up to 14X.

With custom branding features, AdCreative even allows you to create ads for your clients, effortlessly boosting your revenue!


Simplified is a powerful AI tool designed for marketing automation.

From email campaigns to social media scheduling, its machine learning capabilities let it learn and adapt to user preferences, optimizing your workflows and making ad creation, copywriting, and your overall marketing efforts more efficient than ever.

Seventh Sense

As a marketer, a big chunk of your day is usually spent writing, reading, and answering emails.

With Seventh Sense’s email delivery optimization system, HubSpot and Marketo users will be able to speed up their processes and increase engagement and conversions!


Persado knows that your goal is to connect with an audience and coax them into action.

This is why Persado offers hyper-personalized communication, allowing marketers to generate persuasive, on-brand content and communication that resonates with your audience and drives them to action!

Best AI Tools for Audio

Acquiring audio for your marketing needs can be a time-consuming process that involves sourcing voice-over talent, waiting on freelancers, or hiring extra help.

Why not let AI make the whole process easier?

The following tools use the power of AI for everything from voice synthesis to music composition to help you get the job done faster! Explore their offerings and find the one that works best for you! is an advanced tool for voice synthesis and generation.

With natural language processing and expressive voice models to choose from, this tool lets you create lifelike and customizable voiceovers for videos, virtual assistants, page narrations, and more!


Another voice-generating tool, ElevenLabs is your one-stop shop for your voiceover needs.

Available in 29 different languages, ElevenLabs allows users to voice clone, dub over, and generate AI voice with its text-to-speech and speech-to-speech features.


This AI music generator app is built for everyone!

Songburst allows you to generate music for all of your online content, including videos, podcasts, and other marketing needs! It also integrates seamlessly with Spotify and Apple iTunes to conveniently store your audio files!

*available soon for Web and Android

Adobe Podcast

Adobe Podcast, powered by Adobe Sensei, is an intelligent podcasting tool that streamlines your music production process.

From automatic transcriptions to smart audio editing suggestions, Adobe Podcast uses the power of AI to transform your content creation process!

Best AI Tools for Generating Prompts

If you’re having trouble getting those creative juices flowing, don’t fret. You might just be in need of the right prompt to feed your AI assistants.

Check out the following prompt generation tools to redefine the way your team creates content, brainstorms, and comes up with million-dollar ideas!


FlowGPT is a community-driven platform that allows its users to share and discover AI prompts for text generation, translations, creative content, and answering questions in an informative way.

Whether it's prompts for creating writing, ideas, or conversation starters, FlowGPT provides you with a user-friendly interface to help you find the prompts you need to get the information you want!

Alicent AI

Alicent AI is the all-in-one toolkit for busy marketers like you.

This AI tool uses machine learning to understand user preferences and tailor prompts that meet your specific needs. Whether you’re a writer, marketer, content creator, or just in need of inspiration, use Alicent AI to personalize and enhance your creative process!


PromptBox is a handy Chrome extension that allows you to save, organize, copy, and paste your AI prompts for faster email writing, content creation, and copywriting.

With smart suggestions about trending prompts, PromptBox aims to make your days more efficient and save more time in your day!

Best AI Chatbots

With the internet making brands accessible 24 hours a day, it’s become necessary to address customer inquiries as fast as possible.

AI chat boxes are an excellent way to get this done. With an AI chatbot integrated into your website, customers can easily get the assistance they need while leaving your customer service team free for other, more high-level tasks.

Check out the chat boxes below and see which best fits your teams’ needs! is your source for a personalized AI chatbot ready to work for you!

Build your chatbot in minutes and upload whatever website, video, long-form, or written content it needs to know to field customer questions, provide information, and add value to your website!


Chatbase is a no-code-required way to get all of the power of ChatGPT into your website!

Provide your chat box with the information it needs to know and embed it directly onto your website to let it handle customer support, lead generation, customer engagement, and more!


Intercom is an AI customer service provider that combines AI chatbots, help desk, and proactive support for your brand!

With their chatbot, Fin, on your website, you can resolve up to 50% of your support questions instantly, keeping your customers and support team happy and satisfied!


Chatsimple is an AI chatbot aimed to enhance your customer service and save you time and money!

Built in minutes, Chatsimple’s AI chatbot is designed to integrate with various other applications to offer a straightforward solution to attract more leads, offer customer support, and help you reach your goals!

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Need a Future-Ready Team to Help You Make the Most of Your AI Tools?

When we hear the term artificial intelligence, it’s easy to think of science fiction movies where advanced tools do all of your work for you without you needing to lift a finger.

But while the tools above can be extremely useful and take care of menial and repetitive tasks to help you get more done, there are still some gaps to fill.

That’s where human expertise and guidance come in.

No matter how advanced the AI solutions above may be at performing tasks and automating your work, you’ll still need human marketers, graphic designers, copywriters, and more to refine the AI’s output and make sure that your marketing campaign and all of the collateral that goes with it are hitting their mark.

This is because only humans can understand complex things like connecting with a target audience, interpreting intent and emotion, and bringing much-needed creativity and authenticity into your marketing campaigns.

Things that just can’t be duplicated with a machine.

But never fear! 

Designity is your future-ready team, made up of experienced Creative Directors and the top 3% of US-based creative talent, ready to work in tandem with cutting-edge AI tools and powerful design software to make sure that your marketing campaigns not only meet but exceed your wildest expectations!

Why not take a peek at our portfolio to see what we’ve been able to create for other brands like yours?

When you’re ready, book your demo call today to get started with your two-week, no-obligation trial, and let's start elevating your brand together!

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